The Board of Library Trustees of the City of Monterey exists and derives its authority from Article VII, Section 7.1 of the Monterey City Charter, and from Monterey City Ordinance number 679 C.S.

Members of the Board of Library Trustees shall have authority only when acting as a Board in regular session or in special session.

The Board shall not be bound in any way by any action or statement on the part of an individual member except when such action or statement is in pursuance of specific instructions by the Board.

No member of the Board shall have the power to act in the name of the Board outside of Board meetings unless by approval by the Board given at an official Board meeting.

No member of the Board shall use his/her Board title of “member” in endorsement of any candidate or issues or community meeting except as formally authorized by Board action.

The Board of Library Trustees may endorse a non-partisan proposition provided that it is directly related to public libraries and the welfare of the clients thereof. Such endorsement shall be made only by formal action of the Board.

Approved: 8/27/86