Board Policy 420: Valuable and Irreplaceable Materials

The Monterey Public Library has been entrusted by gift, or bequest, or by other means of acquisition, with the guardianship of various materials of a valuable and irreplaceable nature, and these items are by their nature subject to damage by improper handling or loss.

 The most appropriate methods of safeguarding such materials are by special storage, and by the limiting of their handling to designated members of the library staff. 

 The Library Director is directed by the Board of Trustees to provide for the safekeeping of these materials.

 The Library Director shall determine, according to his/her best judgment, and after consultation with the professional staff, which materials among the library’s collection shall be designated as requiring special handling, and to what extent access to such materials shall be restricted to specified members of the library staff or withdrawn from public accessibility as appropriate.

Approved: April 23, 1986
Drafted from Resolution No. 94
Revised: April 28, 2010