Vision, Mission, Strategic Initiatives

City Staff Work Program, dated January 2021

Council Vision, Mission and Value Drivers Adopted December 7, 2021 

Council Vision

"Monterey: A beautiful, special place to live, work, and visit. Anda!"

Council Mission
"In partnership with our entire community, the Monterey City Council provides visionary leadership ensuring a safe, healthy, historic, economically vibrant, and sustainable environment." 

Value Drivers

Value Driver #1: In collaboration with our community partners, work to improve the quality of life of all of our community members by fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion; championing equitable access to affordable housing; and maintaining a safe environment.  
The Council is committed to ensuring Monterey retains its special character, which derives from its heritage, size, and location. The Council also is committed to ensuring that Monterey is a safe, affordable, and inclusive place to live, work, and visit.  Diversity, equity and inclusion, affordable housing, public safety, and community collaboration are cornerstones contributing to Monterey’s quality of life. 

Value Driver #2: Protect and preserve our natural environment by addressing climate change through ecologically responsible and pragmatic solutions.  
The City Council recognizes the necessity of bold, pragmatic, and thoughtful solutions to protect our natural environment for future generations.  Community decisions on transportation, land use, sea level rise, coastal protection, forestry, and city government operations can have a positive impact on our environment locally, regionally, and globally. 

Value Driver #3: Serve as stewards of the City’s financial resources through sound economic vitality efforts, streamlining operations, reasonable revenue enhancements, visionary long-term planning, fiscal transparency, and community partnerships.   
The City Council is committed to balancing economic activity by supporting Monterey’s economic drivers, including but not limited to hospitality, academia, health care, retail, military, and fisheries. The Council also recognizes that continued prudent fiscal discipline helps ensure the high quality of life and services for residents; strategies include appropriate service levels, optimizing City operations, driving innovation that leverages technology and business solutions, ensuring workforce compensation and benefit structures are both competitive and financially sustainable, ensuring appropriate municipal infrastructure needs are addressed, implementing appropriate revenue enhancement opportunities, providing reliable and timely fiscal reporting, and fostering community partnerships. 

 Value Driver #4: Provide sufficient resources and support to develop, retain, and recruit a high quality city workforce. 
The Council knows that the quality of city services correlates directly with the quality of city employees. For that reason, the Council is committed to supporting strategies that ensure Monterey can consistently attract, develop and retain employees capable of delivering services consistent with their vision for the future of the City including providing employees with the tools and resources they need to be successful in serving the public. 

Value Driver #5: Champion regional and local efforts to secure adequate, affordable, and sustainable water sources for the city, now and into the future.  
The Council recognizes that access to a dependable supply of fresh water is a significant gating factor that impacts the City’s ability to provide affordable housing and promote economic vitality consistent with the goals described in the City’s General Plan. 

Value Driver #6: Support efforts and policies that provide equitable access to affordable housing in Monterey and the region.  
The Council embraces efforts that provide equitable access to affordable housing, including balanced approaches to increase housing supply, rental resources and assistance, and housing rehabilitation grants to homeless, low-income, senior and disabled individuals. 

Value Driver #7: Expand opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to bike and walk safely through active transportation, accessibility, and safety initiatives.  
The Council is committed to developing policies and supporting plans that create an environment where people, bicycles, buses, trolleys, and motor vehicles can move through the community safely and efficiently. The City Council also prioritizes pedestrian and bicyclist safety and mobility over driver convenience, and continues to value “Vision Zero” strategies of education, equity, engineering, evaluation, and enforcement. 

Value Driver #8: Preserve, promote, and maintain our City’s historic and cultural resources through responsible stewardship and historic preservation that highlights the contributions and perspectives of all people who are a part of Monterey’s diverse history. 
The City Council is committed to support policies and plans that ensure the protection, appropriate development, and use of the City’s historic and cultural assets. The City Council also recognizes the importance of sharing the City’s diverse history through the lens of the Native Americans, Latinx, Euro-Americans, African Americans, and Asian American/Pacific Islander communities who have contributed to the Monterey community. 

Value Driver #9: Foster a local government that is transparent and collaborative; and solicits, welcomes and appreciates input from all. 
The City Council is committed to transparency, collaboration, and engagement with all of our residents, neighborhoods, businesses, and community partners through robust channels of communication including in-person, technology-based, and media outreach efforts.  The City Council is also committed to providing core services to the community, and partnering with business, nonprofit, military, and government partners where appropriate. 

Strategic Initiatives

Working to improve the quality of life of our residents

  • Complete the vision for Window-on-the-Bay Park. (Plans & Public Works)
  • Update the storm drain utility, sanitary sewer and pavement maintenance needs and financing mechanism. (Plans & Public Works)
  • Develop policy and framework for meeting Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS) regulations. (Plans & Public Works)
  • Identify another specific major workforce housing project in collaboration with other agencies / or key stake-holders, and develop an action plan for possible implementation. Specific focus would be on use of Ft. Ord / Ryan Ranch properties. (Plans & Public Works)
  • Continue to coordinate with other local fire departments to explore a higher level of service to the entire region by reducing duplicate overhead and better utilizing existing resources, using agreements and / or consolidations. (Fire)
  • Develop a condominium conversion policy recommendation to end the moratorium. (Plans & Public Works)
  • Develop a system of standards and incentives for sustainability of new construction and remodels – “Green Initiative”.
 Ensuring a level of economic vitality sufficient to support our quality of life and municipal infrastructure requirements -- both physical and human
  • Evaluate the appropriate use and restoration of the passenger depot building on the west side of the Catellus property. Complete public improvements on the east side, including improvements to the dry storage boat yard and parking lot. (Plans & Public Works)
  • Develop Council consensus on facilitating Monterey Bay Kayaks and Adventures by the Sea operators
  • Develop improvement plan for boat dry storage area
  • Develop reuse strategy for the train depot
  • Develop a traffic impact fee to support General Plan implementation. (Plans & Public Works)
  • Ensure long-term revenue / expenditure balance in the City’s operating budget and develop an infrastructure re-capitalization strategy. (City Manager)
  • Develop a strategy for expanding the economic value of DLI, NPS and other federal activities. (City Manager)
  • Enhance heritage tourism efforts through continued collaboration with local, state, federal and private organizations. (Museum and Cultural Arts, Plans & Public Works)
  • Encourage each business district to develop an economic revitalization strategy
Providing sufficient resources and support to develop and retain a high quality city workforce
  • Continue initiatives to transform the City’s business processes and manage the corporate information of the organization, including the continued deployment of electronic-government business systems. (City Manager)
  • Expand staff development and supervisory leadership programs to provide opportunities for City employees to enhance performance and professional growth and to develop succession planning strategies as a means to meet the City’s future leadership needs. (Executive Management / Human Resources)
  • Develop and implement staff recruitment, retention and recognition strategies. (Executive Management / Human Resources)
  • Complete the integration of the Community Development and Public Works departments
Ensuring an adequate water supply for the City; now and in the future
  • Initiate land transfer process and water resource for Monterey’s Ft. Ord properties. (Plans & Public Works)
  • Develop water allocation policy to support Council priorities and strategic initiatives.
Providing the City of Monterey with multiple modes of transportation that are safe, efficient and effective
  • Implement high priority circulation improvement and maintenance projects on Lighthouse / Del Monte corridor and Highway 68, with specific emphasis on the following:
    • Develop policy direction on Lighthouse Avenue traffic objectives and necessary improvements.
    • Complete Highway 68 improvements at CHOMP.
    • Complete the N. Fremont / Del Monte / Lighthouse signal controller upgrades.
    • Develop strategy for Washington-Del Monte improvements.
Appropriately preserve, promote and maintain our historic, cultural and environmental assets
  • Develop strategy to preserve and interpret Pacific Biological Lab, Wing Chong Market and La Ida Café. (Museum and Cultural Arts)
  • Expand Library funding sources and endowment to improve library services to residents, local business owners, employees, students and visitors. (Library)
  • Maintain responsible stewardship of historic and cultural resources. (Library, Museum and Cultural Arts, Plans & Public Works)
  • Develop strategy for the expansion of cultural and performing arts.