Class Research Guides

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Teachers from Monterey High School, Colton Middle School, and other schools in Monterey City collaborate with our librarians for class research projects. Below, find the guides created specifically for your class project by locating your teacher's name and clicking on the image provided. If you are an educator who is interested in collaborating with the Library and would like to schedule a research session/class visit with a librarian and have a Research Guide built for you, please fill out a class visit request form.

American History

A guide for Ms. Ayer's 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes to use on their American History projects.

Earth Science

 A libguide created for Ms. Ayer's 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes to use for their Earth Science projects.

Witch Hunt/Hysteria

mr woods witch hunt

Mr. Woods' Witch Hunt and Hysteria Project



Mr. Tibbitts' Ceramics Project

History Day

National History Day Logo

A guide for students and teachers working on National History Day Projects

Life of Pi Religion Project


Mr. Woods' Life of Pi Religion Project.

Artist Profile

art profiles

Mr. Tibbitts' Artist Profile Project

Cancer & Cell Degeneration

cancer and cell

Mr. Espinosa's Cancer and Cellular Degeneration Project

Homework Help


An online tutor is here for you from 3:00-10:00 pm for one-on-one homework help

Woods' List of Great Reads

book stackA list of award-winning books for teens.

Biotechnology I


Mr. Nicholson's Biotechnology I Project

Project Africa

project africa

Mr. Tibbitts' Project Africa

Teacher Resources

A source for teachers

Plate Tectonics

plate tec 

Ms. Milam's Science Class's Project on Plate Tectonics


Biotechnology II


Mr. Nicholson's Biotechnology II Project

Getting Started

getting started

A guide for 21st Century Skills students new to research

Parkers' Summative Assessment



A guide for Ms. Parker's students to assist with their project on activism inspired by Elie Weisel's "Night". Click the image to access the guide.

Ms. Powell's Research Guide

A guide for Ms. Powell's senior classes, providing information on the topic of: concussions.

Ms. Albers's Sustainability Project

A guide for Ms. Albers's MHS Chemistry students.


Julius Caesar Based Unit

A guide for Ms. Carter's sophomore English Class.

Additional Resources

If you are looking for more research tools the Library can provide for you, please click on the images below.

Additional Databases
Additional Research Guides