The Board of Trustees shall conduct a performance evaluation of the Library Director at least once annually. The evaluation period shall be the previous 12-months. If circumstances dictate, the Board may choose to conduct one or more special evaluations at any time.

The purpose of the evaluation is for the Board to assess the performance of the Director, as well as for the Board and Director to communicate with each other regarding performance objectives and priorities. This communication shall not be limited to the evaluation process, and the Board and Director shall discuss goals and objectives for the evaluation period.

The evaluation shall be primarily based on the Director's goals and objectives for the previous 12-months which have been previously agreed upon by both parties. Performance areas to be addressed include, but are not limited to:

  • Staff relationships and management
  • Library goals as stated in the strategic plan
  • Overall quality of Library services
  • Financial responsibility and oversight
  • Fund development
  • Community relations
  • Facilities management
  • Board relationships

Evaluation process

  1. The Library Director prepares and submits to the Board for discussion a brief report of progress in meeting the previous 12-month’s goals and objectives, additional significant accomplishments, and final proposed goals and objectives for the ensuing year.

  2. The Board conducts a survey of Library staff. Other City staff may be surveyed as deemed appropriate. Individual Board members complete an evaluation form.

  3. The Board assesses the Director's performance and makes recommendations for improvement in a closed session, after which the Board Chair or his/her designee prepares the Board’s written evaluation.

  4. In closed session at a subsequent meeting, the Library Board presents the evaluation to the Director for discussion, and approves the Director’s goals and objectives for the ensuing year.

Revised: August 21, 1998
Revised: July 28, 2010
Revised: September 28, 2016