Board Policy 207: Admission Fees for Certain Library Cultural Programs


The Monterey Public Library offers cultural programs as one element of its services to the community. Programs add an important dimension to the Library’s collections by providing insight into the worlds of literature, history, and current events. They help the Library fulfill its role as a community cultural center.

Charges for Cultural Programs

Free-of-charge admission to Library-sponsored programs and events is a benefit accorded to those who have valid Monterey Public Library cards. Cards are available free to all residents of California.

An attendance fee for Library cultural programs may be assessed to those individuals who do not have a valid MPL borrowers’ card.

Some programs may be designated as fundraising events to help offset the cost of offering cultural programs. In such cases, the Library may charge admission fees, for all who attend, including Library cardholders.

Authority to designate fee-based programs

The decision whether or not to charge an admission fee for a particular program rests with the Library Director. Criteria for establishing an admission fee for Library programs are:

  1. Production costs for the program;
  2. Public demand for the program;
  3. Designated as a fundraising event.


Fees are determined by the Library Director, based on the above criteria. All fees shall be deposited in the Library Trust Fund.

Refunds and credits

Admission fees are non-refundable unless the Library is forced to cancel the program. Credit for other events cannot be given to purchasers who cannot use their tickets.   In the event that the Library must cancel a program, paid admission fees will be refunded.

Approved: 07/28/93
Revised: 7/28/04
Revised: 8/28/13