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Construction News

Construction this Week


  1. UPDATED APRIL 12, 2024 - MEASURE S and P Citywide Road Resurfacing Phase 4 - WORK HAPPENING APRIL 15 - APRIL 18: Next week's Measure S Road Resurfacing on Lighthouse Avenue includes both day and night work. The City is working to minimize disruptions to both residents and businesses including traffic impacts and night time noise. Day work on Lighthouse Avenue will include utility adjustments that are too noisy to be performed at night. The day work will be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with one lane closure at a time. Lane closures will be moving and isolated to the areas where utility work is on-going.
    DAY WORK - Southbound (SB) is toward Monterey; Northbound (NB) is toward Pacific Grove - Utility adjustments will happen during the day next week as follows:
    Monday, 4/15 - NB Lighthouse - Reeside Ave. to Hoffman Ave.
    Tuesday, 4/16 - NB Lighthouse - Hoffman Ave. to Irving Ave.
    Wednesday, 4/17 - SB Lighthouse - Irving Ave. to Drake Ave.
    Thursday, 4/18 - SB Lighthouse - Reeside Ave. to Pvt Bolio Rd., and the Prescott Ave. Intersection
    Please note: Crews will also be working during the day to perform patch paving work on Don Dahvee Lane and Alta Mesa Road on Monday, 4/15 and Tuesday, 4/16.
    NIGHT WORK, 8 p.m. to no later than 7 a.m. - Monday, 4/15 and Tuesday, 4/16 - Night work on Lighthouse Ave. will include striping removal to allow for future work including restoring striping. 

    Traffic Control Plan (Subject to change) - NEWS RELEASE from March 26 - MEASURE S and P Citywide Road Resurfacing Phase 4 is starting, and it includes pavement patch work this winter and a slurry seal in spring 2024 on high impact roads in Monterey, including Fremont Street, Munras Avenue, and Lighthouse Avenue.  Citywide Road Surface Repair Projects Phase 4 & 5 as well as our projected Road Rehabilitation Projects for later this year and for 2024LIST OF STREET SEGMENTS FOR THE ROAD SURFACE REPAIR. Upcoming Road Rehabilitation, Winter 2023 and Summer 2024 - SEE MAP Upcoming Road Surface Repairs, Winter 2023 through 2025 - SEE MAP

  2. Measure S Citywide Road Surface Repair Project Phase 5 - Scope of work: In general, the work consists of, but is not limited to, the demolition and construction of concrete curb, gutter, sidewalk, sidewalk crossings, pavement spot repair of approximately 266,193 SF, crack sealing, placing of approximately 1,017,463 SF of slurry seal Type II, associated striping removal and replacement, refreshing of existing painted street markings, traffic control and installation of necessary environmental pollution prevention requirements on various streets in the City of Monterey. Schedule | List of Streets Schedule A | List of Streets Schedule B
  3. Measure S Citywide Curb Ramps Project Phase 7 - Scope of work: In general, the work consists of, but is not limited to, the demolition and construction of concrete curb ramps, gutter, and sidewalk on various streets in Old Town.  Schedule
  4. PG&E Monterey Substation Electrical Equipment Upgrade Fact Sheet - PG&E is working to upgrader their electrical equipment at the Monterey Substation (498 Del Monte Avenue - just across from the Harbor) running from mid-August to December 2022 to excavate and backfill soils in preparation for a state-of-the-art substation installation between January 2023 and mid-2024. During the excavation and backfilling, PG&E will have an average of 30 trucks entering and exiting the substation Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, as well as some weekends. They will be on-site to direct pedestrian and vehicle traffic around the substation. (Not a City Project)

Upcoming Projects

    1. Measure S and P Sidewalk spot repairs to clean up uplifts or other tripping hazards - long term throughout the city. Currently or soon in Old Town, New Monterey including Lighthouse Ave, and Cannery Row areas. A message from the Public Works Department: Pedestrian safety, and having a walkable community is of the utmost importance. Damaged or uplifted sidewalk can occur overtime, and the City of Monterey Public Works Department strives to perform repairs in a timely manner. If you notice orange paint on the sidewalk, it is an indication that a deficiency has been flagged and repairs are being coordinated.  The City continues to explore innovative methods to address minor sidewalk deficiencies and recently awarded a contract to contractor to diamond slicing uplifts in the Downtown and New Monterey Neighborhoods. Once these first neighborhoods are addressed, the contractor will continue to work in other neighborhoods throughout the City.

Active Projects


Question: How do I report a raised sidewalk that has a potential to cause a tripping hazard?
Answer: If the uplift is caused by a city tree the city will fix it, otherwise it might be on the responsibility of the property owner or a utility company to address the issue. Typically, a Public Works crew will go out to identify the uplift, measure the uplift, paint the uplift and take pictures. We keep a log and send the appropriate party a letter to address the issue.