It is the responsibility of the Library to maintain and provide a circulating collection of materials to inspire, delight, and educate Library customers and to link the community with the knowledge and cultures of the world. To ensure that these materials are available to as many customers as possible, the Monterey Public Library charges a fine for each open day that an item is kept beyond its due date, up to a specified maximum amount.


Fines for all formats of Library materials are:

Adult Materials $0.50 Fine per Day $10.00 Maximum Fine
Teen Materials $0.25 Fine per Day $5.00 Maximum Fine
Youth Materials $0.25 Fine per Day $5.00 Maximum Fine

Fines for overdue materials that usually do not circulate are specified in Policy 122: Special Loans

Application of this policy

The Library Director or designated representative maintains the authority to modify the application of this policy as appropriate, based on the specific circumstances of an incident and staff recommendations.

Approved: November 27, 1991
Revised: January 24, 2001
Revised: October 23, 2002
Revised: May 27, 2009