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Community Policing Community Policing Initiative

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In order to further enhance the service delivery that the Monterey Police Department provides to the community, visitors, workforce and students in Monterey, the Department is introducing a new citywide Community Policing Initiative (CPI). The CPI creates a framework for community outreach, education, information sharing, collaboration on area problems and quality of life concerns, and the enhancement of ongoing relationships with community members.

To better reach various neighborhoods, the CPI divides the city into four Community Policing Areas (CPAs). Each CPA has an officer assigned to CAT as the lead for that area. Each CPA also has several patrol officers that represent each of the patrol shifts (dayshift, swing shift & midnight shift) assigned.

The Community Action Team (CAT) consists of a sergeant, four police officers, and two community service officers. Their primary focus is to address quality of life issues and developing innovative solutions to problems in the City of Monterey. The Community Action Team works closely with many social service providers within Monterey County to include Adult Protective Services, Montage Health Community Outreach, Monterey County Behavioral Health, Interim, the Veteran Resource Center, the Gathering for Women and Sun Street Rehabilitation Centers, to name a few.

Community Action Team members can be found patrolling Monterey on foot, in a patrol vehicle, on bicycles or all terrain vehicles.

(831) 646-3805

The goal of the Community Service Officer (CSO) Program is to enhance community relations within our community. CSO's will accomplish this by taking part in foot patrols downtown, the waterfront areas and Cannery Row. Their main purpose is to act as ambassadors for the city and establish a relationship with businesses and visitors alike.


CSO Jasmine Flores

CSO Jennifer Dabney

(831) 646-3830


The School Resource Officer (SRO) is generally well known by over 4000 students in Monterey Schools. The SRO was developed as a partnership between the department and the Monterey Peninsula School District to provide a safe environment for learning. The officers are not just "cops on campus". They teach law and safety related courses, drug awareness, and help build self-esteem. They also perform counseling and are involved in the student's lives as role models. 

(831) 646-3830

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