The purpose of this policy is to assist in the most economical use of the working hours of the Director and Library staff.

Information and facts are essential for Board members to best carry out the business and decision making responsibilities of the Board. This information is normally obtained from the Director, Library staff or City staff. The important determination in seeking information and facts is whether they are needed to carry out the business of the Board. Board members must guard against unneeded demands on the scarce working time of the Director and the Library staff.

This policy does not pertain to Board member requests for information and facts that any Library patron might normally seek.

The following are guidelines for Board members who seek information and facts from the Director or Library staff:

  1. Be certain the information or facts sought are needed for Board business.

  2. Board members should normally request information and facts through the Director. This keeps the Director aware of Board concerns and he or she can better facilitate the obtaining of the information or facts.

  3. If the information or facts sought are of an extensive nature requiring substantial time, research or is to be a report, there must be prior Board approval by formal action or clear consensus.

  4. This policy in no way bars a Board member from requesting that an item be placed on a Board Meeting Agenda.

Approved: 9/27/89