Sergeants, Detectives and Officers

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Voicemail for all patrol officers can be accessed by calling (831) 646-3830, or contact them via email by clicking on the officers name.

Amy Ament Joshua Macias
Timothy Ament- Traffic Officer Luis Mosqueda
Amanda Arrollo Brian Nino
Cameron Burwell Josh Norlund
Scott Collier Steven Nottingham
David DiMaggio Paul Oelfke
Brooke Dooley Joseph Parigi
Lee Doyle Sabrina Perez
Aaron Gray- Traffic Officer Jesse Phillips
Brent Hall Kris Richardson
Andrew Herndon Alfredo Sabino
McKenna Hill Ethan Simpson
Trevor Howell Jacob Singley
Rajheim Hunt Lidio Soriano
Wayland Kopp - Traffic Officer Russell Speirs
Brandon Leniart David Vasalech
  Chad Ventimiglia
The Monterey Police Department has nine sergeants working in various capacities.
Sergeant Ron Blair Patrol (831) 646-3824
Sergeant Aaron Delgado Investigations (831) 646-3814
Sergeant Gregory Galin Patrol (831) 646-3824
Sergeant Russell Jenkins CAT (831) 646-3824
Sergeant Gabriel Kaster Admin (831) 646-3803
Sergeant Jason Newby Patrol (831) 646-3824
Sergeant Mahyar "Mickey" Roohbakhsh Patrol (831) 646-3824
Sergeant Jeremiah Ruttschow Patrol (831) 646-3824
Sergeant Jeffery Welch Patrol (831) 626-3824

Cold Case Files - Unsolved Monterey Homicides

Detective Mike Garcia (831) 646-3812
Detective Kim Zook (831) 646-3810
Detective Jeff Reiland (831) 646-3811
Detective Brooke Dooley (831) 646-3809

Call 9-1-1

Officer Needed, Dispatch,

(831) 646-3914

Records (831) 646-3830
Fax (831) 646-3899
Confidential Tip Hotline
(831) 646-3840

Infectious Control Officer
Mike Bruno
(831) 646-3965

Monterey Police Department
351 Madison Street
Monterey, CA 93940
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