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06/13/2019: Wildland Fire Safety Inspections Begin June 17, 2019

Monterey Fire Dept

  • 13 June 2019
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06/13/2019: Wildland Fire Safety Inspections Begin June 17, 2019

The Monterey Fire Department will begin conducting fire safety inspections on June 17, 2019, for all homes in areas at risk for a wildland fire within the cities of Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, and Sand City. This inspection is done on an annual basis to help minimize the spread and growth of a wildland fire and reduce the potential loss of homes in such an event. New this year, inspection personnel will leave a notice at the home indicating the inspection was completed and what, if any, corrective actions should be taken by the homeowner/occupant. The notices will be in the form of a self-adhesive sticker left on or near the door (see example). NEWS RELEASE IN PDF


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