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Historic Preservation Commission

Powers and Duties: Monterey City Code, Ch. 2 Art. 7

Working to Preserve the City's Diverse Past

Monterey’s heritage is rich with resources. We have artifacts and remnants that reveal stories of other times and other eras: 
  • The Native Americans who first settled here.
  • The Spanish and Mexicans who once governed the area.
  • The transition from Alta California to statehood.
  • Cannery Row when sardine was king.
The Historic Preservation Commission is the steward of Monterey's heritage.

What is the purpose of the HPC?
The Commission oversees restoration of the City’s historic structures and recommends policies to the City Council. In addition, the Commission is leading the way in revising the City’s historic preservation ordinance and developing programs to encourage property owners of 19th- and 20th-century buildings to designate their structure as historic.

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