Board Policy 430: Acquisition of Works of Art

Acquisition of original works of art by gift or purchase, including paintings, drawings, sculpture, murals, etc., must be approved by the Library Board of Trustees. Responsibility is routinely delegated to the Library Director. The Library Director may solicit formal approval by the Library Board in special cases when he/she determines the size, artistic significance, or care requirements to be extraordinary.

Works of art installed on the exterior of the Library or the Library premises must be approved by the Library Board of Trustees and the City of Monterey’s Cultural Arts Commission.

Art works acquired for the Library should promote or support the Library’s mission.

In determining whether to acquire a work of art, consideration must be given to the costs associated with exhibit, storage and conservation.

Original works of art are not added to the Library’s materials collection.

The Board of Trustees must approve the disposition of all works of art from the Library. Removed artworks are turned over to the City’s Historical/Cultural Facilities Division.

Works of art may be designated for the Library, or accepted with the understanding that they remain at the Library, however all art becomes part of the City of Monterey’s collection.

Adopted: 10/23/02