Monterey Public Library's mission includes providing a welcoming community, cultural and learning center for people of all ages. In support of this mission, the Library maintains meeting rooms for Library, City, and community meetings, programs, and events.

Qualifications and priorities for meeting room use

Meeting rooms are reserved on a first-come first-served basis within the following priorities:

  1. Programs and meetings sponsored by the Library or affiliated organizations.
  2. Programs and meetings sponsored by the City of Monterey or affiliated organizations.
  3. Meetings and events of an informational, educational or cultural nature sponsored by other government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Use of Library meeting rooms by any organization does not constitute Monterey Public Library or City of Monterey sponsorship or endorsement of the organization, its policies and beliefs, or the content of the meeting room program. Organizations are required to include this information in all publicity.

The Library will make every effort to avoid requiring groups to reschedule or cancel scheduled programs and meetings. However, the Library must occasionally cancel or reschedule room reservations based on these priorities, Library closures, or other unusual circumstances.

Requirements for nonprofit organizations

  1. The Library requires proof of organizations' nonprofit status (articles of incorporation, bylaws, 501(c)(3) documentation, etc.)
  2. An individual representative of the organization must take responsibility for the meeting room when it is reserved. This individual must have a valid Monterey Public Library card or fees will be charged (see section C. below.)
  3. Individuals granted use of meeting rooms are responsible for the condition of the room, furnishings, and equipment. Payment will be required for any damage to the Library premises or property.
  4. All meetings and events must be noncommercial in nature. Upon prior approval of the Library Director, an organization may charge a nominal fee to meeting participants to recover the costs of meeting room fees, refreshments, or supplies.
  5. All meetings and events must be open to the public.
  6. Meeting rooms are available for use during library open hours only.  Rooms will be reserved for specific hours, and groups are expected to relinquish the room at the conclusion of their reserved time.
  7. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted.


If the representative of a nonprofit organization reserving the meeting room does not have a valid library card, charges for meeting room use will be assessed as follows:

  1. Community Room:  $10.00 per hour or portion thereof up to a maximum charge of $50.00 per day.
  2. Conference Room:  $5.00 per hour or portion thereof up to a maximum charge of $25.00 per day.
  3. Meeting room fees are nonrefundable. Credit for meetings that are cancelled at least 48 hours in advance may be applied to future bookings by the same organization within six months. 

Conference Room use for public seating

The Conference Room may be made available as public seating space for individuals and groups when it is not reserved by Library, City, or community organizations.

Implementation and Enforcement

  1. The Library Director will establish rules and procedures for implementation of this policy, including application for and approval of meeting room use by nonprofit organizations, reservations and scheduling, collection of meeting room fees, use of facilities and equipment, check-in and check-out, room capacity limits, inspection, statistics, publicity requirements, etc.
  2. The Library Director may waive provisions of this policy for specific meetings or events in support of the Library mission and objectives.
  3. The Library Director may prohibit groups or individuals who violate this policy or meeting room rules and procedures from using Library meeting rooms for a designated period.
Approved: 11/28/90
Revised: 03/03/93
Revised: 07/28/93
Revised: 05/25/97
Revised: 09/23/98
Revised: 09/26/07
Revised: 12/01/10