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Event Proposal Form

The Event Proposal is the first step in having your special event take place in the City of Monterey. This form will give us the information we need to determine if your event is feasible and can proceed through the permit process. The City’s objective is to protect the public’s health, safety and welfare by ensuring that events are compatible in size and type of use with their sites; impacts on neighbors and others are managed; adequate services are provided for the events and the events do not interfere with the City’s ability to provide services to the entire community; mechanisms are available for cost recovery and use charges, while not unduly impacting the viability of events.

We do our best to contact you within five business days regarding the status of your proposal once you submit this form. Once your proposal is approved, then you can begin the permit process.

Applicant Information

Event Location

Required attachments: 1. A detailed site map describing name and address of the facility, property, streets or areas that are part of the event venue. 2. If your event will take place in downtown Monterey or Cannery Row, please include a letter of support from either the Old Monterey Business Association (OMBA) or the Cannery Row Association (CRA) and/or the Cannery Row Company (CRC) respectively.

Event Information

Include setup and breakdown times. Please check the events calendar on this website to make sure dates and locations don't conflict with other events.

Provide a narrative description of the full scope of your event with as much detail as possible in the space below.

Event Screening Questionnaire - Please answer every question