The Library offers delivery of printed documents to customers by mail or fax subject to the following restrictions:

  1. Service to walk-in customers in the Library takes priority over document delivery requests. Therefore, the Library cannot guarantee that requested documents will be mailed or faxed immediately.

  2. On-demand photocopying and microform printing services are available for document delivery only. Customers able to come to the Library may produce their own photocopies and microfilm prints, with staff assistance as needed. In unusual circumstances, staff may make exceptions to this restriction. In such cases, fees for photocopies or microform prints produced on demand for pick up in the Library will be the full handling and print charges listed below. When staff choose to produce copies or prints in the course of answering reference questions, these may be provided to customers free of charge.

  3. Customers residing outside the City of Monterey who do not have a library card valid at Monterey Public Library may be referred to their local library's interlibrary loan service for copies of the entire text of periodical articles over 5 pages in length or more than 5 pages from circulating books.

  4. Documents over 5 pages in length will not be delivered by fax.

  5. The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs reproduction and other uses of copyrighted material. Customers are responsible for any violations of copyright law. The Library, however, may restrict reproduction of materials for document delivery based on standard library procedures for copyright compliance.

  6. Photocopying or other duplication of Local History Collection materials may be restricted in order to preserve fragile archival originals.

Document delivery services offer a convenience to customers in addition to the Library's regular reference and information services.

Charges for document delivery services will be the sum of:

  1. A handling charge of $4.00 for each request.

  2. A print charge of $.10 for each photocopy, CD-ROM, or Internet print, and $.25 for each microform print.

  3. A delivery charge of $.10 for each page sent by mail, and $.25 for each page sent by fax.

Document delivery requests will be recorded on the Document Delivery Invoice form. Customers will be asked to approve charges before documents are mailed or faxed. Invoices will be mailed or faxed with requested materials.

The Library is not liable for damages in addition to the document delivery charges for documents which are not received for any reason.

This policy does not apply to document delivery requests from other libraries and City agencies. Library staff will make appropriate arrangements for responding to requests from these sources.

Approved: March 25, 1998