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Still Life With Bread Crumbs

Published on Sunday, August 3, 2014

Still Life With Bread Crumbs

Another Winner for Anna Quindlen

New York is not such a great place to live if you’re short of funds.   Rebecca Winter has never had to worry about money – until now.   She has had success in her photography career,  owns a Manhattan apartment that she calls “home”, and the ability to support herself comfortably enough after her marriage failed – or more precisely after her husband failed her.  Now in her early 60s, her work is still well-known, but not in demand.  She’s helping to support her college age son, and paying for her mother’s nursing home.  Suddenly, she’s living hand-to-mouth, and she finds herself carefully budgeting every dollar left in her meager bank account.  Unable to part with her beloved apartment, she rents it out and takes an inexpensive cabin in Maine where her money will stretch a little further.  However, there are raccoons in the attic, the insulation is pathetic, the winter snow imprisons her, and a stray dog has moved in. 

What Rebecca doesn’t count on is finding in Maine new inspiration for her work, quirky but kindly people, a revival of her career, and an unlikely new love. 

Anna Quindlen writes well, she is a good storyteller, and this, her latest book, does not disappoint. 

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