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Sources for Subject Guides include articles, books, blogs, databases, podcasts, primary source documents, tutorials, videos, and any other tools we can get our hands on to make accessible for you.

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Business Resources

conference table
Business resources on topics such as networking and start-ups, and advice from successful entrepreneurs.
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college building
Choosing, applying, preparing, and paying for college.
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Consumer Information

House of money
Buying a big ticket item? Want to know if that contractor is licensed? Here are the sources you need to make solid purchasing decisions.
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Earthquakes & Disaster Preparedness

Links to resources on earthquake, drought, and fire dangers to help you stay prepared.
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Find a Good Book

Not sure what to read next? Ready for something new? Browse these resources and you're sure to find something good!
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family tree
Search tips, find records, connect with researchers, and put together your family's history.
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pill bottles
Up to date resources to help keep you healthy.
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Homelessness - Resources

homeless sign
Provides links to agencies and service providers as well as news, reports and studies.
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Legal Resources

Scales of Justice
Free legal forms, books that help explain laws, and links to the City Code can all be found here.
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Lifelong Learning

The Library is your learning hub. We offer materials and programs for personal enrichment, and professional development, and we can refer you to local and online sites for just about any topic you wish to explore. Here are links to a selection of lifelong learning sources.
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Seed Library

Monterey Public Library has a Seed Library, providing locally adapted seeds for our community to check-out and grow.
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Guides for Teachers & Classes

If you're a student and your teacher has requested a research guide be made for your class project, click here to be taken to the Class Research Guide page.

If you're an educator, Monterey Public Library offers a variety of services to assist you with your work. Have an assignment coming up and want your students to successfully use the Library? Send us an assignment alert and we'll put together material you can pick up or direct your students to use. Would you like to bring your students to the Library on a field trip? Or bring a librarian to your classroom? Fill out a class visit request and we will set up a visit. Visit the Class Research Guide page to see what we do for other teachers and what other resources we have to offer you.