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Board Policy 150: Access to the Local History Collection


The Monterey Public Library acquires and maintains photographs, manuscripts, maps, and other archival materials documenting the history of the Monterey area and early California to inform and educate residents, visitors and researchers.

The History Collection is housed in the secure, climate controlled California History Room, which is kept locked at all times. While public use of the Local History Collection is encouraged, the Library maintains a controlled access policy to preserve and protect Local History Collection materials.

Using the Local History Collection

Prospective users of the Local History Collection are encouraged to request assistance from designated staff. The Library catalog and other finding tools are available to assist researchers in identifying needed material before they enter the California History Room. Specific items may be requested for use in the Library with deposit of appropriate identification.

Archival Collections

Historical photographs, maps, rare and valuable books, manuscripts, organizational records and other materials in the Local History Collection are designated by the Library as archival. Archival materials are unique, irreplaceable, valuable, and subject to damage by improper handling or loss. Access, use, and reproduction of archival materials may be restricted based on this policy and Policy 425: Reproduction and Use of Archival Materials.

Conditions for Access to the Local History Collection

  • The Library may designate archival materials for use only in the California History Room or with other restrictions as required for their preservation and protection.
  • Designated archival materials may be available for use or reproduction only under the supervision of Library staff. Depending on the time required for location and proper handling of requested materials, it may be necessary to schedule an appointment with designated staff in advance. An appointment is required for viewing or reproduction of historical photographs.
  • Library staff will establish rules for access to and use of the California History Room and handling of all Local History Collection materials to preserve and protect these rare, fragile, and valuable resources. Staff members will provide these rules in writing to users of the Collection.
  • Users are required to deposit appropriate identification and complete the Local History Collection Registration Form before entering the California History Room. This form includes a statement indicating that users have read and will comply with the Access and Use Rules. Appropriate identification consists of a current Monterey Public Library card, Pacific Grove Public Library Card, passport, driver’s license, state identification card, military identification card, or school photo identification card.
  • Local History Collection materials may not be removed from the Library building. Under unusual circumstances, exceptions to this policy may be approved in writing by the Library Director or designated staff

Approved: January 28, 1998
Revised: April 28, 2010
Revised: March 24, 2022