Recreation Staff

"Monterey Recreation is dedicated to making the community better now and in the future by providing recreational programs and facilities that promote healthy lifestyles, strong families and positive youth development while striving to increase the social, cultural and physical well-being for all ages." Monterey Recreation Mission Statement

Monterey Recreation Office - 546 Dutra Street, (831) 646-3866

Administrative Staff  
Recreation Manager Shannon Leon
Recreation Supervisor Nate Cota
Field Sports - Recreation Specialist Brent Almario
Administrative Assistant Diane Tannahill

Recreation Coordinators  
Casanova Oak Knoll Park Center
735 Ramona Avenue
Rachel Deis
(831) 646-5665
Hilltop Park Center
871 Jesse Street
Rachel Deis
(831) 646-3975
Scholze Park Center
280 Dickman Avenue
Sara Ziel
(831) 646-3878
El Estero Park Center
777 Pearl Street
Nathan Cota
(831) 646-3873