Proudly serving Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Sand City, Presidio of Monterey,
Naval Postgraduate School, La Mesa Village and Monterey Regional Airport

Administrative Office
Monterey Fire Department
610 Pacific Street
Monterey, CA 93940

Phone: (831) 646-3900
Fax: (831) 646-3723
Non-Emergency: (831) 646-3914

Fire Prevention Bureau
Phone: (831) 646-3908

Infectious Control Officers
Primary: Jim Courtney
(831) 646-6965
Secondary: Gaudenz Panholzer
(831) 646-6957 
Alternate: On-Duty Division Chief
(831) 901-5002

Fire Stations

We have 6 fire stations in the cities of Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Carmel-by-the-Sea:

  • Station No. 11 – 600 Pacific St., Monterey
    (831) 646-3905
  • Station No. 12 – 582 Hawthorne St., Monterey
    (831) 646-3906
  • Station No. 13 – 401 Dela Vina Ave., Monterey
    (831) 646-3907
  • Station No. 14 – 600 Pine Ave., Pacific Grove
    (831) 242-8733
  • Station No. 15 – On 6th Ave. between Mission and San Carlos Streets, Carmel-by-the-Sea
    (831) 242-8735
  • Station No. 16 – 150 Olmsted Way, Monterey Regional Airport
    (831) 242-8765

Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide emergency medical aid, fire prevention, public education, suppression, disaster response, and related emergency services to the members and guests of our community."

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Latest Fire News

13 March 2020
03/13/2020: City Manager Issues Local Emergency Proclamation to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 - City Facility Closures, Programs and Events Postponed

03/13/2020: City Manager Issues Local Emergency Proclamation to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 - City Facility Closures, Programs and Events Postponed


City Manager Hans Uslar issued a local emergency proclamation today to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). The proclamation will come before the Monterey City Council for ratification at its meeting on Tuesday, March 17. The emergency proclamation coincides with the State’s recent executive orders that provide cities more ability and resources to help contain the new virus. Despite having no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Monterey County to date, scientists and medical experts report that slowing the spread (also known as “flattening the curve”) of COVID-19 by reducing opportunities for transmission will save lives by giving police and fire personnel, hospitals, doctors, and vaccine-manufacturers time to respond and prepare for the outbreak. 

First on the list of new protocols are city facility closures, and city programs and event cancellations or postponements beginning Saturday, March 14 through at least March 31, 2020. 

“Our priority, first and foremost, is the health and welfare of the Monterey community.  While our community centers, library, museums, and sports center are valued by residents, visitors, and the public, we know that social distancing works and that these closures will help slow the spread of coronavirus in our community,” said City Manager Hans Uslar. “The Monterey community is compassionate, caring, and resilient.  Together, the City of Monterey and its residents, businesses and neighbors, will persevere through this epidemic and protect our community.” 

The City’s decisions are based on the Cal OES (California Office of Emergency Services) directive of three criteria for closures or cancellations: 1) if the gathering involves
over 250 people; 2) if the event allows people to maintain a six foot distance from one another; and 3) if the event attracts people in the high-risk category. The City also considered whether the service or event is essential.

(continued in PDF)

28 February 2020
02/28/2020 - Monterey to Update Hazard Mitigation Plan

02/28/2020 - Monterey to Update Hazard Mitigation Plan

City of Monterey, in partnership with the County of Monterey and all municipalities within the county, is working to update the Monterey County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.

The goal of the Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan is to save lives and property through the reduction of hazard vulnerability for the community. This plan demonstrates the City of Monterey’s commitment to reduce risks from natural hazards and serve as a guide for decision makers as they commit resources to minimize the effects of hazards. NEWS RELEASE IN PDF


Community Hazard Survey Infographic

12 December 2019
Free Emergency Skills Training by CERT - Community Emergency Response Training
25 November 2019
Monterey Fire Department Toy Drive and Food Drive

Monterey Fire Department Toy Drive and Food Drive

Working in conjuntion with the Kiwani's Santa Project to provide toys to boys and girls, the Monterey Fire Department has begun its annual Toy Drive. They currently have toy barrels at the Fire Stations below (all except 16 at the Airport):

  • FS11 - 600 Pacific Street, Monterey
  • FS12 - 582 Hawthorne, Monterey
  • FS13 - 401 Dela Vina, Monterey
  • FS14 - 600 Pine Avenue, PG
  • FS15 - 6th Avenue, Carmel by the Sea

In addition, the City will have Food Bank of Monterey County barrels around City Hall and the Fire Departments for people to donate non-perishable items. For more information, the Food Bank phone number is (831) 758-1523. 

09 July 2019
07/09/2019: Be Prepared in Case of an Earthquake - What to do before, during, and after

07/09/2019: Be Prepared in Case of an Earthquake - What to do before, during, and after

The recent strong earthquakes that hit the Ridgecrest area in Southern California are a good reminder that we all live in earthquake country. Many earthquake faults run through or near the Monterey Peninsula. The Monterey Fire Department would like to remind people that, while we may not know when the next earthquake will happen, we can do things to be prepared. A list of recommended actions on what to do before, during, and after an earthquake is available at, as well as on the City’s website at NEWS RELEASE IN PDF