Board Policy 603: Review, Formulation, and Adoption of Policies

Policies of the Monterey Public Library Board of Trustees shall be consistent with the laws of the State of California and be developed with the concern for the most efficient and constructive operation of the programs and services of the Monterey Public Library.

  1. Review and Revision of Policies. Annually, as directed by the Chair of the Board of Trustees, all Board policies shall be reviewed and revised as necessary. Revisions may also be made by the Board whenever necessary.

  2. New policies. A needed policy may be proposed by a Board member, the Library Director, or a member of the staff making such request through the Director.

    The proposal for a new policy may be very general when first proposed. The specific writing of the proposed policy shall be as directed by the Chair. It is important in the writing of a policy that all available expertise and pertinent information be utilized.

  3. Procedures for Revision and New Policies. With the exception of minor corrections to policies, all revisions of policies and proposed new policies shall be adopted through the process of two readings at regularly or specially scheduled Board meetings with adoption no earlier than the second reading. Recommendations or alterations may be discussed orally at any reading. Changes as adopted, will be incorporated in the proposed revision or new policy.

Approved: 5/22/91