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Teen Summer Reading Blog Contest

Published on Saturday, June 3, 2017

Teen Summer Reading Blog Contest

June 3 - August 4

Teen Summer Reading 2017 Blog Contest!

June 3 - August 4, 5 p.m.

Welcome to Teen Summer Reading 2017! This is the blogging portion of the program.  

Here are the rules for entry:

  • Read what you want, and tell me about it. For each book you’ve read, write an entry telling me the title, author, what you liked about the book and why.  You can only do entries for books that you read this summer.
  • To blog, just scroll beyond this message and go to the box that says: Leave a comment. You will put your entry here.
  • Include: Your name and contact information in the fields asking for this information. (Don't worry. I am the only person who will be able to see your contact information.)
  • (For each entry your name will be put in a drawing for a gift card. If you have done more than five entries, your name will be added to an extra drawing for two $50 VISA gift cards. I will also draw for ten $25 VISA gift cards. Depending on the number of participants, you could win more than once.)


The last day to complete and submit an entry is: August 4, 2017 by 5:00 pm. The winners of the drawing will be contacted on August 5, 2017. 


All clear? If so, you can start blogging away!  Questions? Send an e-mail to Eboni: or call: 831-646-2094.

Thanks and good luck!

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Frances Cardinale

6/3/2017 9:21 PM

Inkdeath, Cornelia Funke, It's the end to an amazing trilogy and an classic story about a robber but with an element of magic, fire, and love. It ended an amazing story with a heartrending yet simultaneously happy end.

Rubina Shrestha

6/4/2017 4:53 PM

A book that I have read recently is Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephenie Perkins, the author of Anna and the French Kiss. This book is a teen fiction book full of romance, a little drama, French culture, and the thrill of first love.

Isla and the Happily Ever After is the third book in the Anna and the French Kiss series. I had not read the first two books that came before this book, but I still understood the story very clearly.

I liked this book because there was a lot of cute romance and French culture. It was also quite realistic to some point as well. I really like romance books where it's cute and cliche love. I am also in love in French culture, so this book obviously appealed to me.

I recommend this book for people 13 and older who like cute romance and a little heart-clenching drama.

Isabela Flores

6/5/2017 11:03 AM

A book that I have read this summer was Moo by Sharon Creech. I enjoyed this book very much. This is a book about Reena and her little brother when they move from New York to Maine. When Reena gets there, she does not know what to expect. She expects blueberries, lobsters, and the sea. That is not what she sees though. Her parents make Reena and her little brother "volunteer" for their odd neighbor Mrs. Falala, who has a snake named Edna, a pig named Paulie, a cat named China, and a very stubborn cow named Zora. I liked this book because at first Reena struggles with moving to a new town and I can relate to that becuse I move around almost every three years. I also like this book because it shows that if you don't like someone or something, you just got to give them a little time you may see that they are really wonderful people, or animals. Lastly I like this book because it reveals the bonds that emerge when we let others into our lives. I recommend this book for people of the ages 9 or older who like realistic fiction with animals, or people who just like realistic fiction.


6/8/2017 9:05 AM

I read Crazy House by James Patterson which is a book about a future world where everyone lives in cells that are under control of The United, an all-powerful government that believes a "separate but equal" society is the only way to ensure security and prosperity: like the Agriculture cell where the two main characters Cassie and Becca live in. Cassie prefers to follow the rules but Becca is the complete opposite. One day, Becca gets kidnapped and thrown into a prison full of kids on death row. And it turns out, Becca is too. When Cassie tries to save her, she gets caught and put into the prison too. I liked this book a lot, I could relate to the characters, and James Patterson is one of my favorite authors. I would recommend this book to fans of the Hunger Games.


6/8/2017 9:14 AM

I recently started a news series called Confessions which is written by James Patterson. The first book is called Confessions of a Murder Suspect. It's about the Angel kids, and how they were all suspects of their parents' murders when Tandy finds them dead in their apartment. Tandy talks directly to the reader and she's an interesting, super smart, character. I thought this was a pretty easy read since all of Patterson's chapters are pretty short and his style of writing is easy to follow, easy to read. There's parts of the books that are of the plot and then some chapters are reserved for her "confessions", which are really her thoughts. It was a little confusing at first, but overall, I thought it was a pretty good read.


6/8/2017 9:20 AM

The second book of the series (Confessions - James Patterson) is called The Private School Murders. This book picks up from right after what happens in the first book. However, now, wealthy young women are being killed and one of the most recent victims was Tandy's classmate. Along with trying to solve this case and the case of her brother and his dead pregnant girlfriend, Tandy has her hands full. Because she fits the description of all the young women being killed in New York, Tandy has to figure out who the killer is before it's too late. I liked this book and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

Ian Navarro

6/8/2017 1:07 PM

"the flying beaver brothers series" are great book about Ace and Bubs teamwork trying to defend their Island from other animals.

Ian Navarro

6/8/2017 1:13 PM

The Lost Hero is a book about 3 teens trying to free Hera the goddess of marriage. I liked how the graphic novel brings the book to life with pictures.


6/8/2017 1:19 PM

Calvin and Hobbes is an enjoyable comic book the shows Calvin's imagination towards his stuffed animal tiger

Nathan Chen

6/9/2017 9:47 AM

The title of the book I read was Scorpion Mountain, which was written by John Flanagan. It is about a group of people who have sworn to kill the princess of Araluen. I enjoyed this book because it had a lot of humor and action, and I would definitely recommend it.

Nathan Chen

6/9/2017 9:53 AM

The book I read was called The Son of Neptune, a book written by Rick Riordan. It is about a Roman camp which has lost its eagle to enemies. The eagle is a powerful source of energy. Three teenagers embark on a quest to find the eagle and take it back. I enjoyed this book very much because of the action and would recommend it for others.

Nathan Chen

6/9/2017 10:00 AM

I read the book, The Titan's Quest, which was written by the author Rick Riordan. On a mission to rescue two demigods to Camp Half-Blood, a daughter of Athena, Annabeth, gets taken by a monster. Accompanied by some friends, Percy Jackson, the main character, goes on a quest to find another monster that could mean the end of the gods, and to save his friend, who has been captured. This book was very interesting and I liked it. It was filled with action and a lot of surprises.

Nathan Chen

6/9/2017 10:09 AM

The book I have read is titled The Ruins of Gorlan. This book was written by John Flanagan. It is about a young boy, Will, who wants to join Battleschool, but is refused, and instead is apprenticed to the mysterious Ranger Halt. Not much later, the country that he lives in, Araluen, is threatened by the long forgotten warlord, Morgarath. This book is filled with surprises as Will, and his mentor Halt, go on a mission to protect Araluen from the Lord of Rain and Night. I enjoyed reading this book a lot because of the suspense and action.

Nathan Chen

6/9/2017 10:30 AM

The book I read was called the Icebound Land, written by John Flanagan. The main character Will, and another character, Evanlyn are captured by Skandians, and are being held as slaves. Will has been drugged by the Skandians to do whatever they say, and Evanlyn must think of a way to escape, or they will be doomed to die. With the help of Erak, she makes a daring escape, but will she make it? I enjoyed this book a lot and would recommend it to others. It was very interesting and the author depicts Will and Evanlyn's journey to freedom very well.

Nathan Chen

6/9/2017 10:48 AM

The book I read is called Xander and the Dream Thief, written by Margaret Dilloway. When Xander starts having horrible nightmares, he is given a charm to avoid those dreams. His grandmother warns him not to use it too often, but he ignores her advice. The baku charm, overused, steals all his dreams and powers, and runs away. He must track it down before it is too late. This book was enjoyable and full of humor.


6/9/2017 11:49 AM

The third book of the series Confessions written by James Patterson picks up right after Tandy and her siblings along with Uncle Jacob get off from their cruise to Paris. It's here in their grandmother's house where Tandy discovers a room/attic full of boxes labeled with Katherine's name - the Katherine that had supposedly died in Africa while riding a motorcycle., the Katherine who was Tandy's older sister and best friend. Tandy thinks something's not right with the way Katherine got killed, and is set out to find out the truth. This book reads very quickly and is pretty exciting. Not quite as exciting as the other two books but still things are happening and the Angels lead a very interesting life. However a few of these events, namely one that relates to Tandy's dead sister, seemed a little questionable. Why was this happening now? Why wouldn't they have heard about this before?

Anyway, I thought it was a good read and I would definitely recommend it.


6/9/2017 11:59 AM

The fourth and last book of the series Confessions (Patterson and Paetro) has a very dramatic conclusion. It starts off with Tandy Angel, who's convinced she's going paranoid and talks with her doctor at Waterside (facility) multiple times. Her ex-best friend isn't leaving her alone and is insulting Tandy every chance she gets. In addition to fighting her uncle Peter about the company, she has to fend off her stalker that wants her and the rest of her siblings killed.

I felt that in this book, Tandy had a lot less communication with her family and it's mostly just centered on her. The book went by really quickly - the whole series is a pretty easy and light read. I would really like another book so we could see how the Angel family turns out after everything is solved. I would also like to know more about the infamous elder sister that Patterson and Paetro don't really talk about, and the readers don't really get to know who she actually is and what she's like. And I would have really liked the drama between CP (ex-best freind) and James (Tandy's boyfriend but not really) and Tandy to have been resolved a little bit more.

Other than that, I thought it was a good end to the series.

Nathan Chen

6/9/2017 2:04 PM

The Outcasts, the first book of the Brotherband Chronicles series, was written by John Flanagan. In the annual brotherband competition, two or more teams compete to be the championship brotherband. When the two leaders of the group, Rollond and Tursgud, start picking who they want on their brotherband. The leftovers of the group form together to form a third brotherband, which no one expects to win the competition.

This book was interesting and I like how the underdogs rose up to win the competition. It was filled with suspense and was very interesting. I would recommend it to others.

Rubina Shrestha

6/9/2017 9:08 PM

A book I recently finished reading is Lord of Shadows by the amazing Cassandra Clare. I am absolutely in LOVE with this book! This book is full of drama, mystery, action, magical beings, and romance.

This book is the second book of the Dark Artifices series, being preceded by Lady Midnight (which I also recommend!). Cassandra Clare has written the Mortal Instruments, the Infernal Devices, and is continuing to write the Dark Artifices. All of her books are amazing!

A reason why I enjoyed Lord of Shadows so much is because of the seemingly endless amount of mystery. suspense, and foreshadowing. Then again, it could just be my own imagination, but whenever the story seems to even hint at something, I just can't help squealing (fangirl right here!).

Another reason why this book is so amazingly awesome is because I am in love with the world of the Shadowhunters! The runes, the angels, and the demons are so entrancing. Each time I revisit the world Clare has thought of, it makes me feel so happy. You know, it's that feeling like when you read Harry Potter for the billionth time: "It's good to see you, Potter."

One final reason why I love this book is because of the drama. Oh. My. God. The drama. At some points, it's a little overwhelming because you get like: "Ohmygod, just stop!" Family drama. Political drama. Especially the romantic drama. For drama lovers, this book is definitely satisfying.

I would recommend this book for ages 13 and up.

Rubina Shrestha

6/9/2017 9:21 PM

A book I recently devoured in a span of a mere three hours is Alex and Eliza by Melissa de la Cruz. I have never read one of Cruz's books and I must say, this met my expectations!

I have originally chosen to read this book because it was a historical romance and I already know a little about Alexander Hamilton. Also, I'm kind of a history geek. And I also love romance (Haha. Love romance).

This book was quite entertaining because the characters have humorous and witty personalities. I mean like, wowza! The characters are so smooth with their cheesy pick-up lines and at times, they roast each other so hard.

Another thing I also like was that for the majority of the book, the female characters in this book were shown as brave and strong-willed leaders. Their witty humor, sarcastic remarks, and fierce personalities only add to the magic of this story.

I would recommend this book for ages 12 and up.

Rubina Shrestha

6/10/2017 9:23 AM

I just finished reading Textrovert by Lindsey Summers and it was a good book. This book had romance, drama, and a lot of cute texts!

I wanted to read this book because I had read a first draft of Textrovert on Wattpad, which is a website where you can write and upload your own stories and readers around the world can read. On Wattpad, Textrovert was originally named the Cell Phone Swap and I had thoroughly enjoyed it.

This published version was also quite enjoyable. I really liked the way how some of the conversations between the two main characters, Keely and Talon, was written: with text bubbles (since they were texting). The witty banter between the characters was highly enjoyable and the plot was overall well thought out.

I would recommend this book for ages 12 and older.

Cali Jo McCreary

6/10/2017 9:48 AM

I just finished reading The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy and fairy tales. The ending takes so many twist and turns I almost thought good would lose. It is a great book


6/10/2017 8:37 PM

goosebumps slappy birthday to you is a funny and scary book that i am sure you will enjoy

Cali Jo McCreary

6/11/2017 8:11 AM

Tik-Tok of Oz by L. Frank Baum is a lovely book. It is about a little girl named Betsy and Hank her friend the mule on a quest to save the Shaggy man save his brother. It is a great book and I love the Betsy and a her friends.

Rubina Shrestha

6/11/2017 7:37 PM

I finished reading the novel Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. It was a cool book full of romance, unexpected turns, and finding out the difference between living and being alive.

The main character of this book, Madeline Whittier, has an illness that doesn't allow her to leave her house. When Olly, her new neighbor, moves in next door, they form a beautiful relationship which causes Madeline to risk it all and realize that there's more to life than just living.

I liked this book because it was different from other books I have read. There were many illustrations that helped me understand the story. Another aspect that made this story beautiful was the relationships between Madeline and the other characters of the books and how they developed, for better or for worse, throughout the book.

I would recommend this book for ages 13 and up.

Sophia Davi

6/14/2017 5:36 PM

I read The Secret Horses of Breyer Hill. This is an extremely depressing book. I love this book because even of time of little or no hope the main charter Emmaline fight her sickness "still waters" and she endures hard tasks through selfness

Warning! Spoiler Alarm!

I also like this book because even when no one else sees horses in the mirror she believes in what she sees. Even when Anna dies or when all her colored pencils are broken she works to find colors to protect the horse from evil. In the end, the author Megan Shepherd leaves the readers on a huge cliff hanger and she leaves you to think; were the horses real or simply delusions of a sick girl.

I recommend this book to all who love imagination and fantasy books.

Kayla Sedillo

6/15/2017 12:07 PM

I read a book called "Anne Frank, the diary of a young girl," that was edited by Otto Frank and Mirjam Pressler.

I enjoyed it because it showed me what life was like for the Jews that were being persecuted during World War 2, and the fear they felt because any day they could be arrested and taken to a concentration camp.

It gave me a perspective about the lives of Anne Frank and her family that I didn't have before.

Kayla Sedillo

6/15/2017 1:56 PM

I also read "The Orange Fairy Book" that was edited by Andrew Lang. (It didn't say the author.)

I really liked it because it has many different stories about princesses, princes, animals, dragons, and ogres.

They are much more exciting and detailed that most princess and dragon kind of stories. My favorite one was called " The Bird of Truth."


6/16/2017 8:55 AM

I read the book Zoo by James Patterson. I didn't really like this book, although the idea was really unique - how animals are turning against humans and are attacking in coordinated groups. When Jackson Oz (scientist) witnesses a coordinated lion attack in Africa, he knows something must be done. With the help of ecologist Chloe Tousignant, Oz races to warn world leaders before it's too late. I thought this book was unnecessarily violent and described too much in detail about the savage, brutal attacks on humans. And then, in one of the more critical points of the plot, the book skips 5 years for no apparent reason (maybe Patterson got bored). And then there's the lack of ending that doesn't leave readers satisfied. Also another thing that bothered me was how Oz knows about these animal attacks but STILL KEEPS A CHIMP IN HIS APARTMENT. I'd give this around 1 or maybe 2 stars.


6/16/2017 8:56 AM

I didn't really like this book, although the idea was really unique - how animals are turning against humans and are attacking in coordinated groups. When Jackson Oz (scientist) witnesses a coordinated lion attack in Africa, he knows something must be done. With the help of ecologist Chloe Tousignant, Oz races to warn world leaders before it's too late. I thought this book was unnecessarily violent and described too much in detail about the savage, brutal attacks on humans. And then, in one of the more critical points of the plot, the book skips 5 years for no apparent reason (maybe Patterson got bored). And then there's the lack of ending that doesn't leave readers satisfied. Also another thing that bothered me was how Oz knows about these animal attacks but STILL KEEPS A CHIMP IN HIS APARTMENT. I'd give this around 1 or maybe 2 stars.


6/17/2017 6:13 PM

Book: Odette's Secrets

Author: Maryann Macdonald

This book was based on a true story, but the author incorporated some fiction tales into it. Odette's Secrets was about a Jewish girl living in Paris, and has to hide from the Nazis. Her father joins the French Army, and mother joins the Resistance. Odette must hide in the country side, pretend to be Christian, go to school, and become a regular girl. She is tortured when they find out she is a Jew, then the French win the war against the Nazis. At the very end... I won't spoil it!

My favorite part of the book was Odette staying strong through the whole process, even when she was tortured. She never gave up, and is a true role model to me to stand up for myself.

Nathan Chen

6/18/2017 9:31 AM

The book, The Angel Experiment, was written by James Patterson is about a "flock" of kids that have been genetically engineered to have wings and other special abilities. The whitecoats, who are evil scientists, capture one of the flock to experiment on, and the other members of the flock embark on a daring mission to save her. This book was interesting and full of action and humor, and I would definitely recommend it.


6/18/2017 10:38 AM

A Night At Terror Tower, a Goosebumps book.

Sue an her brother Eddie visit London. They find themselves in a tower being chased by an executor. This event will show them their true selves.


6/18/2017 10:41 AM

HorrorLand the Wizard of Ooze, a Goosebumps book.

A villain who has the power to sludge people and when he finds a super rare addition of the ooze he finds out he is not the only one who wants it.


6/18/2017 10:44 AM

Goosebumps most wanted- Planned of the Lawn Gnomes

Jay Gardener can't seem to stay out of trouble after he burned his house down with his chemistry set.


6/18/2017 10:45 AM

Scream of the Hunted Mask

Carly Beth finds an extraordinary mask at the chiller's store. She finds out this is not an ordinary mask for this mask can possess people.


6/18/2017 10:47 AM

Dr. Maniac VS. Robby Schwartz

Robbie creates a super villain, but they he finds out he is taking kids and he is not a comic anymore, he is real life. Will Robbie defeat Dr. Maniac? or Did Robbie meet his doom?


6/18/2017 10:50 AM

Goosebumps Horrorland Help! we have strange Powers

Jillian and Jackson find out they have strange powers, thinking that they can have fun with it, but find out they aren't the only one with powers.


6/18/2017 10:53 AM

Welcome to camp Goosebumps Horrorland

Boone and Heather are psyched are going to camp, but find out people are being fed to snakes. I like this book because of the twist at the end.


6/18/2017 10:56 AM

Goosebumps Horrorland Heads, You loose

Jessica and Ryan find themselves in the medieval times after an unlucky coin toss. A prince has lost his head and thinking Jessica and Ryan are their the assassins. Will they come out with their heads still attached?


6/18/2017 11:01 AM

Goosebumps Slappy birthday to you.

I like this books because of the insults Slappy comes up with. They are a little rude but funny.

I think is great book for a new goosebumps series, "Slappy World" and don't forget you only scream in it.


6/18/2017 11:03 AM

Goosebumps Welcome to Dead House.

Amanda and Josh are moving to a new house but then they realize they are not the only ones living in the house and there is something strange about their neighbors. I like the the twist at at the end

Rubina Shrestha

6/18/2017 4:39 PM

I just finished reading These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner. This book is the first book of the Starbound series. This is a science fiction romance and I really enjoyed it because of the romance, aliens, and drama.

First of all, I really liked the main characters, Tarver Merendsen and Lilac LaRoux, and their relationship. I really Tarver's name and I liked both of the characters' personalities. Lilac seemed a little bratty in the beginning, but as the book progressed, Tarver and Lilac developed slightly more realistic personalities that I could somewhat relate to. Their relationship begins as bickering enemies, which slowly develops into reluctant allies and finally, lovers enamored with each other.

I also liked the science fiction and drama in this book. There is tension between Lilac and Tarver in the beginning of the story because of their differences in their social standings. Later in the book, Lilac uncovers secrets about her father's company which leads to family drama and tension between her father and her. The plot of this book involves aliens and futuristic technology such spaceships traveling light years in seconds. The aliens in this book are definitely not the stereotypical green, oddly shaped aliens we have familiarized with. The aliens were different and that definitely added to the "beauty" of the story.

I would recommend this book for ages 12 and up.

Tarn Reilly

6/19/2017 7:20 PM

I just finished reading a great book called a Company of Fools about an orfin and his friend who are choirboys and live with holy brothers during the plague. It was a good book because it make you think about what is important in life and how important is life? The Company of Fools is written by Deborah Ellis.


6/20/2017 8:00 AM

Goosebumps one day at horror land

I liked this book because of all the things that seem unreal to Luke and Clay but it's a very serious park. "people die once here but you can never die twice"


6/20/2017 8:03 AM

Goosebumps most wanted. The hunter

Sammy is very scared of little things and want to show that he is not scared of anything. To prove that they want to got to an old house that's hunted.


6/20/2017 8:07 AM

Goosebumps most wanted. Trick or trap

I like this book because when kids when in the house to scare the bullies, they bullies had their own plan.


6/20/2017 8:10 AM

Goosebumps the hall of horrors the five masks of Dr screem

Veronica and Peter are trick or treating and find themselves helping retrieve the 5 masks of dr screem but they only have one day.


6/20/2017 8:12 AM

Goosebumps horror land when the ghost dog howls

this is one of my favorite books.

Andy and his cousin go to the chiller's house and gives them a tooth that can give them wishes. However, every time they make a wish there is something bad that happens

Natalie D.

6/20/2017 6:32 PM

Title: Tokyo Heist

Author: Diana Renn

What I liked about this book is that it's a mystery. I love good mysteries. This book is one if the best mysteries I've read. It's about some missing Van Gogh drawings and the main painting that the Yamada family has to find and give it back to a Yakuza leader before Violet's (the main character) father is "erased". The way Violet draws out the possibilities of what might've happened and who she thinks is responsible is fascinating. But what I love the most about Tokyo Heist is the little sketchbook that Violet finds is the storage room that she was working in at the Yamada company. The little notebook had sketches with hidden sketches in them which I thought was brilliant! The hidden sketches would latter lead to the lost Van Gogh painting in a very intelligent way.

Isabela Flores

6/20/2017 8:28 PM

The second book I read this summer was Hoot by Carl Hiassen. This book is set in Florida, where the new kid Roy makes two strange friends, and a new enemy. Roy, Beatrice, and her stepbrother "Mullet Fingers", work together to stop the construction of Mother Paula's Pancake House, which could destroy a colony of burrowing owls who live on the site. This book won a Newbery Honor Award in 2003.

What I like about this book is that 3 ordinary kids could work together to stop the construction of a very famous chain restaurant to save owls. I also like this book because it proves that if you work hard, you can achieve anything, such as save owls.


6/20/2017 8:44 PM

Tintin the seven cristal Balls

Seven explorers found a mysterious skeleton. All found unconscious because of cristal balls


6/20/2017 8:47 PM

Goosebumps nigh of the puppet people

Ben and Jenny want to join a talent show to win $500. In doing so they want to use puppets, but then Ben is turned into a puppet


6/20/2017 8:49 PM

Tintin. The black Island

Tintin finds himself in the island that is said to be hunted by a gorilla. Tintin finds himself face to face with the gorilla.

Meryem Gojowsky

6/21/2017 12:28 PM

I read the Warriors book "Skyclan's Destiny". The author is Erin Hunter. I really liked this book because I love to read about animals and their behaviors. The book also includes humor and intelligence that I've never read before. Erin Hunter has an incredibly wild imagination and I'm looking forward to finishing the Warriors series. 🐾

Matteson Walker

6/21/2017 12:36 PM

Book: Bee and PuppyCat. Volume one Author: Allegri, Natasha

It's a cute graphic novel and fun to read

Matteson Walker

6/21/2017 12:37 PM

The lost boy By Ruth, Greg.

It's an interesting graphic novel to read, the story is interesting.

Matteson Walker

6/21/2017 12:39 PM

The dream thieves. Book II of the Raven cycle By Maggie Stiefvater

It's a good read, I love the series

Matteson Walker

6/21/2017 12:40 PM

Blue lily, lily blue Book III of The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

It's good

Meryem Gojowsky

6/21/2017 12:41 PM

I also read the book "Crookedstar's Promise". It's also a book from the "Warriors" series. It is the about a young cat who makes a promise to a Dark Forest warrior, Mapleshade. She lies to himake though, and she kills everyone he ever loved. Stormkit even fell into the river and broke his jaw on a rock leaving his mother shocked. His parents end up fighting and leave each other. Her mother even changed his name to Crookedkit. After that, Crookedkit made everyone see that he still could be a fine warrior. Now leader, Crookedstar has a daughter and a clan to be proud of. Mapleshade never bothered him or his daughter again. This book was adventurous and heartbreaking, but ended wonderfully.

Matteson Walker

6/21/2017 12:42 PM

The Raven King Book IV of The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

It;s a good end to a great series

Matteson Walker

6/21/2017 12:51 PM

The stonekeeper's curse Kazu Kibuishi

It's good

Matteson Walker

6/21/2017 12:54 PM

Etiquette & espionage Gail Carriger

I love this series

Matteson Walker

6/21/2017 12:55 PM

Curtsies & conspiracies Gail Carriger

It's great

Matteson Walker

6/21/2017 12:56 PM

Waistcoats & weaponry Gail Carriger

The third book and I love it


6/21/2017 8:47 PM

The book I read was Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry. This is an amazing book that shows how racism affected so many people. Lillian Gean is a mean girl and her father just pushes Cassie right of the sidewalk. The bus speeds up purposely to get Cassie muddy. The school books have been used by only white people before her school gets to use them. Racism is all around and Cassie still pushes through. I love this book because it is action-adventure and historical fiction at the same time. Mildred D. Taylor really did a great job with this book.

Sophia Davi

6/21/2017 8:52 PM

I read Dawn of the Clans Warriors: The Sun Trail. When food is scarce for the cats in the mountains and when fluttering bird dies the cats take the stone tellers advice and follow the sun trail. I love this book because it has action and the cat's perspective is at some points amusing and at others sad. Erin Hunter goes into great detail in this story.


6/22/2017 5:38 AM

Lord of the Rings- Two towers, absolute favorite! I love it


6/22/2017 8:18 AM

I read the first book of the Fox and O'Hare series called The Heist. FBI Special Agent Kate O’Hare has spent all her life in the FBI chasing down criminals. One man she's especially focused on catching is the great con man himself - Nick Fox. When she does eventually catch him, he escapes and pulls of his greatest con himself. He convinces the FBI to offer him a job, working side by side with Special Agent Kate O’Hare. I liked this book, would recommend.


6/22/2017 8:21 AM

The second book of the series (Fox and O'Hare) is called The Chase. Nick Fox, paired with Kate O'Hare now have to swap a forged national treasure, currently held in the Smithsonian, for the real deal which was stolen by Carter Grove, a former White House Chief of Staff turned thief. They also want to put him behind bars for once and for all. I liked this book too, and the characters' dialogue is funny - Fox and O'Hare make quite a team. definitely recommended.


6/22/2017 8:28 AM

Third book: The Job. In this book, the pair have to take down the notorious and dangerous Violante, brutal leader of a global drug-smuggling empire who has undergone plastic surgery and is hiding out in Europe. To catch his attention, they decide to sell the location of a long lost shipwreck with millions in gold. This book was also a great easy read, and Nick and Kate are a good team. Recommended.


6/22/2017 8:32 AM

Book number 5 is called The Pursuit. In this book, Nick Fox is kidnapped and Kate O'Hare is on the pursuit to get him back. The trail leads to Belgium, France, and Italy, and pits Nick and Kate against their deadliest adversary yet: Dragan Kovic, an ex–Serbian military officer. He’s plotting a crime that will net him billions . . . and cost thousands of American lives. Now the pair must mount their most daring and biggest con yet - but at least they have a crew of their own. It was a satisfying read (or end to the series?) and still a lot of humour in the book. 4 stars.


6/22/2017 8:39 AM

I also read Losing It, written by Erin Fry. Thirteen year-old Bennett's life is a mess at the beginning of the book. His mother died when he was five years old, and since that time he and his father have been filled with grief and have tried to fill that gaping hole with junk food. Now, both of them are extremely overweight. Bennett's father has a stroke, which leaves him in a coma. Hence, the title of the story, "Losing It". Bennett is losing his mind, but also needs to lose weight and get his life on track. Great read, definitely recommended for readers of all ages.


6/22/2017 8:45 AM

These Broken Stars is the first book of a series called Starbound, written by Amie Kaufman. It's about the luxury spaceliner Icarus, when it suddenly plummets from hyperspace into the nearest planet. Lilac LaRoux and Tarver Merendsen survive – alone. Lilac is the daughter of the richest man in the universe. Tarver comes from nothing, a cynical war hero. Both journey across the eerie deserted terrain for help. Along the way, they both discover so many secrets about the galaxy they live in. Interesting read, but also pretty confusing. Unique idea.


6/22/2017 8:50 AM

This Shattered World is book number 2 of the trilogy Starbound (Amie Kaufman). This Shattered World is not like These Broken Stars. While the first book really only had two characters, the sequel expands into a whole new setting, myriad people included. Welcome to Avon, a newer planet that's terraforming isn't changing, is filled with military personnel (who can be overcome by something called the Fury), and has pushed its natives to live out in the swamps. While there's a ceasefire between the military who basically took over the planet (the rebels call them trodaires) and the Fianna (the rebels/natives), it's a fragile egg shell, close to falling over a wall and not being able to be put back together again. But when Fianna Flynn Cormac (whose executed sister was a leader of a huge rebellion ten years ago) gets onto the military base and decides to kidnap Captain Jubilee Chase so she can answer some questions, enemies become frenemies become maybe something else, and things on Avon change. This book was less confusing for me and I do really like the idea of how each book is centered on a different pair of characters. (These Broken Stars: Lily and Tarver; This Shattered World: Cormac and Chase) You can read the second book without reading the first, but reading the first book gives you more of an idea on the plot and story. 4 stars, recommended.


6/22/2017 8:56 AM

The third and last book of the trilogy written by Amie Kaufman is called Their Fractured Light. Now, in the center of the universe on the planet of Corinth, all four are about to collide with two new players, who will bring the fight against LaRoux Industries to a head. Gideon Marchant is an eighteen-year-old computer hacker—a whiz kid and an urban warrior. He’ll climb, abseil and worm his way past the best security measures to pull off onsite hacks that others don’t dare touch.

Sofia Quinn has a killer smile, and by the time you’re done noticing it, she’s got you offering up your wallet, your car, and anything else she desires. She holds LaRoux Industries responsible for the mysterious death of her father and is out for revenge at any cost.

When a LaRoux Industries security breach interrupts Gideon and Sofia’s separate attempts to infiltrate their headquarters, they’re forced to work together to escape. Each of them has their own reason for wanting to take down LaRoux Industries, and neither trusts the other. But working together might be the best chance they have to expose the secrets LRI is so desperate to hide.

This was such a great read (but a not so easy one) but things can get a bit confusing at times. With the earlier books, I would suggest reading more slowly to get to know most or all of the terms that Kaufman uses, like the Fianna, the Fury, etc. I'd also suggest reading these books right after one another since it can get a little disorienting to get back to the "rhythm" of reading the trilogy. And like the other two books, Sofia and Gideon are really just great characters with great personalities and I will be rereading the series very soon.

Sophia Davi

6/22/2017 4:35 PM

I Just read Thunder Rising by Erin Hunter. I love this book because of its detail and because of the way the author puts you in Thunder's shoes. Clear Sky claims everything was just a test making gray wing mad. Tallshadow makes graywing a leader. Turtle Tail has kits. As this story unravels the reader jumps to the next book! I love this series so far.

Meryem Gojowsky

6/22/2017 9:18 PM

I read the book "Here comes the Shaggedy". The author is R. L. Stine. I really liked this book because I love reading scary books. The theme is mostly realistic, like in horror movies. And then, they turn completely fiction. This book was funny and mysterious and I loved it allot.

Phil Wilkerson

6/23/2017 10:21 PM

I read 'And I Darken' by Kiersten White and wow did it surpass my expectations! This is my second review actually, because I had to post one to Goodreads! The book is focused on two of the legitimate children of Vlad the Impaler, Lada and Radu. These two characters are thrust from their unloving father to the ottoman empire, and though Radu adjusts, Lada does not. These characters grow in a natural and realistic way which I really enjoyed. I found the story to be pretty historically accurate, especially for a historical fiction YA book. My only grievance with this book is the love affair between these two characters ( I don't want to spoil it) but it was unnecessary and totally erasing a grand speculation of homosexual relations between to powerful men of the time! (And no, the author is not homophobic, one of the characters is completely portrayed as gay, it's just unreciprocated which is believed to be untrue to history.) All in all 4 1/2 stars!


6/24/2017 9:47 AM

Book 4 of the series of For and O'Hare written by Janet Evanovich is called The Scam. This time, Fox and O'Hare have to bring down a brutal casino magnate, Evan Trace. He is running a money-laundering operation through his casino in Macau. Some of his best customers are mobsters, dictators, and global terrorists. Nick and Kate have to go deep undercover as high-stakes gamblers, wagering millions of dollars—and their lives—in an attempt to topple Trace’s empire. I thought this book was a great easy read, and the humor and relationship between the pair (criminal and FBI special agent) is still there and as strong as ever. Recommended.


6/24/2017 11:28 AM

I read Now You See Her written by James Patterson. Fifteen years ago on college spring break, Jeanine, her boyfriend Alex, and two friends headed off to Key West to do some partying. In the process, Jeanine’s best girlfriend sleeps with her boyfriend and in retaliation; Jeanine zooms off in Alex’s car. But then she crashes and kills a guy. Police officer Peter Fournier enters the scene and decides to hide the body and let Jeanine go free. She decides to stay in Key West and marries the cop. Then as time passes our cop isn’t exactly what he seemed and suddenly Jeanine’s idyllic life is shattered. He basically wants to kill her for knowing too much of what a corrupted cop he is. And now 15 years later, Jeanine is now Nina Bloom, with a daughter and is safe away from Peter. But suddenly she has to take a case that leads her straight back to Peter.

I thought the idea of this book was pretty unique and it's very suspenseful at points. I would definitely recommend reading this book.


6/24/2017 11:44 AM

The next book I read was called Sail by James Patterson. This is about the Dunne family that's been having family issues and aren't very close anymore. The mom, Katherine, is a doctor and extremely busy at all moments of the day and is away from her kids for long periods of time. Teenage daughter Carrie thinks about suicide. The oldest son, Mark, is always high or stoned. 10 year old Ernie doesn't act like a 10 year old. Katherine has an idea and asks Uncle Jake to captain their sailing trip. But only an hour out of port, everything is going wrong. The teenage daughter, Carrie, is planning to drown herself. The teenage son, Mark, is high on drugs and ten-year-old Ernie is nearly catatonic. And then other catastrophic things start happening to them, almost as if someone wants them dead. I thought the idea of the book was cool, the writing was fast paced, and the plot twists were surprising. It seemed a little ridiculous when I was reading it but I still wanted to finish the story so I kept reading. 3 stars.


6/24/2017 11:57 AM

Next book up: The Postcard Killers (James Patterson again). NYPD cop Jacob Kanon has been chasing a pair of vicious killers across the capitals and holiday hotspots of Europe, killers who kick-started their murderous spree by butchering his daughter and her fiancée in Rome. Before each murder, a postcard is sent to the local newspaper, and when Stockholm-based crime reporter Dessie Larsson receives the latest missive, she and Kanon team up to try to stop the killers once and for all.

This book was probably the one I looked most forward to out of all of Patterson's books (maybe with one or two exceptions) since the idea of it is just intriguing. (at least, for me). It's fast paced, short chapters as usual, and you get to see the story unfold through the killers' perspective and those hunting them. Not such an easy read though, it takes some time and effort/focus to get through the book. Recommended.

Nathan Chen

6/24/2017 4:32 PM

The book I read is called Stormbreaker, which was written by Anthony Horowitz. It is about a teenager who is told that his uncle was killed in a car crash, but he sees the car that is uncle drove, and comes to the conclusion that his uncle was murdered.

Later, M16 recruits Alex Rider (the teenager) to become and train to be a spy. They send him to inspect a suspicious new invention of computers. This book was very interesting for me and included a lot of action.

Rubina Shrestha

6/28/2017 12:24 PM

A book I recently finished reading is Daniel's Story by Carol Matas. This book was assigned to me as a summer reading book by my school. Usually, I don't like my assigned summer reading books but this book was so incredibly well-written and heartbreaking that I just had to like it.

This book follows a boy named Daniel during the Holocaust and the killing of millions of Jews during World War II. Daniel goes through many heart-wrenching trials such as seeing his friends and family die. Daniel's Story is definitely one of the saddest books I have ever read in the thirteen years I have lived on this earth, but it was still a good read.

There was plenty of sadness, but there was also romance and little bursts of humor and happiness which made this enjoyable to me. Daniel's relationship with the girl he falls in love with and his family are very beautifully written.

I would recommend this book for ages 12 and up since there is numerous mentions of killing and death.


6/28/2017 4:19 PM

Book: I am Malala

Author: Malala Yousafzai

This book was the book I chose for my school's summer reading assignment. It is a book about a young teenage girl, Malala, who stood up for her right of education to all girls, including herself. The Taliban wanted to forbid girls from educating. She then gets targeted by a Talib, and gets shot in the head by a talib, but she continues to stand up for girls' education.

This was such a good book to read because it showed to stand up for your rights, hopes and dreams. Malala shows courage, and bravery which I really enjoyed reading about.

Nathan Chen

6/30/2017 10:13 AM

The book I read is called Unstoppable, and was written by Tim Green. It is about a child who lives in a foster home and is abused by his parents. After an incident on the farm he works on, he is moved to a new foster home, but, this time, he has a chance to do what he really wants - football. This book was interesting and I enjoyed it.

Nathan Chen

6/30/2017 11:23 AM

I read Tallstar's Revenge, which was written by Erin Hunter. In the book, rogue [cats] visit Windclan, and when they are in the Windclan camp, Tallstar's father, leads Sparrow, one of the rogues to an abandoned, unstable tunnel. Showing the rogue the tunnel, it collapses on them, and only Sparrow makes it out. Convinced Sparrow killed his father, when the rogues leave, he sets out to avenge his father, leaving his home. This book included action and was very fun to read. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Natalie D.

6/30/2017 2:25 PM

Title: The Start Of Me and You

Author: Emery Lord

What I liked about the book is the determination of Paige to get over the loss of her boyfriend. She made a plan that she followed no matter what. I really liked that because even though sometimes she felt like giving up, she didn't and she kept going no matter what. And at the end, she finally got over her biggest fear - to love again.


7/1/2017 8:40 AM

I read a book called 100 Hours written by Rachel Vincent. This book is about how the entitled Genesis and her cousin Maggie want some vacation time and Genesis gets a last-minute getaway to an untouched beach in Colombia for the whole crew. But the seemingly beautiful paradise turns into a terrifying survival story when Maggie, Genesis, and their friends are kidnapped and dragged out of their tents at night to be ransomed. However, Genesis thinks there's more to their kidnappers' actions and is determined to find out. I thought this book was good, it is a little slow at first, but then the pace speeds up as soon as they are captured. The book does end in a cliffhanger, sort of, and I would have appreciated one more chapter about Maggie and her friend Luke and how they felt about it, but overall a good read.


7/1/2017 12:01 PM

I read the book We Were Liars written by E. Lockhart. I thought it was really weird but even though I kept getting lost at certain points, like wondering if something the narrator says happened really did happen, I felt like I still had to finish reading it. I think the end pretty much clears most of the stuff up, so I was satisfied with the ending, but the whole book was just weird and didn't really make much sense. I felt like the author was trying to go all deep and mysterious but it just was confusing for me. The style of writing was choppy and I don't think it worked for me. Overall, I wouldn't really recommend it but if you're in for some major headaches and confusion, by all means- go for it.


7/1/2017 12:06 PM

Title: The Accident Season

Author: Fowley-Doyle

So, I liked it. This book is basically about a family who has to be extra careful during the month of October because that's when they just get hurt and lots of accidents happen. However, 17 year old Cara wants to know why they are so cursed, and why them - so she is determined to figure out what happened to them that made October the accident season.

Some things I want to go over that make it a good book

1. It's creative. I would have never thought of there being a month (october) where accidents would happen.

2. Plot twists. Ooh, there are so many!

3. Romance. Yup, there's quite a bit in this too. Kissing. And not only limited to boy and girl. Which I found interesting. Didn't think that would actually be one of the ideas expressed in this book.

4. Keeps you hooked, keeps you interested. Some books that are sort of similar to this one have made me bored and think of throwing the book halfway across the room because the plot just moves toooooooo slowly. And because it's just boring. But this book wasn't like that. All the creative-ness and plot twists really made it stand out.

5. The characters. Their individuality. Fo example, one of the characters, Bea, is said to be a witch. And then there's Elsie, the girl in which the main character/narrator finds in all of her photographs. All of them.

Now for the points that make it not so good. (sorry guys)

1. It's sort of, umm, I would say paranormal, or a bit weird I guess. It makes you feel as if you're not really there reading the book, like you're a spirit that just floats above it and everything... you know, I'm not making much sense. I thin you'll figure it out when you read it. Or if you eventually do end up reading it.

2. It fits the bookshelves of specific readers. I'm usually an open reader, I could read anything as long as it's not boring. (the same probably goes with lots more people out there)

3. I had to question some of the actions that the characters made during their accident season. You'll see. Don't want to spoil anything here.

3.5 stars.


7/1/2017 12:23 PM

Book: Number the Stars

Author: Lois Lowry

This book was another fiction tale, but non-fiction tale I have read. Annemarie is a girl of the Johansen family, with a Jewish friend named Ellen. The Germans invade Denmark during the war of 1943. The Johansens have to hide Ellen from the Nazis, and then they send all of the Jews they can to Sweden, just across the sea.

What I liked most about this book was when Mama and Papa revealed Lise's, Annemarie's sister, true death story of her joining the resistance and getting run over by a car. I would definitely recommend this book to someone if they are into the past, and exciting novels.

Isabela Flores

7/2/2017 11:46 AM

The third book I read this summer was "West of the Moon." It was written by Margi Preus. I liked this book because the main character Astri, is so brave and will do anything for her little sister. I also like how Astri ties in a story about a princess and a bear. I like how the author ties in some European culture too. I also like this book because it gives me hope. Such as how Astri and Greta were in the cruel hands of her Aunt and goes to work for the goatman, and then she gets Greta and they make it to America in the end.

Nathan Chen

7/3/2017 11:02 AM

I read The Tournament of Gorlan which was written by John Flanagan. It takes place in the ancient country of Araluen where Crowley, one of the few trained King's Rangers and Halt, from Hibernia discover that Morgarath, the Baron of Gorlan plans to overthrow the King to achieve the power for himself. Crowley and Halt embark on a mission to recruit the other Rangers and stop the Baron from taking over Araluen. This book was interesting and I liked it because it was filled with action and humor. I would recommend it to other people to read.

keagan satchell

7/3/2017 12:28 PM

Conspiracy 365 by: Gabrielle Lord

January Book 1

I liked this book because it was a good mix of adventure and mystery. This is the first book in a 12 book series, each book is a month in Cal's life for one year. He has to stay alive for 365 days, there is a good cliff hanger at the end of this book.

JayDe Reader

7/4/2017 12:50 PM

Book Title: See You In The Cosmos

Author: Jack Chang

This is a great book about a boy named Alex. Through a series of recordings he tells the story of his journey from Colorado to Las Vegas in search of many things. He starts by telling the story of his mom, brother and dad and his original mission, to go to SCHARRF with his dog, Carl Seagan,and launch his rocket, Voyager 4 and his golden IPod into space. The adventure starts when sends him a ping about his "maybe-dad" who died seven years ago. He learns that it is a marriage license leading him to Las Vegas. There he meets many people who teach him the values of family and love.

I personally listened to this story on audiobook, so if you are going on a road trip soon, I suggest this book.


7/5/2017 8:16 AM

Book: Rules for Stealing Stars

Author: Corey Ann Haydu

This was a book about an eleven year old girl trying to fit in with her sister's life, but her mom is always drinking, and her dad is never really "there". When they find out their mom and dads secrets, and that the closets are magical, everything turns around.

This was a really, well, AWESOME AND AMAZING book to read! My favorite part was when the main character, Priscilla (Silly) finds out the true secret of the backstory of her mom and dad. I would recommend this book if you are into to magic, page turning stories with so much excitement in every new chapter!

Meryem Gojowsky

7/5/2017 9:13 AM

The Bronze Key

Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

This book was absolutely fascinating! It stunned me silly and I enjoyed it. The magic and creatures are all so detailed, they appeared real in my head. Not that they were but, still. I hope the authors make more books to this series.

Meryem Gojowsky

7/5/2017 9:18 AM

The Copper Gauntlet

Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

This thrilling book was a real adventure. It was fun, had adventures venture, and romance. I highly recommend that Holly and Cassandra make more to this series. Magic and fun is always worth the book.

Natalie D.

7/6/2017 4:36 PM

Title: Things Not Seen

Author: Andrew Clements

What I liked about this book is the relationship between Bobby and Alicia. I think it was very cool that they met because they are perfect for each other. Bobby is invisible and Alicia is blind so they basically help each other around. They both can be very sarcastic sometime which is very funny and cute. The book has very pure and innocent chapters which is another thing I like about it.

Natalie D.

7/6/2017 4:42 PM

Title: The Ice Dragon

Author: George R. R. Martin

What I liked about this book is that it was very new to me. I don't think I've ever read anything like it before. The book was very strange because a little girl about 5 years old called Adara acts so mature despite her age. She is very different from other kids. She's always serious and has a straight face. Her only friend is the ice dragon. The story feels so real but not in this time. It's like it happened a long time ago for real, which is strange and cool.

Isabela Flores

7/7/2017 9:32 AM

The fourth book I read this summer was "When the Sea Turned To Silver," by Grace Lin. I liked this book because Grace Lin tells the story so well and there are so many beautiful illustrations. Another reason I like this book is because it is very interesting and I didn't want to put it down. The last reason I liked this book because I liked all the wonderful stories Amah and Pinmei told.

JayDe Reader

7/7/2017 7:20 PM

The second book I listened to this summer was

Title; Out of my Mind

By: Sharon M. Draper

Imagine you can not talk. You are considered dumb and stupid because of that. But what if, inside of your own mind, you were incredibly smart! You know thousands of words, but the problem is, you cannot speak a single one.

Welcome to the world of Melody Brooks, a bright 11 year old girl who cannot talk. In her own words she explains her life, her struggles, and her one amazing year in 5th grade.

Amazing to listen to on a road trip, highly suggested.

Isabela Flores

7/8/2017 10:17 AM

The fifth book I read this summer was "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child," by J.K Rowling, Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany. I loved this book because, well I am a huge Harry Potter fan and Jack Thorne and John Tiffany did a great job creating a story 19 years later after the Battle of Hogwarts. I also really enjoyed this book because the authors put a twist to the story and it is just great fanfiction. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will most likely enjoy, "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child."

Meryem Gojowsky

7/9/2017 6:03 PM

The Spiderwick Chronicles, The field guide

Tony Diterlizzi and Holly Black

The first book to the Spiderwick books was a surprise, I would say. I expected it to be more like the movie or something like that. It was cool how everything was described and drawn, like everything was real. The book was good but could have been longer. 🕸🕷

Isabela Flores

7/10/2017 9:12 AM

The sixth book I read this summer was "The Tales of Beedle the Bard," by J.K Rowling. This book is not part of the Harry Potter series but it is full of stories that are as familiar to the wizarding world, as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty to us No-Majs and Muggles. I really like this book because the stories 5 tales are interesting and teach you a lesson. The 5th tale has an immediate connection to "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows," so you can't read this until you finish the Harry Potter series.

Meryem Gojowsky

7/10/2017 1:11 PM

Down the rabbit Hole

Peter Abrahams

This is a fun mystery and I had a wonderful time reading it. It includes romance do humor and it is my all-time favorite in the whole world. The murderer didn't stand a chance! 😆

Meryem Gojowsky

7/10/2017 1:13 PM

Moth Flights Vision

Erin Hunter

This is a wonderful fenominon and it kept me reading till bedtime. I absolutely loved this book and hope that Erin makes more to the series of warrior cats.

Isabela Flores

7/10/2017 3:37 PM

The seventh book I read this summer was "George," by Alex Gino. This book is about George, who is a transgender kid. When people look at George they see a boy, but George sees a girl, she knows she's a girl, but no one knows. George thinks she will have to keep this secret forever, but when the teacher announces the class is going to perform "Charlotte's Webb," George longs to be Charlotte. But people say Charlotte can't be played by a boy. With the help of her best friend, George may get her dream and be Charlotte.

Isabela Flores

7/11/2017 11:26 AM

The eighth book I read this summer was "Be Light Like a Bird," by Monika Schroder. I loved this book for many reasons, which are listed below.

1. It is told very well.

2. It was interesting, I never got bored.

3. I loved Wren's personality and how at first she wanted to be friends with Carrie and even let her copy her homework but then she "accidentally" befriends Theo, "the nerd" and sticks up for him and herself.

4. I like how that even with her grief of her father's death, she and Theo work together to save a pond, showing that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

5. I just loved the whole story, it's probably one of my favorite books of all time.


7/12/2017 8:26 AM

Book: Serafina's Promise

Author: Ann E. Burg

This book was a book about a young girl and her friend wanting to become a doctor together, but they have to go to school. Their other friend, Nadia, is already enrolled in school. Serafina has to help complete chores in order to raise money for a uniform and books. When Serafina was on her way from school one day, a giant earthquake hit, and Serafina was lost in the city. She finds Antoinette Solaine, a doctor friend of Serafina's, and she helps her find her long lost friend and Papa.


7/12/2017 8:28 AM

I forgot to add that my favorite part of this book was when she found her friend, because I liked knowing what she had to say.

Isabela Flores

7/12/2017 12:36 PM

The ninth book I read this summer was "Paper Wishes," by Lois Sepahban. Here are the reasons why I liked this book.

1. It was told very well.

2. It was interesting, (I never got bored, I read it in 1 day.)

3. I liked Manami's drawings.)

4. It was cool to see Manami's point of view during 1942 when she got sent to a Japanese prison camp.

5. I liked the characters' personalities.

The one negative thing was that it kind of annoyed me when Manami wanted to say all of these things, but she didn't want to talk.

Isabela Flores

7/12/2017 12:51 PM

The tenth book I read this summer was "Jubilee," by Patricia Reilly Giff. Here are the reasons why I liked this book.

1. It was told very well, unlike other books I've read.

2. I like Judith's drawings and personality.

3. It was very interesting, I never got bored. (Also read in 1 day.)


4. I like how Judith sneaks away to see her mother who she has not seen in years, then she goes home and talks to people for the first time in years.

The one negative thing was that I also got annoyed when Judith has the ability to talk and wants to speak her mind out, but doesn't.

Other than that it was a great book one of my favorite's this summer such as "Be Light Like a Bird," "George,"and pretty much almost every book I've read this summer.

Izzy Flo

7/12/2017 12:53 PM

HI ur amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isabela Flores

7/15/2017 12:21 PM

The eleventh book I read was "Nest," by Esther Ehrlich. This was probably one of the best books I've read in my life, and the best book I've read this summer. These are the reasons why I liked this book.

1. It was beautifully told, it speaks to the heart and I felt like I was Chirp, feeling what she was feeling.

2. It was very interesting, I never wanted to put it down.

3. I loved the characters' personalities and sometimes they made me laugh.

4. I could relate to Chirp a lot because I am about the same age as her, 11 and going into 6th grade.

5. I loved Joey and Chirp's friendship, the way they were so close and could tell each other anything. It made me feel safe and sound, wanting a friendship like that.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON"T LOOK!!!!!

This book was so sad, I almost cried, (but I didn't) when Chirp's dad stopped her in the middle of her presentation to find out that her mother committed suicide. They had been struggling for months since Hannah, ( Chrip's mom) had MS. It was just an awesome book and I recommend this book for people ages 10 and up because there are some things (very few) that should be for about 5th grade and up.


7/15/2017 6:52 PM

Diary of a wimpy kid. The third wheel.

Greg's school is having a valentines dance as a fundraiser. Even worse his uncle Garry is living with them for a few months and sharing his room with him.

Greg is trying to find someone to go to the dance. And his best friend Rowley gets chicken pox.


7/15/2017 6:57 PM

Diary of wimpy kid cabin fever

As Greg is trying to open a "restaurant" He puts up posters at his school and with the rain the walls get bleached with the poster paint. He is also stuck in his home as a blizzard hits town and is dad is unable to come home from a work trip. For some reason, he finds out Manny his younger brother messed up the electricity box and his room is the only one without heat.


7/15/2017 7:03 PM

Diary of a wimpy kid Hard Luck

Greg's best friend Rowley finally finds a girl that actually likes him. For this reason Rowley isn't paying attention to Greg. In the meantime, Greg goes on a family party for Easter, the party ends up with a big fight. Is this the beginning of Greg's hard luck or will it end?


7/15/2017 7:07 PM

Goosebumps My best friend is invisible

Sammy Jacobs i into ghosts and science fiction but his parents are scientists and don't believe in any of that.

He realizes his cat is becoming scared and his window is open when he left it closed. He finds out and invisible boy is doing this. Seeing is believing it.


7/15/2017 7:12 PM

Goosebumps Revenge of the lawn gnomes

Joe's dad loves gardening and he is also a fan of lawn ornaments. One dad his dad brings home to lawn gnomes. Mysterious things start happening like smashed tomatoes and sprayed painted cars. Could this be some mischievous kid on the block or could this be the lawn gnomes?


7/15/2017 7:17 PM

Goosebumps the curse of the mummy's tomb

Game goes on a trip to Egypt when his uncle finds a pyramid belonged to a pharoh. one of his uncle's coworkers tried to kidnap Gabe and his cousin.

Nathan Chen

7/16/2017 10:46 AM

The book I read is called The Royal Ranger and was written by John Flanagan. It is about the daughter of the royal princess Cassandra, named Maddie. Maddie is constantly disobeying her parents in the book, and Cassandra and her husband, Horace, are at their wit's end. They apprentice their daughter to Will, a Ranger in hope for their daughter to become more obedient. This book was interesting and I would definitely recommend it to others.


7/16/2017 5:10 PM

The book I read was James Patterson's Private- Down Under. It's about how the detective agency Private finally opens its doors in Australia with Craig Gisto in charge. His newly formed team have just raised their glasses when a young Asian man stumbles into the party - soaking with blood, bullets in his back, and stabbed. When Private investigates into their first case, they find out that it's not as simple as they thought. Just a few days after this happens, they start to investigate their next case- a rock star who is convinced he's going to get killed by his manager. I liked this book and would recommend it for teens who are interested in reading mysteries.


7/16/2017 5:53 PM

I read the book Private London, also written by James Patterson and Mark Pearson, of the Private series. In this book, Hannah Shapiro was saved from her horrific death by Jack Morgan, now head of Private. After 8 years she is now in London and Dan Carter is the one looking after her. Things go wrong when she is kidnapped so Private London must deal with that. They also make the discovery of several brutally murdered women which might be linked to Hannah's kidnapping. Recommended for people who like the thrill of mysteries.


7/16/2017 6:03 PM

The next book I read was also a part of the Private series (Private Games) but this time it takes place before the London Olympic games. There is someone targeting the wealthy and powerful and also the athletes of the 2012 London Games. Private London has to find the killer and his associates before they destroy the Olympic spirit once and for all. I enjoyed reading the book and with Patterson showing the readers what the "bad guys" are doing makes it very suspenseful. Recommended.

Phil Wilkerson

7/16/2017 7:16 PM

This book started in a way that I wasn't sure it would. It gave the characters heart and dearness, leaving me attached. I loved the build of the story and the character interactions. My only problem is that the main character, Frances, made horrible decisions that left me shaking my head or yelling at the book itself. Overall, I enjoyed the read and am glad that I purchased the book.

Isabela Flores

7/17/2017 12:46 PM

Which book was it?

Isabela Flores

7/17/2017 12:54 PM

The twelfth book I read this summer was "The Dreamer," by Pam Munoz Ryan. This book wasn't as great (in my opinion) as "Nest," by Esther Ehrlich, but it was still a pretty good book. Here are the reasons why.

1. It was well told.

2. It was an interesting and easy read, I read it in about 1 day.

3. I liked the illustrations.

4. I liked how even when his father didn't approve of his dreams for the future, and how he acted, in the end, years later Neftali achieved his dream of becoming a poet.

Isabela Flores

7/17/2017 8:07 PM

The thirteenth book I've read this summer was "26 Fairmount Avenue," by Tomie DePaola. I liked this book because I liked the illustrations and because it was a quick and easy read. I read it in 15 minutes.


7/18/2017 9:11 AM

I read Private Rio, yet another book of Patterson's Private series. This time, Jack Morgan and his team have to secure the Rio Olympics. But before the torch is lit, the threats come fast and furious as Jack discovers that someone is trying to sabotage the games. A doctor turned bad who had tried to save two children from Hydra but had received no coverage because of the games is planning to release the virus Hydra on everyone. The lethal plan put in motion during the World Cup is set to decimate Rio, and turn the Olympics from a worldwide celebration into a horrifying spectacle. This book was a good read, not that easy to get through, but still filled with action and suspense and mystery. I would recommend it to others who like mysteries and action/adventure type books.


7/18/2017 9:18 AM

I read Since You've Been Gone a while back, written by Morgan Matson. This book is centered on Emily, and her friendship with the "amazing" Sloane. But when Sloane just disappears and doesn't tell Emily where she's gone and doesn't answer her phone, Emily feels like giving up. But she then gets a list - a list of what to do over summer, written in Sloane's handwriting. Emily decides that maybe if she does all those things, she'll be able to see Sloane again. And that's what the book's about. I thought it was okay, the friendship was cool but I didn't really feel connected to the storyline although the idea of Emily going outside of her comfort zone is kind of cool/great for her. I still recommend it though.

Meryem Gojowsky

7/19/2017 7:40 AM

Killer Pizza

Greg Taylor

A monster is roaming the night of Hidden Hills, Ohio. But why worry about monsters when you can sink your teeth into a Killer Pizza? Greg Taylor serves up a hot slice of horror that I couldn't put down. It's funny, has action, and is completely TERRIFYING! I read this book in one day and went to bed freaked. 😲

Meryem Gojowsky

7/19/2017 7:52 AM

The wrath of Mulgarath

Holly Black and Tony Diterlizzi

This book is the absolute definition of an imagination. I have to say, I have never seen trolls or goblins that have looked like that in a illustration. And you are ogres so humongous? 😕 Anywho, the book itself was a masterpiece. Way to go Spiderwick!! 😄

Meryem Gojowsky

7/19/2017 8:03 AM

The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade

Max Brallier

The zombies are disappearing. This might seem like a good thing, since zombies eat your brains, but normal human kid Jack Sullivan is suspicious. He keeps hearing a strange shrieking noise and he and his friends are gonna get to the bottom of it. This. Book. Was. Awesome.

Tima Kane

7/19/2017 12:36 PM

For each book you’ve read, write an entry telling me the title, author, what you liked about the book and why.

Title - Legend

Author - Marie Lu

I loved the main character's (Day and June) personalities, they were both brave and intelligent - my favorite traits. The characters went well together which often created for funny dialogue despite their grim setting. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and hurried to finish the trilogy.

Tima Kane

7/19/2017 12:42 PM

Title - Truthwitch

Author - Susan Dennard

My favorite aspect of Truthwitch was the writing - it was clear, suspenseful, and detailed. The writing allowed me to speed through the book and ignore some of its flaws - like the novel's unoriginality and irritating main character.

Tima Kane

7/19/2017 12:52 PM

Title - Breaking Sky

Author - Cori McCarthy

The novel's fighter pilot theme allowed it to be unique in the Dystopian genre and immediately intrigued me. The theme was brilliant and unlike any book I had ever read, I loved it.

Tima Kane

7/19/2017 1:02 PM

Title - Obsidian

Author - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I loved the main and supporting characters in this book (excluding the antagonists), they created an enjoyable and fun novel.

Tima Kane

7/19/2017 1:08 PM

Title - Poison Study

Author - Maria V. Synder

I loved the relationship between the main character's, they were perfect for each other and made the book a thousand times more enjoyable to read.

Isabela Flores

7/19/2017 7:40 PM

The fourteenth book I read this summer was "Nooks and Crannies," by Jessica Lawson. Here are the reasons why I liked this book.

1. Usually, I am not a big fan of mysteries, but this was one of the best I've ever read.

2. It was very interesting and I liked the whole story.

3. It wasn't predictable and it surprised me very much, when they found out the Countess was an impostor and that she was just a cook.

4. I liked that in the end you find out that Tabitha and Oliver are siblings, and Tabitha lives with the real countess happily, free from the cruel hands of her adoptive parents.

5. Overall, this was just a really good book.

Isabela Flores

7/20/2017 8:55 AM

The fifteenth book I read this summer was "Out of My Mind," by Sharon M. Draper. I had been waiting to read this book for almost a year, and when I finally got the book from the library, I was SO EXCITED, I read it in a couple of hours!. Here are the reasons why I liked this book.

1. It was very interesting, I never got bored.

2. I loved Melody's personality, and I think it's kinds sad she has never said a word, walked, or held anything, and never will.

3. It made me really happy when Melody made it in the quiz team with a perfect score.

4. It was well told.

5. I liked learning about Melody and how she manages in school and at home and stuff.

What I didn't like about this book is when Melody doesn't make it on the plane to D.C and her team got 9th place. Other than that it was a really great book.


7/20/2017 9:23 PM

Title - Magic Bites

Author - Ilona Andrews

I loved the way Andrews created a paranormal Atlanta with shapeshifters, vampires, and immortals. Her creative setting both interested me.

Tima Kane

7/20/2017 9:40 PM

Title - The Deal

Author - Elle Kennedy

All the main and supporting characters had funny, unique, and in-depth personalities, this made for fun read.

Tima Kane

7/20/2017 9:53 PM

Title - Prodigy

Author - Marie Lu

The plot is this novel was excellently carried out, there wasn't a single slow or rushed moment making it a perfect and easy read.

Tima Kane

7/20/2017 10:21 PM

Title - Champion

Author - Marie Lu

I was actually very unhappy with this book so I'll just write one thing that I didn't like about it and why (hopefully that will be fine). I despised the ending of the book, I thought it was too insignificant and lacking for the finale of such a spectacular series.

Isabela Flores

7/23/2017 7:54 PM

The sixteenth book I read this summer was "One Crazy Summer," by Rita Williams-Garcia. Here are the reasons why I liked this book.

1. It was well told, I love Delphine's personality.

2. It's cool to see things in Delphine's perspective in the 1960s as an African-American girl. When times were bad for African-Americans.

3. It was interesting, and I just really loved this book.


7/23/2017 9:49 PM

I read Sarah Dessen's newest novel called Once and for All. This book is about a girl named Loins who is the daughter of the famous Natalie Barrett, a wedding planner. She's been through all these weddings but has given up on love herself. When she meets Ambrose and is forced to work alongside him after he mother just hired him in the spot, things change. Its a really cute story and Sarah Dessen did not disappoint readers this time, as usual. I really liked the characters, although Louna was a bit too guarded but she was still a likeable main character. Is give it 4 stars and would recommend it for readers who would like an easy and cute read on a Sunday afternoon.

Meryem Gojowsky

7/24/2017 12:55 PM

The Nixies song

Tony Diterlizzi and Holly Black

This is the first book of the second series. In it, two siblings find a Nixie in their backyard pond and it warns them about the Giants. The Nixie sure is right about one thing. They. Are . BIG!! This was an absolutely fantastic book.💖💖

Isabela Flores

7/25/2017 9:04 AM

The seventeenth book I read this summer was "P.S Be Eleven," by Rita Williams-Garcia. The sequel to "One Crazy Summer." Here are the reasons why I liked this book.

1. Depending on the story, sometimes book sequels aren't as great as the first one, but in this case I think both of them were equally amazing books. So I think the author did a great job coming up with a sequel that is interesting and actually makes sense.

2. I still love Delphine's personality and her perspective of everything that happens even when some unexpected changes in family come her way,

3. It wasn't boring like some Historical Fiction I've read.

4. It was just an amazing book.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Things I didn't like about this book.

1. I don't like it when they find our that Uncle Darnell is on drugs.

2. I don't like it when Uncle Darnell stole the girl's money they were saving up to go see the Jackson Five. They never got to see them.

Other than that, it was a great book.


7/25/2017 9:29 AM

I read Saint Anything written by Sarah Dessen. This book is centered on the main character Sydney, who comes from a wealthy family, and is used to being in the shadow of her big brother, Peyton. But Peyton's gotten in a lot of trouble because of what he did to a young boy on his bike who is now in a wheelchair. Sydney has to find a way to live for herself even if her mom only cares about her brother. All in all, I really enjoyed this book. It was a big slow and dragged out in the middle of the plot but I still liked reading it. Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite authors out there, and I can't wait to read more of her writing.


7/25/2017 9:34 AM

I read another book by Sarah Dessen, this one titled Lock and Key. This book's main character is Ruby, an independent young woman whose mother suddenly disappeared and has been living alone in their home for quite a long time. When Ruby's secret has been found out, she gets shipped off to her sister Cora's house: luxurious and big and roomy - everything that the little yellow house she called home for so many years was not. However, Ruby feels like she can't accept all of this, and can't accept the help that Nate, her next door neighbor, is trying to offer. Sarah Dessen's books are always enjoyable to read and are a great way to pass the time. Would definitely recommend.


7/25/2017 9:39 AM

Book title: The Truth About Forever

Author: Sarah Dessen

Again, Sarah Dessen's books are a favorite of mine, and this one was no different. The Truth About Forever is about this girl named Macy, who has a relationship (kind of boring one) with her ultra-smart boyfriend, Jason. When he's away at Brain Camp, she knows her summer days will be spent studying, going over vocab, and working at the library (taking over Jason's shifts) with two other annoying girls. But this all changes when she enters the crazy world of Wish, a catering company, with its fun-loving, chaotic crew. And then there's also this boy, Wes, who makes her question her relationship with Jason and her sheltered life so far. Recommended to teens who want something easy to read and pass the time, or maybe those who just want to read something cute.


7/25/2017 9:44 AM

I read another Sarah Dessen novel, This Lullaby. I did enjoy this one as well, although it's not one of my top Sarah Dessen novels. Still a great read though, and I don't regret reading it. This book is about a girl named Remy, who knows what she wants in relationships and just doesn't mess around. But then things go for a change when she meets Dexter, the boy who goes against everything that Remy likes about her relationships. I would recommend this book to readers who need something to pass the time or maybe those who just want to read something that's a little more cute than their usual repertoire.

Mennahil Altaf

7/27/2017 12:40 PM

I read Holes by Louis's Sachar this summer. I like this book because holes has also been done to death in schools.Stanley Yelnats and his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather. Second to like this book is because one is a palindrome, and the other is funny, no matter how many times you read it. I would give 4.5 stars to this book . This book is really inspiring us and I really enjoyed this book. I hope who ever read this book he or she will like this . This author is really a great author, he’s the author of the Sideways Stories series and he also wrote There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom. Both books are really good. 😊

Alexandra Roden

7/27/2017 1:38 PM

I began this long summer with a teenage girl's classic, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Ann Brashares' story details a group of childhood friends and their adventures finding themselves within their complicated lives as they search for themselves. It's a funny novel, and if you, like I, have been procrastinating it, go check it out! The story is an easy, relaxing read which still hits hard morals.

Alexandra Roden

7/27/2017 1:44 PM


Anthony Doerr has this eloquent style that flows. It's beautifully written and the pages seem to turn themselves. Visiting Paris, I was mesmerized by the story, characters, and the changes of pace, time, and location. The novel gives an insight to the people of the time period, struggling to cope during WWII. Please read this book! I know it's size is intimidating, but it is all the more reason to dive in and immerse yourself in this heart wrenching story of love, adventure, war, and struggle.

Alexandra Roden

7/27/2017 1:52 PM

First of all, shout out to Eboni for being my favorite librarian of all time and introducing me to amazing, innovative novels like "Ember in the Ashes" by Sabaa Tahir.

I was actually quite bored when this novel began- oh another YA fantasy about a heroine with super powers and a tragic background- but goodness was I surprised when I kept reading and learned of a more complicated plot and of unpredictable turns the book took. If you too are looking for another heroine who kills it with the help of some hot dudes and trusty friends, this is the novel for you.

Isabela Flores

7/27/2017 2:52 PM

The eighteenth book I read this summer was "Steinbeck's Ghost," by Lewis Buzzbee. This is a mystery about 13 year old Travis. He starts to see characters from Steinbeck's books and that's just about all I can say because I don't want to give too much away. Here is why I liked this book.

1. Travis lives in Salinas and it's cool because it's near Monterey and I can picture it because I've been to Salinas.

2. I like how Travis stops at nothing to save the library even when all these crazy things are happening.

3. I like how it was told. For instance, I never got bored. Such as in mysteries like "Nancy Drew," etc.

4. I liked when Travis went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

What I didn't like was when:


They just left it unsolved and that made me mad. Other than that it was pretty good.

Isabela Flores

7/28/2017 2:35 PM

The nineteenth book I read this summer was "Matylda Bright and Tender," by Holly M. McGhee. This was a really good book. It was really sad though and here are the reasons why I liked it.

1. It was well told.

2. It was interesting, I never got bored. (Read in 2 1/2 hrs.)

3. I love the storyline.

Here is what I don't like about this book. SPOILER ALERT!!!!

1. I hate it when Guy dies and Sussy has to make Matylda like her and love her the way Guy did. '

2. Ok, I know Guy's death is extremely hard on Sussy, but she doesn't have to steal all of those things to make Matylda happy.

Other than that I really liked this book and I highly recommend it for anyone.

Tima Kane

7/28/2017 7:47 PM

Title - The Deal

Author - Elle Kennedy

The Deal is a funny, light and refreshing realistic fiction novel. I liked that the book was a realistic fiction - it was a welcome change from my usual genres of Fantasy and Paranormal.

Tima Kane

7/28/2017 7:58 PM

Title - The Fault in Our Stars

Author - John Green

This was a very well-told story, it flowed smoothly, keeping the reader interested, and had the perfect amount of detail. I greatly appreciate this reputable storytelling and it allowed me to finish this novel rather quickly.

Tima Kane

7/28/2017 8:00 PM

Title - Paper Towns

Author - John Green

I liked the book uniqueness, it wasn't a typical contemporary and really captured my attention.

Tima Kane

7/28/2017 8:05 PM

Title - The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Author - Jeff Kinney

I loved the novel's humorous element, it was uplifting and refreshing - exactly what I wanted.


7/29/2017 10:29 AM

I read James Patterson's Private: Number 1 Suspect, which is also part of his Private series. This book is centered on Jack Morgan, the head of Private Investigations, a worldwide company that specializes in getting cases solved efficiently and in ways that regular police cannot. In this book, Jack's ex is found murdered in his bed, shot to death by his gun. Jack knows he did not do it, but since LAPD isn't focused on finding the killer, only on convicting Jack, he must find the killer himself. The book was very suspenseful in some places, very fast-paced, and the very short chapters make it easier to read (at least for me). Not one of his best books, but still a good read. Recommended.


7/29/2017 10:38 AM

I read book no. 5 of Patterson's Private series, this one called Private Berlin. In this novel, Chris Schneider is a superstar agent at Private Berlin, Germany headquarters for the world's most powerful investigation firm. As a detective, he starts to investigate his painful past. His investigations take him back to an abandoned slaughterhouse where he comes face to face with his past and The Invisible Man or The Mask. When he disappears, his ex, Mattie Engel, who is another agent at Private Berlin, is determined to track him down, no matter how many secrets she has to unearth. Mattie's chase takes her into Berlin's most guarded, hidden, and treacherous places, revealing secrets from Chris's past that she'd never dreamed of in the time they were together.

This was, by far, one of my favorite James Patterson novels. Your attention is grabbed from page 1 and doesn’t stop until the final page making it very hard to put down. A very impressive read with lots of tense situations, sub plots and twists and turns. If you haven’t read any James Patterson thrillers before or you are already a fan you will not be disappointed.


7/29/2017 10:47 AM

I read James Patterson's Missing, another novel from his Private series. This time, Craig Gisto, head of Private Sydney, has promised Eliza Moss to try to find her father, who has suddenly resigned and disappeared. Not only has he physically disappeared, but all traces of him online have too. Powerful and ruthless people are also hunting for the person known as Eric Moss, and others just want him to stay missing. The Private Sydney team must find him before anyone else does. However it soon becomes clear that whatever Eric Moss has done, he has made some dangerous enemies. Despite attempts at intimidation, Gisto refuses to back off, especially when threats are made against the missing man's daughter.I thought the book was a very enjoyable read, pretty fast paced, and would definitely recommend this to others who are interested in mysteries and the like.


7/29/2017 10:56 AM

I read Mistress written again by James Patterson and David Ellis. This book is centered on Benjamin Casper, the head editor and owner of an online paper. When Diana Hotchkiss, his best friend, and also someone he was in love with and liked very much, jumps off her apartment building and ends her life, Ben can't believe it. There was no way that Diana, the high-on-life and happy girl she had always been, had committed suicide. Fueled by his infatuation with her, Ben is focused on uncovering the truth. As he searches, he discovered that there are very powerful and influential people that won't want those secrets to be unearthed, and are willing to hurt and kill Ben because of it. I liked the novel, it was a very complicated and thought-out plot which I liked, and even with Ben's constant movie/film commentary (which other readers had said that they couldn't stand) I still found the book enjoyable. Definitely recommended, 4/5 stars.


7/29/2017 11:08 AM

Title: Private Paris

Authors: James Patterson and Mark Sullivan

Jack Morgan, founder of high-tech, high-profile security firm Private, stops in to visit with his old friend Louis Langlois, who heads up Private’s Paris office. There, Jack gets a call from a wealthy client, who insists that Jack try to find his granddaughter. She’s all he’s got left, and she appears to have landed on the wrong side of a dangerous drug dealer who’s intent on doing her in.

Just as Jack begins his search, one of the country’s cultural heavyweights turns up murdered – literally - turned upside down to hang. Then comes another, and another, with not a single one going gently into the good night. The MOs are similar, as is the presence of an unexplained graffiti symbol, AB-16. As the murders pile up (all Paris's famous and cultural leaders) Jack and Louis must find out who's behind all these murders and who is attacking the culture of Paris.

The book itself is fast paced (along with all the other books of the series) and the plot moves along pretty quickly. Louis is a very likable character and he was very crucial to the plot moving along as well, even if Jack Morgan didn't seem like he was his usual self (like in other Private novels). Anyway, still a good read.

Mennahil Altaf

7/29/2017 6:06 PM

I have read Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins in this summer. I like the hunger games because one of the most prevalent themes in The Hunger Games is survival, and keeping your humanity and dignity as you try to survive. Katniss and Peeta must survive the games of course, but they also must survive their daily lives in the district. This book is really interesting and inspiring us because it shows how much we should care about our family and we should standup for the right.😊

Mennahil Altaf

7/29/2017 6:25 PM

I have read another book in this summer The Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. I like the rising action of this book. The rising action of the story when Stargirl first comes to Mica High School. I like the rising action because it tells us that we should never leave hope. We should fight for our rights and fight against the person who is taking our rights. And the other thing is that it doesn't matter how we dress,how we eat or how we talk it matters how kind are you .I think this book is really great and I really enjoyed reading this book.

Mennahil Altaf

7/29/2017 8:56 PM

I have read another book in this summer.


Author:Raquel J. Palacio

I like the point of view in this story. The book is interesting in the way that it is written. The author switches whose point of view we are reading from six times. I believe the reasoning for doing this is because she wanted the readers be able to see what everyone was thinking, and what the reasoning behind their actions were. For example August had no idea why Jack said something. You find out what Jack meant by what he said when the book switches to Jack's view later. This book was so super good😊 and I learned from this book that we should not judge a person by his or her face, judge the person by his or her heart .❤️

Tima Kane

7/30/2017 8:59 AM

Title - Paper Princess

Author - Erin Watt

I really liked the MC's personality and backstory, she wasn't a one-dimensional character, and because of that the reader was able to see her grow and evolve.

Tima Kane

7/30/2017 9:08 AM

Title - Idol

Author - Kristen Callihan

I really liked how well the main characters went together, their relationship seemed natural, seamless, and strong.

Tima Kane

7/30/2017 9:13 AM

Title - Managed

Author - Kristen Callihan

I loved the humor in this novel that came from the main character's relationship! It made the book much more entertaining to read.

Tima Kane

7/30/2017 9:16 AM

Title - Archer's Voice

Author - Mia Sheridan

I loved the authors style of writing, especially the narrative - it made me feel like I was in the book, I experienced all the characters highs and lows.

Tima Kane

7/30/2017 9:30 AM

Title - The Fall Up

Author - Aly Martinez

I really like the ending of this novel, it was a HEA, and I believe is sufficiently wrapped the book.

Tima Kane

7/30/2017 9:36 AM

Title - Ruthless People

Author - J J McAvoy

I loved the Mafia setting in this novel, it made the book much more entertaining to read.

Tima Kane

7/30/2017 9:45 AM

Title - The Untouchables

Author - J J McAvoy

I liked how the plot was always unpredictable, you never knew what was going to happen or who was going to do things. This made it impossible to put the book down.

Tima Kane

7/30/2017 9:50 AM

Title - American Savages

Author - J J McAvoy

I liked how the characters were both extremely intelligent, and aware - it prevented them from making stupid mistakes that often make me annoyed at characters.

Tima Kane

7/30/2017 9:51 AM

Title - A Bloody Kingdom

Author - J J McAvoy

I loved the ending, it was the perfect finale to a spectactular series.

Isabela Flores

7/30/2017 10:31 AM

The twentieth book I read this summer was "Facts and Stories," by Gary Soto. This was a book with short stories of kids with problems in their lives. This was a good book. I liked most of the stories. But they have the worst endings! Like when Ana Hernandez moved just to find herself with another Ana Hernandez and that's how the story ended!! But other than that it was an ok book. The good thing is that towards the end of the book, the stories seemed to have better endings.

Ian Navarro

7/30/2017 2:05 PM

Goosebumps Horror land The horror at Chiller house

Six kids are trapped in Jonathan Chiler's evil plan. The coincidence with all these kids is that they all bought something from Jonathan Chiller's store. Soon the kids find themselves being hunted by hunters.


7/30/2017 2:17 PM

Goosebumps most wanted the 12 screams of christmas Kate wants the lead role for the play the 12 screams of christmas now she has to practice in a haunted house the same house a girl died that place gives a new meaning to the term christmas spirt

Ian Navarro

7/30/2017 2:20 PM

Goosebumps Most Wanted Here comes the shaggedy

Kelly an shawn Anderson just moved to the florida swamps because her dad is a scientist. On her first day of school she sees kids looking at large foot prints said to be the shaggety's, a monster who lives in a swamp

Ian N

7/30/2017 2:23 PM

Goosebumps Most wanted Frankenstein's dog

For some reason the title to the book has nothing to do with the Frankenstein's dog. I think that the actual title to the book should be Frankenstein's robots.

Ian N

7/30/2017 2:28 PM

Goosebumps Most wanted Son of Slappy

What I like about this book is how Slappy enters the mind of Jackson and makes him say many insults at his family.

Ian N

7/30/2017 2:31 PM

Goosebumps Hall of horrors Don't Scream

when Jack finds a mysterious phone on the bus. He hears a mysterious voice that tells him to do bad things like lying, stealing, etc.


7/30/2017 2:34 PM

Goosebumps Phantom of the auditorium

Brooke's best friend Zeek gets the lead role in the play called the phantom. People say that this play is cursed because a boy disappeared 70 years ago.


7/30/2017 2:39 PM

Goosebumps Stay out of the basement

Dr Brewer is doing a little plan testing in the basement, nothing to serious. His kids are worried about their dad because strange things were happening to his dad> he is growing plants instead of hair

Isabela Flores

7/31/2017 4:13 PM

The twenty-first book I read this summer was "Goodbye Stranger," by Rebecca Stead. This is also one of my favorite books of all time. Like "Nest," and "A Corner of the Universe." Here are the reasons why I liked this book.

1. It was interesting.

2. It was told very well, I never got bored.

3. I loved everyone's personality.

4. It was just a great book and I highly recommend it for kids ages 11 and up.


8/1/2017 11:13 AM

Title: Invisible

Author: James Patterson and David Ellis

This book had a very interesting plot - the main character is this woman named Emmy Dockery whose sister got killed in a fire. Emmy thinks that her sister's death was a murder, and is linked to hundreds of other cases and is determined to find the killer. I liked the book, it was a thrilling read and full of plot twists, especially at the end.


8/1/2017 11:17 AM

Title: Run For Your Life

Author: James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

A killer who calls him self the Teacher is running around New York City killing the powerful and the arrogant. His reason for the killings: to teach them and others their manners. Michael Bennet, a detective with NYPD, is assigned to the case. I thought the book was very suspenseful and a good way to pass the time. It's fast paced and interesting.


8/1/2017 11:23 AM

Title: Worst Case

Author: James Patterson and Ledwidge

The third book in the Michael Bennet series is called Worst Case. In this book, a killer is going around kidnapping the elite/spoiled and asking them questions about the price others pay for their wealthy and luxurious lifestyle. If they can't answer the questions, the killer kills them. I thought this book was good, the message of how you should know even the people at the bottom of the system and acknowledge them for all their hard work is, I think, something that everyone should pay attention to/do. Recommended for readers interested in mysteries and action or those who are already fans of Patterson.

Nathan Chen

8/1/2017 11:26 AM

Title: The Kings of Clonmel

Author: John Flanagan

The Outsiders cult is causing trouble in Hibernia, and Araluen's king sends a special task group which consists of Sir Horace, and Rangers Halt and Will to investigate. Halt finds out that his brother, the king of Clonmel has made a deal with the so called prophet, Tennyson, and his fake god Alseiass, who has been leeching the common people of their money in order to stop bandits (also controlled by Tennyson) from attacking their homes and villages. The special task group word with King Ferris to stop Tennyson from achieving his goal. This book was interesting and I would recommend it.

Rubina Shrestha

8/1/2017 10:06 PM

A book I recently finished was Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. In my opinion, this book should only be read by people who have a high reading and comprehension level. This book is written in old-fashioned English (although not exactly old English), so it could be quite difficult to comprehend and understand.

Pride and Prejudice has definitely become one of my most favorite books. The main character, Elizabeth Bennett, has a well-developed personality. Her love for her sisters is very endearing. Mr. Darcy, on the hand, is a whole other story. In the beginning of the story, he is an arrogant, egotistical, and infuriating man who is so full of himself and his wealth. As the story progresses, he discovers a thing called humility (what?!) and tries to become a humble man.

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy bicker quite a lot in the beginning, but their feelings of irritation and hatred slowly turn to feelings of respect and affection for each other. The storyline is well-thought out. There were some moments of surprise and humor.

Rubina Shrestha

8/1/2017 10:14 PM

I just finished reading Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. It was a decent book even though it was very short (139 pages). Considering the number of pages, the story was well written and the conflict of the story was unexpected, to say the least. My favorite character is Jesse Tuck because he was the one I could relate to the most. He is outspoken and fun, like many people I know. I would recommend this book for ages 9 and up.

Ian N

8/3/2017 10:56 AM

Goosebumps How I got my shrunken head

Mark is trapped in the jungle with a strange shrunken head which apparently is magic. He is trying to find his aunt.


8/3/2017 11:00 AM

Goosebumps hall of horrors the birthday party with no returns

Lee wants to get a scholarship for a sports camp. but his friend Cory and a girl called Laura also want the scholarship, but who can complete with Cory's good luck, that's about to change when Lee finds a mysterious box with a vulture claw

Cali Jo McCreary

8/4/2017 6:35 AM

I read Ozma of OZ by L. Frank Baum. It is the third book in the Books of Wonder series. I like Billina best out of all the people, animales, and animated objects in this book.

Cali Jo McCreary

8/4/2017 6:51 AM

I read Ozma of OZ by L. Frank Baum. It is the third book in the Books of Wonder series. I like Billina best out of all the people, animales, and animated objects.


8/4/2017 2:53 PM

Book: Definitions of Indefinable Things by Whitney Taylor

I really liked this book because Reggie is a simple but at the same time super complicated protagonist. Because the two main characters have depression, they show complex emotions and personalities, which really stood out. I think Taylor did a great job with the dialogue, because it’s meaningful and makes you want to hang on to every last word. The content, though, is really sarcastic, and it might be difficult to understand what Snake or Reggie is saying at first. However, if you read through the conversations a couple of times, you’ll get the gist of what they are trying to say. Overall, this book was a good read!


8/4/2017 3:16 PM

Wow. This was the book that made me stay up until 2 a.m. and had me hanging onto every last word! I had read Ones and Zeroes (by the same author) before, so I decided to try out another one of Dan Wells’ novels. The storyline was very thorough, and the characters were well developed. The setting is future America, but with a touch of doom and destruction. After a war with Partials--a genetically engineered species of humans—the decimated human population is still struggling to survive. It turns out that no human is immune to the Partials’ supposed weapon, a deadly virus. Sixteen year old medical intern Kira Walker not only wants to find a cure to this disease, but also, as she discovers later, wants to find out the truth about what the government is hiding from the public. I like most of the characters, especially spunky Xochi and valiant Jayden. Although the plot might be a little hard to follow at times, there are explanations hidden within the text. Overall, I liked the thinking behind the setting and plot of the story. This book is for you if you are into dystopian/realistic fiction/science fiction.


8/4/2017 3:17 PM

The book is Partials, by Dan Wells.

Tima Kane

8/4/2017 3:18 PM

Title - The Titan's Curse

Author - Rick Riordan

I love the MC's (Percy's) humor in this book, it made the book light and funny - a perfect summer read.

Tima Kane

8/4/2017 3:31 PM

Title - Magic Bites

Author - Ilona Andrews

I loved the heroine's personality, because she was funny, brave, resilient, and intelligent.

Tima Kane

8/4/2017 3:34 PM

Title - Dork Diaries

Author - Rachel Russel

I liked that character was just like a normal person and had her flaws, it made her relatable.

Tima Kane

8/4/2017 3:37 PM

Title - The Popularity Papers

Author - Amy Ignatow

I liked that the book was interesting and a page-turner, because it allowed me to finish the book quickly but also enjoy it.


8/4/2017 3:50 PM

Brave New Girl by Rachel Vincent

Throughout her whole life, Dahlia, only one of 5,000 girls of the same genome, has been told to work for “the good of the city.” However, one day, she discovers that she feels some sort of emotion towards Trigger 17, someone who also falls in love with her. Dahlia knows that she isn’t supposed to have any feelings, so she thinks something is wrong with her—or something is wrong with her genome. If Dahlia finds out what is really wrong with her in time, she also might be able to discover what lies beyond her own world. A great read!


8/4/2017 3:59 PM

Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer

I LOVED this book! Although they don't know it at first, Juliet Young and Declan Murphy's lives cross in a very interesting way. Juliet always writes letters to her deceased mother, and leaves them by her grave. Declan, who works at the local cemetery, reads one of the letters and decides to reply. After exchanging conversations through letters and a messaging website, they create a bond that is unbreakable. However, the anonymity of their friendship is threatened multiple times, until they reveal themselves to each other. I really liked the idea behind the story and I also really am anticipating more books by the same author!

Tima Kane

8/4/2017 4:01 PM

Title - Flush

Author - Carl Hiaasen

I really liked how the author wrote this mystery novel, I never predicted how the story would unfold, so I was able to speed through the book.


8/4/2017 4:04 PM

The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman

I wasn't looking for a lengthy read when I picked up this book, so I finished it in one sitting. Prince Brat and Jemmy's relationship really changes towards the end, and that's what I like about this book so much. Each adventure and "bad thing" that happens to the boys actually brings them closer together. Although this is a children's book, I think anyone can read this. It's a tale of adventure, brotherhood, and true friendship!

Tima Kane

8/4/2017 4:10 PM

Title - The Son of Neptune

Author - Rick Riordan

I loved the (highly-anticipated) reunion between Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase because it was perfectly- written.

Tima Kane

8/4/2017 4:18 PM

Title - The Mark of Athena

Tima Kane

8/4/2017 4:24 PM

Title - The Son of Neptune

Author - Rick Riordan

I liked meeting the new supporting characters because they were original, funny, and brave.

Tima Kane

8/4/2017 4:30 PM

Title - The House of Hades

Author - Rick Riordan

I liked the ending of this book because I didn't expect it.


8/4/2017 4:34 PM

Twisted by Hannah Jayne

I didn't really know what to expect when I got this book, but after I read the book, I had realized that I had read it in one sitting. So, yes, I did enjoy this book. Some background info: Bex Andrews is trying to leave her old life behind. She even changed her name, and is now living with foster parents. As Beth Anne, she suffered negative attention mainly because of her father, who was accused of being a serial killer by police. Her father has disappeared, and there doesn't seem to be any more crimes, until she starts school again. I liked the characters in this book, especially Chelsea and Laney. They have a really tight bond, and are also really nice to Bex. When Bex and her father meet, it's very emotional, which really sways the reader into thinking that it's not Bex's father who's been committing all these crimes. LOTS of twists and turns in this thorough storyline. Creative plot as well! Overall, a great read. I liked it.

Cali Jo McCreary

8/4/2017 4:51 PM

I have listened to Talons of Power by Tui T. Sutherland. It is the 9th book in the Wings of Fire series. I love the wayTurtle has so much power and is still so nervous. He is a very real character.

Cali Jo McCreary

8/4/2017 4:51 PM

I have listened to Talons of Power by Tui T. Sutherland. It is the 9th book in the Wings of Fire series. I love the way turtle has so much power and is still so nervous. He is a very real.


10/3/2017 11:31 PM

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