Inferno by Dan Brown

Inferno by Dan Brown

Posted: Sunday, May 10, 2015

I finally got around to reading this is the latest novel by Dan Brown (published 2013), author of the blockbuster DaVinci Code.  Once again, we meet intrepid Harvard Professor and international expert on religious iconography Robert Langdon, who becomes unwittingly involved in a wild manhunt in which he, mysteriously, is the hunted.  This time, the setting is Florence and later Venice.  There is the formulaic Langdon entanglement with a female partner, bad guys who turn out to be good guys and vice versa.  And, as usual, while avoiding capture or harm, Professor Langdon must follow clues found in works of art – this time, in works related to Renaissance poet Dante.  The stakes in this adventure are believed to be high:  the prevention of a terrorist attack on the entire human race. 

I love the way Brown explores the conflicts between religion and science, his knowledge of art, the breakneck speed of his storytelling, and the good-humored Robert Langdon character.  This is not really a discussible book, if you’re looking for a title for your book group, but it puts forward very compelling food for thought about how to bridge a love for humanity with the problem of worldwide over-population.  Brown handles this issue, which is clearly something that should concern every person on this planet, with a deft hand.  



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