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Construction News

Construction this Week


  1. PG&E is continuing work on a gas transmission main on Fremont Avenue at the corner of Camino El Estero. Work is expected to be completed by this Friday, however, it may take one more day (Monday, Sep. 18) for them to finish. Work hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to hopefully miss most of the commute traffic. They will have to come back to the same location at a later date to complete the rest of the work. We will try to provide advance notice of this additional work.
  2. PG&E has three pole replacements on Del Monte, 2 on Munras Ave. and one on Figueroa /Pearl. The remaining work is all overhead work for system hardening /maintenance. All work will require traffic control to have a lane of traffic and sidewalk shut down at the work area for public safety.

    Work locations/dates for next week are as follows:
       Sunday 10th- Del Monte Ave. (AM only)
       Monday 11th-Figueroa/Franklin Ln. and Palo Verde Ave.
       Tuesday 12th-Del Monte Ave.
       Wednesday 13th-Del Monte Ave.
       Thursday 14th-Munras Ave.
       Friday 15th-Figueroa/Pearl St. and Figueroa/Franklin Saturday 16th-Munras Ave.
       Sunday 17th-Del Monte Ave. (AM only)
  3. Paving Project on Highway 68 Near Pacific Grove beginning August 22. A paving project will result in one-way traffic control during the overnight hours at two separate locations on Highway 68 between Pacific Grove and the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP) beginning on Tuesday, August 22. This work will take place from Haul Road to the Scenic Drive Overcrossing and between Skyline and CHOMP. The traveling public can expect one-way traffic control each week on Sunday nights from 9 pm to 6 am and Monday night through Friday morning from 8 pm to 6 am. Delays are not expected to exceed 10 minutes. This safety project includes a shoulder widening in addition to paving. The contractor for this $2.3 million project is Granite Rock Construction of San Jose. It is expected to be complete by Winter 2023. (Caltrans)
  4. MEASURE S and P Citywide Sidewalk Repair Project Phase 7  Schedule through Sep 15 | See list of address segments
  5. Waterfront Lot Phase 2, Marina Parking Lot Improvement ProjectMap of Work Area

    The parking lot to about 97% complete. We are planning a ribbon-cutting event in late Sep time frame.

    As of February 21, the gates at the Waterfront Lot were removed and the lot is now a self pay lot. Once the construction is complete, the Marina Lot and Waterfront Lot will operate as one lot referred to as the Waterfront Lot. With this change, the rate was adjusted. The rate in the existing Waterfront Lot was $1.00 per half hour with a daily max of $15.00. Now the rate is lower - $1.50 per hour with a daily max of $10.00 to match the Marina Lot rate. Courtesy notices (see sample below) will be issued letting visitors know of the change. Learn more about how to use the convenient ParkMobile app throughout Monterey on the ParkMobile web page at The lot zone is #21031 using the app. Updates on the lot improvement project are posted at
  6. PG&E Monterey Substation Electrical Equipment UpgradeFact Sheet - PG&E is working to upgrader their electrical equipment at the Monterey Substation (498 Del Monte Avenue - just across from the Harbor) running from mid-August to December 2022 to excavate and backfill soils in preparation for a state-of-the-art substation installation between January 2023 and mid-2024. During the excavation and backfilling, PG&E will have an average of 30 trucks entering and exiting the substation Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, as well as some weekends. They will be on-site to direct pedestrian and vehicle traffic around the substation. (Not a City Project)

Upcoming Projects

  1. MEASURE S and P Citywide Road Resurfacing Phase 4 – This is resurfacing, not reconstruction, a decision based on the specific street segment need. Phase 4 will lay rubberized chip seal in the following locations: Munras Avenue from Soledad to Fremont Street, including the segment of Abrego from El Dorado to Fremont; Fremont Street from Abrego to Camino Aguajito; Camino Aguajito from Fremont Street to Mark Thomas Drive. Citywide Road Surface Repair Projects Phase 4 & 5 as well as our projected Road Rehabilitation Projects for later this year and for 2024LIST OF STREET SEGMENTS FOR THE ROAD SURFACE REPAIR
    Upcoming Road Surface Repairs, Winter 2023 and Spring 2024 - SEE MAP Upcoming Road Rehabilitation, Winter 2023 and Summer 2024 - SEE MAP

Active Projects


Question: How do I report a raised sidewalk that has a potential to cause a tripping hazard?
Answer: If the uplift is caused by a city tree the city will fix it, otherwise it might be on the responsibility of the property owner or a utility company to address the issue. Typically, a Public Works crew will go out to identify the uplift, measure the uplift, paint the uplift and take pictures. We keep a log and send the appropriate party a letter to address the issue.