On February 27, 2020: Three Monterey Police Officers went above and beyond what was asked of them in order to quickly, and compassionately, resolve a problem in the heart of our city. After a request for close patrols at the Transit Plaza, an Officer immediately headed to conduct a foot patrol.

 Several homeless people were camped at the Plaza with an accumulation of trash and property. The area was unwelcoming to anyone wishing to use the Transit Plaza for its intended purpose. Furthermore, it was President’s Day, meaning busy weekend for tourism. Two other Officers responded to assist the Officer with close patrols. Together they conducted field interviews, offering services to the homeless and had the them identify and collect their property.

The group was respectfully explained the applicable laws and the Officers made it clear that there would be an increased law enforcement presence due to the mess. Officers collected, transported, and booked unclaimed property. An Officer took a case for graffiti and reported it for cleanup. The Officers conducted foot Patrols of the area every 2-3 hours for the next two nights and by 02/19/20 at 0300hour the plaza was clean and everyone had moved on. Well done!

On January 29, 2020: MPD units were dispatched to a domestic disturbance. As officers arrived, they learned the reporting parties were children who barricaded themselves in their bedroom due to fear of their father, who armed himself with a knife and began cutting his own neck.

A Sergeant gathered a team, made contact with the mother and removed her from the front door of the apartment. The team learned the father was barricaded in the bathroom. Officers gathered resources and secured the father in the bathroom. While this was happening, other officers utilized their patrol vehicle and rescued the children from the second story bedroom window. Officers began communicating with the father through the bathroom door. As time went on, the father stopped responding to the officers. The officers utilized ICAT training, and tools such as the shield, and 40mm, to establish contingencies prior to opening the bathroom door and checking on his welfare. Once it was confirmed the father no longer posed a threat to the officers, the officers immediately began rendering medical aid. During this time another Sergeant and two officers took care of the city and other pending calls for service.

At the conclusion of this event, MDOT members responded to the scene to provide resources and emotional support to the other family members.

This was a great example of teamwork and all should be commended for their professionalism, demeanor, and performance during this incident.

On January 10, 2020: A prosecutor commended a Monterey Police Officer for her incredible performance during a preliminary hearing. The prosecutor described, “She has always been available to talk about the case, studied for the prelim for many hours while she was not on duty, came up with new ideas and insights, and learned the entire case, not just her part, so that the other Monterey Officers did not have to come to the preliminary hearing and could attend their other duties. She also harassed me weeks before the prelim to get her script so that she could better prepare for the prelim...there is nothing that is better than when you have an investigating officer who is so dedicated to the case that they are trying to get in front of the hearing…IT was a pleasure to work with [her] on this case and I think she reflects very well on your office.”

January 07, 2020: A Citizen Comment was received expressing their gratitude for the professionalism and compassion exhibited by a Monterey Police Officer. The Officer helped the citizen’s grandson when he was out of gas, money and stranded on the side of the road without a cell phone. The citizen called for help in locating him and getting him to a safe place. The officer drove the grandson to a hotel and helped pay for him to stay there for the night, and even helped to save money on the room. The citizen describes, “The people of Monterey are lucky to have [this Officer] and the Monterey Police Department serving their community.” 

December 30, 2019: An elderly female was stranded in Monterey on North Fremont after totaling her vehicle several days prior. An MPD officer responded to the call to assist. The Officer utilized his resources to help find a lodging and a solution for the female. The manager Motel 6 called to MPD to praise the Officer, emphasizing the great amount of professionalism, kindness, patience, and compassion he displayed.  

December 30, 2019: Two MPD officers cleared a log from the road. They were cheerful and effective in solving the problem of the log in the road directly, rather than any number of more complex and time-consuming solutions.

On December 23, 2019: An MPD Officer dispatched to Lighthouse and Hoffman on the report of an attempted strong-arm robbery. The Officer contacted the victim, and completed a thorough investigation, which included an excellent description of the suspect.

Later, while the Officer monitored his MCT, he noticed a pending detail near 2 Portola Plaza, involving a possible strong arm robbery attempt. The Officer noticed this suspect resembled the suspect from the earlier case. Dispatch had not yet announced this call was pending, so the Officer announced it on the air and alerted other Monterey officers that this call was pending and possibly related to the earlier robbery attempt. The officer and a fellow officer arrived on Alvarado Street and almost immediately, the suspect was located. The officers detained the suspect in a safe manner. The Lighthouse victim positively identified the suspect, resulting in the suspect’s arrest. The 2 Portola incident did not rise to the level of crime, but was instrumental in locating the suspect.

Overall, the Officers did an outstanding job with the initial investigation, monitoring the MCT for the second call, and connecting the two cases. Their actions are demonstrative of excellent communication, teamwork and outstanding police work.

December 21, 2019: An MPD Officer responded to a report of a fall of person on El Estero St. The Officer determined the person that fell was an elderly female who had difficulty walking due to medical issues with her legs. Medical personnel evaluated and treated the elderly female. The female refused medical treatment. The Officer decided to take the holiday spirit to heart and purchased a walker for the elderly female. The officer went above-and- beyond to assist an elderly individual in need exemplifying her compassion and commitment.

On November 24, 2019:  A Monterey Police Department Officer was dispatched to the report of a purse theft with no suspect description. While units responded to the area, awaiting a suspect description, the aforementioned officer responded to contact a witness. Another officer located a second possible suspect while awaiting further details. Video evidence showed that this second subject was the actual suspect. The officer arrested the suspect and impressed upon him that the purse was stolen.

Using interview and interrogation skills, the Officer obtained a full confession from the suspect and told the Officer the exact locations where he hid the property. As a result, the officer recovered the victim’s cash, passports, wallets, and credit cards. This is a prime example of good teamwork and police work.

On November 20, 2019: An MPD Officer dispatched to Motel 6, 1240 Munras, on the report of a physical altercation between a male and female. Using CCTV footage the Officer determined that the male suspect violently attacked a female (later determined as his girlfriend) and forcefully struck her head against a parked car. He forced her into the car and violently battered her before driving away with the female still in the car. The officer immediately contacted his Sergeant. The Officer realized that the male suspect had been a guest at the motel the previous night and had reported a civil dispute with the motel that was still pending in CAD. The Officer devised a plan to ruse the suspect back to the hotel using the civil dispute as bait. The Officer made telephone contact twice and did an excellent job speaking to the suspect, convincing him to return to the Motel.

Prior to his arrival, an MPD Sgt. and another officer were tasked to wait and block the suspect in the motel lot when he arrived to avoid a vehicle pursuit. Another officer followed the suspect vehicle, keeping the other officers appraised as to its location, allowing it to drive into the motel where the trap sprung. The suspect was taken into custody without incident, and the female victim was found in the car and in good health. The suspect was charged with domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping.

All of these officers are commended for their professionalism, teamwork, and investigative skills. Great work!

On November 11, 2019:  Monterey Police Department Officer received information a student at Monterey High School was in possession of prescription pills for sales. The Officer contacted the student at the school and found him in possession of items consistent with drugs sales. Upon arresting and searching the juvenile, the Officer recovered five prescription pills.The Officer is commended for diligent investigation into the case. The Officers efforts helped to divert dangerous narcotics from getting into the hands of children. The department also appreciates the team effort provided by the two Sergeants and four Officers who assisted with this case.

On October 27, 2019: At approximately 1140 hours, the Pacific Grove Police Department responded to a suicidal subject call in their city. Approximately an hour and a half later, a Sergeant of the Monterey Police Department observed the suicidal subject’s vehicle near Del Monte and Washington. The Sergeant notified county communications of the vehicle’s location. Two MPD Police Officers were nearby and quickly assisted in locating the vehicle as it was driving east on Del Monte. The Sergeant and two Officers waited until all three units were in place before conducting a high-risk stop. The team took the subject into custody and recovered a loaded pistol from inside the vehicle. The Pacific Grove Police Department took the subject and placed on a 72-hour hold.  This commendation is for an excellent job in locating the suicidal subject, the subject’s vehicle and safely taking the subject into custody in a professional manner. Great police work.

On October 4, 2019: Over the past several months, Monterey County agencies have experienced an uptick in commercial burglaries resulting in stolen lottery tickets. Assigned to one such burglary that occurred in Monterey was a Detective with the Monterey Police Department (MPD). The Detective conducted exhaustive investigation, tracking down the stolen lottery tickets through networking with state and local law enforcement agencies, and canvassing the locations of cashed, stolen lottery tickets. The Detective’s diligence resulted in the identification of two suspects and numerous charges of burglary. Another Detective of MPD developed information that one of the above suspects was living in an apartment in Marina. The Detective conducted surveillance and was able to locate the suspect. A team of one Lieutenant, two Sergeants and four Officers returned to set up on the suspect’s apartment.

Officers saw the suspect standing outside of the apartment and took him into custody without incident. During the arrest,  Officers came across a female wanted for similar burglary of lotto tickets in Seaside. The Officers took the female into custody.  During a search of the suspect’s apartment, the Officers located a third subject with an outstanding warrant. The Officers took the third subject into custody. Officers also located narcotics, ammo, and of course, lottery tickets.  

This commendation is for the Officer’s diligent follow-up and sound tactics in apprehending these suspects involved in ongoing criminal behaviors. Particularly the Detectives for the significant time they dedicated to investigating and locating these individuals. Second to none.

On September 10, 2019: Officers spotted a vehicle driving the wrong way on Del Monte passing Alvarado. Officers initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle at Del Monte and Pacific. The two occupants of the vehicle told officers they did not have their driver’s license in their possession and verbally identified themselves. Upon running a registration check on the vehicle’s license plate, the officers learned that it was not issued to this vehicle. Therefore, a decision was made to tow the vehicle. During the inventory search of the vehicle prior to towing, the officers located a loaded and concealed firearm, burglary tools, and a number of stolen mail, checks, identification cards, social security cards and credit cards. The occupants were subsequently arrested. The officers should be commended for great team work resulting in great investigative police work.

On July 4, 2019: An Officer responded to a report of a prowler. A resident reported a male to have taken an item from a trailer in the attached parking garage of a residence and stashed it with a backpack elsewhere on the property. After searching the property, and unable to locate the suspect, an MPD officer took custody of the bag and conducted an inventory locating indicia of ownership. The owner was a known thief who had a history of flight and resisting. Other officers later responded to a location when a resident noticed a prowler on her property. After locating the suspect, and contacting him, the suspect fled from the officers. The suspect eventually surrendered, and was arrested for burglary and multiple counts of prowling. He was identified by a witness. Without a doubt officers prevented additional thefts by a known thief and should be commended for their teamwork.

Between June 29, 2019 and July 1, 2019: Three robberies and one attempted robbery occurred at businesses on the Monterey Peninsula. The suspect either brandished a firearm or threatened employees he had a firearm. MPD Investigations and PRVNT became involved with two of the robberies which had occurred in Monterey on 7/2/19. Detectives started running down leads, and contacted a witness who thought she recognized the suspect. The suspect was homeless and his whereabouts were unknown. The detectives contacted the suspect’s mother and learned the suspect had a substance abuse problem and previous battles with mental illness. In addition to the two detectives, other Officers also assisted with the case. An officer located the vehicle, while other officers responded and conducted a high risk stop. The suspect surrendered without incident. A search of the suspect’s car and garbage cans revealed clothing worn during the robberies and a toy firearm that looked real. The detectives and officers are to be commended for their diligent follow up and sound tactics in safely apprehending an armed suspect with a history of mental illness involved in ongoing violent crime.

On May 31, 2019: Monterey units responded to the 200 block of Glenwood Circle for the report of a subject with dementia that was attempting to leave his residence. The same subject left his residence one day prior and was missing for an hour and a half. Numerous resources were deployed the previous day to include search and rescue. Upon arrival, units spoke with the subject with dementia, his wife, caretaker and the apartment manager. After learning the subject is continuously walking away from his residence, the consensus of the units on scene was that the subject with dementia was progressively getting worse. One of the officers on scene utilized their experience and contacts to develop a plan. They contacted APS and convinced them to dispatch an emergency worker to the scene to assess the subject. In addition, they contacted MCSO and requested assistance with getting the subject with dementia enrolled with Project Lifesaver. This officer demonstrated great problem solving ability and should be commended for finding a long term solution to this issue.

On April 23, 2019: An officer was dispatched to a theft of a large amount of lingerie from the Pink Store at Del Monte Center. The officer completed a thorough investigation by identifying key witnesses, taking detailed statements and collected a video taken by one of the witnesses. During a review of the video the officer realized he recognized the suspect vehicle captured in the video. With further follow-up the officer found that Napa Police had put out a Critical Reach Flyer two weeks earlier involving his suspect vehicle and three suspects that they had identified. Using this information the officer put together three photo line-ups and the witnesses were able to ID two out of the three suspects from this case. The officer did a great job recalling the Critical Reach flyer that ultimately led to the identity of these thieves.

On April 15, 2019: An officer was investigating a commercial burglary in 700 block of Lighthouse in which lottery tickets were stolen. During the course of the investigation the officer obtained surveillance video footage depicting both a male and female suspect. The footage also showed a suspect vehicle that was a dark colored Jeep with distinct chrome accents. On 3/25/19 the officer read a Trac flyer from MCSO in regards to a commercial burglary in Moss Landing in which lottery tickets were stolen. The officer noticed the male suspect in the Moss Landing burglary appeared to be the same suspect in the burglary that they were investigating. ;On 5/21/19 the officer was off duty, stopped at a traffic light in Salinas when they noticed behind them a dark colored jeep with chrome accents. The jeep was also occupied by a male and a female that resembled the suspects from the Lighthouse burglary. The officer was able to obtain the license plate number from the vehicle. After following up with the deputy investigating the Moss Landing burglary, the officer was able to procure the identity of the male suspect. With further investigation the officer was also able to identify the female suspect. The officer utilized great observation skills while off duty in recognizing the suspect vehicle and utilized a variety of resources which enabled them to identify both suspects.

On March 29, 2019: Salinas Police Department transmitted a Critical Reach flyer which identified a suspect and vehicle, including the license plate, involved in an armed robbery earlier in the day. An MPD officer recognized the name from an email which was sent nearly four months earlier. The emailed identified the suspect as someone who was staying at a local hotel. The officer checked the location for the vehicle with negative results. Officers were then directed to search all Monterey hotels for the suspect vehicle. Officers quickly located the vehicle and were directed to various assignments, including inner perimeter, mobile standby, contact officers, less lethal coverage, and room clearing team. The suspect was advised the room was surrounded and within a relatively short amount of time, the suspect exited the room and was taken into custody without incident. Due to the officers’ actions, a violent offender surrendered and was arrested without injury to innocent citizens, fellow officers, or the suspect himself. Salinas police officers arrived to take custody of the suspect. They served a search warrant on the suspect vehicle and room, finding stolen property and other evidence of the crime.

On March 25, 2019 and March 26, 2019: An officer attempted to stop a subject for a traffic violation. The subject pulled on to Dutra Street near City offices and immediately started yelling at the officer and brandished a baseball bat. The officer backed up and implemented de-escalation techniques with the individual and called other officers to the scene. The officers tried to talk to the subject and staged various tools such as less lethal shotgun projectiles and tasers. Most importantly they came up with a tactical plan and worked through the incident by attempting to communicate with the individual who was suffering from some type of metal instability or drug-induced issue. During the incident the subject continued to yell at officers and stood on top of the hood and the roof of his car and acted irrationally and violently. Officers were eventually able to take the subject into custody without utilizing any of the force options. Present on scene was a CHOMP social worker who is a member of the MPD Multi-Disciplinary Outreach Team (MDOT), two MPD Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) negotiators and a Tactical Commander from the Peninsula Special Response Unit (SWAT team). This incident points to the skills with which we are utilizing Integrating Communications Assessment and Tactics (ICAT) de-escalation and Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training to incorporate de-escalation, communication and tactics into rapidly evolving violent situations.

On March 25, 2019: An officer was dispatched to the 2000 block of Via Taormina on a 90 year old lady having difficulty breathing and possibly choking. Dispatch updated the call and announced that the elderly victim had stopped breathing and her caretaker was attempting CPR. As the officer arrived on scene he relieved the caretaker and immediately began life saving efforts by conducting CPR on the victim. MFD soon arrived on scene and relieved the officer and continued rendering aid. After working on the victim for some time, she began breathing on her own and regained a pulse. There is no doubt that the lifesaving CPR that the officer conducted until the medical professionals arrived on scene played a huge part in this victim’s survival.

On March 17, 2019: Monterey units were advised of a grand theft shoplifting in progress at Macy’s by two males and two females. All of Watch 1B officers responded to the mall, communicating quickly and establishing a perimeter of the mall’s exits. While half the team held the exits, the remaining half entered the store and eventually all four suspects were taken into custody. The entire watch pitched in and helped with processing property, towing a vehicle, investigating the theft and transporting the four in custody. All four suspects were from the Fresno area and based on previous thefts from Macy’s, appear to be part of a burglary crew. This case is an excellent example of teamwork. Everyone worked together to ensure these criminals were apprehended and held to answer for their crimes.

On March 10, 2019: Officers were dispatched to the station on the report of found property from the 400 block of San Bernabe. Purses, wallet, passports and other property in several different peoples’ names were found by a citizen on a walk. As the officer began his investigation he soon discovered he had property from four burglary victims, two were from our jurisdiction and two were from Carmel PD’s jurisdiction. In the process of inventorying the property and contacting respective owners, a Canadian family was contacted and very grateful to receive all of their passports back. Rather than end the investigation there, the officer responded to the scene to get a firsthand view and discovered additional pieces of property belonging to the Canadian victims. The officer also spoke with a neighbor in the area and determined their exterior surveillance might have captured the suspect vehicle on camera. The officer’s determination in investigating these cases not only led to some very happy victims, but also potential leads in coordinating with neighboring jurisdictions and the community.

On February 10: an officer was investigating a suspicious vehicle with two subjects passed out in the vehicle. Both subjects appeared under the influence of a controlled substance. One suspect was found to be in possession of over 9 grams of methamphetamine. The other suspect had a prescription bottle with a different name on the bottle. The officer confirmed the name on the bottle was recently a victim in a vehicle burglary. The officer then located a car full of property and began to investigate further. He found property stolen from Felton two weeks prior, and located six additional victims of vehicle burglary ranging from Watsonville, Castroville, and Monterey. The officer has already received a thankful letter from one of the victims whose property was recovered.

On February 7: the Presidio of Monterey reported a suspicious package at their Visitor Center. Dispatch gave a description of the male suspect and an officer realized he had contacted that subject thirty minutes prior. The officer broadcasted the suspect’s direction of travel and another officer was able to locate the suspect within minutes. The officers were able to communicate with POM PD and ultimately turned the suspect over to POMP D detectives.

On February 3: two officers were dispatched to an interrupted residential burglary. The victim entered her residence and found an unknown male running down the hallway towards her, and ran out the front door. The victim called us and a traffic unit arrived on scene within seconds and located the suspect. The victim positively identified the suspect and the suspect was taken into custody without incident.

On December 5, 2018: an officer was dispatched to a man sitting in front of a building, yelling and harassing the owners of the building. Upon arrival the officer made contact with the man, and got him to move from the business. The officer stayed after to make sure the man didn’t return, and the owners were so impressed they wrote a letter to personally thank our officers for their hard work and professional demeanor.

On December 25, 2018: tow officers responded to a disturbance. Upon arrival, the officers discovered a male was checking on his friend who had dementia. The officers began corresponding with the female resident but couldn’t determine if she had fallen and wasn’t able to get to the door, because her responses were hard to understand due to her dementia. One officer was able to see through the blinds that the gas stove was turned on. Shortly thereafter the officers decided to force entry into the apartment, and once inside located the female on the other side of the door with a bookcase on top of her. The officers removed the bookcase, turned off the stove, and helped the female get the help she needed.

On December 26, 2018: During the early morning hours of 12/26/18 an officer was in a pursuit of a suspect of a restraining order violation. For safety reasons the pursuit was terminated. Later that morning the same suspect requested a manager at a hotel throw away a gun in his room. A different officer responded and began to investigate. The officer recovered a pellet gun and identification with the suspect’s picture on it. He dug deeper and found the named individual’s residence. When he went to the house and knocked no one answered, so the officer contacted a neighbor and found out the individual was deceased. On 1/2/19 the same officer was responding to a violation of restraining order call and saw the vehicle that was involved in the pursuit on 12/26/18. The suspect was arrested, and the officer was able to put together a case for identity theft of a deceased victim and a stalking case.

On October 25, 2018: Monterey Police Officers were dispatched to Hunter’s Supply sporting goods for a theft of a firearm. PRVNT immediately began to work the case, and began looking for video. Video was located and circulated to law enforcement and the Detectives identified a possible suspect that had prior mental health commitments. Investigations determined this could be a serious threat to the community and wouldn’t go home until they located the gun. They authored a search warrant for the suspect’s residence and were able to contact the suspect via phone and have him surrender without incident. Inside the residence they located the stolen handgun and 50 rounds of handgun ammo. This incident is a great example of an aggressive team approach, which prevented a future tragedy.

On October 17, 2018: MPD responded to a report of a boy who had smashed mailboxes and a vehicle using a baseball bat. After trying to calmly engage the boy, he rushed one of the officers and tried to attack him. The officers were able to restrain the boy while remaining calm and helping him. Bystanders at the apartment complex commended the officers for their professionalism in the way they confronted the situation.

On October 7, 2018: MPD received a report of an adult who had engaged in multiple unlawful sexual acts with a minor who was in protective custody. An MPD detective worked with CPS to conduct a forensic interview with the victim. The detective then authored a search warrant to obtain evidence and identified the suspect as a 26 year old man living in Kingsburg, CA. The detective worked with Kingsburg PD to locate and arrest the suspect. The suspect gave a full confession to the case as well as admitting to multiple other teenage victims. The arrest of this suspect not only brought justice to the 12 year old victim, but prevented countless other teens from being sexually assaulted.

On August 27, 2018: An MPD officer recovered suspicious property in the 800 block of Jessie St. The property included a laptop, stolen mail, and personal information for potential identity theft victims. Instead of forwarding the case to Investigations the officer decided to continue to thoroughly investigate the case and over the next several weeks contacted over a dozen potential victims, authored a search warrant, and arrested the suspect on another warrant for other charges.

On October 19, 2018: MPD was dispatched to a possible heroin overdose at Don Dahvee Park. Two of our officers arrived and found an unresponsive male. The officers immediately retrieved Narcan intranasal spray and administered the Narcan to the subject. Shortly thereafter the male regained consciousness. The officer’s quick reaction saved the life of this individual.

On October 18, 2018: One of our officers and 3 CSO’s participated in a Tip a Cop fundraiser for Special Olympics at California Pizza Kitchen. From bussing table to tossing pizza dough they worked for “tips” to donate to Special Olympics.

On September 4, 2018: An officer responded to a strong arm robbery which occurred at a downtown business. The employee attempted to stop the suspect but was battered and shoved to the floor. The officer broadcast the description of the suspect and minutes later another officer observed the suspect and took him into custody. The suspect had stolen merchandise on him and was positively identified by the victim. The teamwork of MPD led to the arrest and removal of a violent offender from the streets of Monterey.

On May 5, 2018: An MPD detective was called to investigate a smash and grab burglary. The detective was able to track down photos and information on the suspect from stolen credit cards. Through an intense investigative effort the detective identified both suspects as members of a well known criminal street gang based out of Oakland. The detective worked with surrounding agencies to located one of the suspects and take him into custody. The suspect is now in Monterey County jail waiting for sentencing for burglary, identity theft, and gang enhancement charges which will result in a much more significant sentence.

On September 7, 2018: A citizen wrote in to commend the SRO and the Monterey Police Department for the timely and professional response to Bay View Academy on September 7 when there were shots fired near campus. With the help of the SRO all the staff knew who to contact, and how to quickly respond while keeping the campus safe.

On August 18, 2018: An officer responded to a physical domestic in progress. Upon arrival both parties had fled. The officer worked for hours to track down the victim and documented the injuries. The suspect was ultimately located and arrested and held to answer on his charges.

On On August 5, 2018: An officer responded to a U-Haul casing Deer Flats in Monterey. The officer found the van and determined it was stolen out of San Jose. The suspect was taken into custody and upon further investigation the officer located burglary tools, stolen property and narcotics. The officer also found the suspect was stealing mail all over the bay area and making false identification cards.

On March 17, 2018, MPD Patrol Officers were dispatched to a report of a home invasion robbery. An investigation led to the arrest of two suspects. On August 23, 2018, the suspects were found guilty and sentenced to two years in state prison.

On August 15, 2018 two Senior Police Services Technicians spent five hours completing the required California Law Enforcement Telecommunication System (CLETS) entries for the weapons seized on August 1. CLETS is a high-speed message system that provides for the exchange of pertinent law enforcement and criminal justice agency information.

On August 1, 2018, a Monterey Police probation search of a local residence led to the arrest of two individuals for possession of illegal assault rifles, possession of destructive devices and explosive materials, additional drug-related charges; and the seizure of approximately 112 firearms and explosive devices.

MPD Community Service Officers (CSOs) visited the Whispering Pines Day Camp this summer. They showed the campers equipment used by police officers and assisted the campers in weekly crossings on Munras Avenue for field trips.Because of their assistance, all crossings went smoothly and safely.

In August, an MPD Senior Police Services Technician (SPST) was commended for assisting citizens with case sealings. The SPST researched the cases and the charges and verified the sealings.

On July 6, 2018, an MPD Patrol Officer investigated a case regarding a prowler who was harassing an ex-girlfriend. The officer utilized video camera evidence, put together a solid investigation and was able to get the suspect to come to the police station to discuss the incidents. The officer was able to get incriminating statements from the suspect, and the suspect was subsequently arrested and pled guilty to the crimes. The victim and family were very appreciative of the great job the officer did on this case.

On July 2, 2018, a Police Services Technician (PST) heard a radio call of a woman who was calling in to relate that she had escaped a kidnapping from Hollister and was somewhere in Monterey. The PST had earlier seen a flier listing the kidnap victim and related this information to the responding officers who were able to locate the kidnapping victim and bring her to safety.

On June 27, 2018 at 0304 hours, MPD officers were dispatched to 1700 block of Withers, reference a burglary in progress to the carport area. While units were en route, dispatch provided the description of the suspects and vehicle.

One officer immediately responded to the victim’s residence while the other officers conducted an area check for the suspects. Within minutes they located a vehicle matching the description exiting the Lighthouse tunnel. The officers performed a traffic stop and made contact with the occupants of the vehicle. They conducted an infield show-up and positively identified them as the burglars. Incident to the arrest, the officers located the victim’s stolen property, along with other property. This is an example of great investigative police work!

On June 24, 2018 at 0024 hours, dispatch advised that a person at Sly McFly’s had collapsed on the dance floor and citizens were attempting CPR on the patient.

An MPD officer immediately responded and was one of the first officers on scene and saw that numerous people were standing around trying, in vain, to give CPR to the man. The Officer recognized the severity of the situation and cleared the civilians and took over CPR himself. The patient was lifeless and not breathing, nor did he have a pulse. It was clear he had suffered a major heart attack.

The fire department arrived on scene and urged the officer to continue CPR as they set up their medical equipment.Soon after the paramedics took over and transported him to CHOMP. We later received an update from CHOMP that the patient survived. The Officer’s quick thinking and decisive actions to render aid contributed to the patient’s survival. Great work!

On June 12, 2018 at 0415 hours an officer was on routine patrol when he observed a suspect that matched the description in the officer’s theft case. During the course of his investigation the officer was able to determine the suspect was not only the suspect in the initial theft case, but also the suspect in three cases of theft and fraud that our officers had been investigating. The suspect was arrested on various charges to include the original theft charge, fraud, drug charges, and a warrant from Santa Cruz. The officer’s keen observation and investigative skills led to the arrest and clearance of at least four separate cases. Great job!

On June 10, 2018 an officer took a theft report from the Hotel Pacific. A male suspect stole a cellular phone and a set of keys from behind the desk at the hotel. The officer took still images and created a be-on-the-lookout flyer.

On April 9, 2018 officers responded to a call regarding a mentally disturbed subject who had stabbed himself in the foot. While en route they learned the subject was a retired soldier with PTSD and he was now trying to stab himself with a kitchen knife. The reporting party was the subject’s mother who was in the house with him.

Upon arrival the officers immediately asked the mother to exit the residence and escorted her to a safe zone, while the other officers on scene started communicating with the subject calmly using de-escalation techniques in order to safely apprehend the subject. He was then treated for his wounds and placed on a mental health evaluation hold. This was great police work, communication and outstanding teamwork from the Monterey Police Department.

On Friday March 16, 2018 the department received information on a subject who was responsible for numerous burglaries and vehicle thefts throughout Monterey County. Officers and detectives began investigating and conducting surveillance. With the assistance of PRVNT, a search warrant was authored and three subjects were subsequently arrested. A stolen vehicle and five stolen firearms were recovered.