Choosing the Right Class

Choosing the Right Class

For infants and toddlers from 6 months through 36 months. Parent/guardian participation in the water is required.

 Unknown Image Starfish

This class focuses on getting children accustomed to the water through playful interaction and games. This course does not teach children to be accomplished swimmers or to survive in the water. Once the child has reached 3 years of age, they can enroll in the Preschool Program classes. Parent participation is required. Note: Children who are not potty- trained must wear a swim diaper under swimsuit.
For children 3-5 years old. There are several options in this category that allow a preschool age child to continue their progress in swimming. The levels allow for further advancement for the toddler but keeps them in a class with their peers. Once the child completes the Preschool Program they are ready to enter into the Progressive Level Program at the Seahorse class level.

 Unknown Image Sea Turtle:

This class focuses on water adjustment through games and playful interaction in the water. Basic swim skills are introduced. The purpose of this class is to develop a comfort level in the water that will prepare the toddler to learn how to swim. Parent participation in the water is optional, but the child must be able to take direction from an instructor if the parent does not participate.

 Unknown Image Angelfish:

For children who have already been introduced to the water and are comfortable enough in the water to begin to learn the basics of swimming. Instruction focuses on supported floating and beginning arm movements, as well as, rhythmic bobbing. Parent participation in the water is discouraged.

 Unknown Image Otter:

For children who have acquired basic skills such as supported floating and rhythmic bobbing. Unsupported floating and gliding, as well as front and back crawl arm movements are taught. Personal safety skills are introduced.

 Unknown Image Polar Bear:

Instruction builds on previously learned skills and introduces elementary backstroke. Deep water safety skills are taught such as bobbing to safety and treading water. Diving from the side of the pool is introduced. Upon successful completion of this class, the participant should be ready to enter into the Seahorse class of the Progressive Level Program.
This program is for children 6-13 years old or children who have completed the Polar Bear level. The classes are broken down into levels that build on the skills learned in the previous level. The prerequisite for each class is to be able to perform the skills from the preceding level. Preschool age children who have completed the Polar Bear class can enroll in the Progressive Level Program starting in the Seahorse class.

 Unknown Image Goldfish:

This level is for beginners. The class focuses on water adjustment, basic swim skills such as floating, gliding, front and back crawl arm movements. The purpose of this class is to develop a comfort level in the water.

 Unknown Image Penguin:

Instruction builds on previously learned skills and is designed for children who have already learned the basics of front and back crawl. This class introduces elementary backstroke and deep water safety skills such as bobbing to safety and treading water. Diving from the side of the pool is also taught.

 Unknown Image Seahorse:

For children who have learned how to coordinate front crawl with side to side breathing, and have also learned, but not mastered, back crawl and elementary backstroke. At this level breaststroke and sidestroke skills are incorporated. Students are introduced to safety skills such as rescue breathing and CPR.

 Unknown Image Seal:

At this level front and back crawl, and elementary backstroke coordination should be mastered. Breaststroke and sidestroke skills are refined and butterfly is introduced. Safety and rescue skills such as the feet-first surface dive and recognizing a spinal injury are taught.

 Unknown Image Dolphin:

Students should have been introduced to all 6 strokes by this level: Front and back crawl, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. This class focuses on refining each of the strokes. Competitive turns are introduced and age appropriate safety skills are taught.
These classes are designed for ages 14 through seniors.

Adult Beginner:
For adults who want to learn how to swim. Emphasis is placed on personal safety in and around the water and basic swimming strokes are introduced. Classes are paced to the individual’s skill level.

Adult Swimmer:
For adults who have learned the basics of front and back crawl coordination and would like to learn more advanced strokes such as breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly. Classes are paced to the individual’s skill level.
These classes are for any age or ability. Parent participation may be required for children under 3. Instruction is geared towards the individual’s ability. Scheduling is ongoing based on availability. Registration is limited. CALL THE PRIVATE LESSON LINE NOW AT 646-3738 TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE!!

Private: Instruction is one student to one instructor.
Fee: $32 per half-hour session

Semi-Private: Instruction is two students of similar age and ability to one instructor.
Fee: $37 per half-hour session ($18.50 per student).

MISSED LESSONS (all classes): It is essential that you attend each lesson to receive the full benefit of the class. Sorry, there are no make-up lessons for missed classes (this includes Holidays). One complimentary swim pass for each swimmer will be issued if a Holiday falls during a swim session. Holidays include: May 29, Jul 4, Sep 4 and Nov 23..