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It's National Reading Group Month

Published on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's National Reading Group Month

Don't Go It Alone

October is National Reading Group, sponsored by the Women’s National Book Association (WMBA) whose mission is “Celebrating the Joy of Shared Reading.”

If you’re in a book group, you should check out their Web site, and click on the Great Group Reads link.  There you will find a list of recommended reading for book groups, along with links to brief synopses of the books and sites where they can be purchased.  WMBA archives their selections from several previous years, as well, so you can also search for discussible titles from the recent past.   

Celebrate the Joy of Shared Reading with your own book group.  If you don’t have one, form one – the WMBA’s Web site has links to resources to help get you started.  And if you don’t want to join a book group, you can still enjoy group discussion at the Library, on the last Monday of the month, when the Literary Circle meets. 

Reading is a solitary pursuit, so it’s great fun when you get a chance to talk about a book you just finished reading.  It not only makes the experience more lasting, but you get the advantage of other peoples’ unique take on the book that can deepen your own understanding of the characters, the story, or the author’s ideas.  So, share the reading experience this month!  Don’t go it alone. 


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