Trees and Urban Forestry

Tree City USA recipient 35 years in 2016 Tree City USA recipient 35 years in 2016

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The City of Monterey is a small-scale residential community beside the bay, framed by a forested hill backdrop and drawing its charm from a rich historical background, certain commercial enterprises, and natural scenic beauty.

Trees within the City make a significant contribution to this atmosphere and ambiance of Monterey. The Preservation of Trees and Shrubs Ordinance is intended to assure preservation of trees and replacement of trees when removal is unavoidable.

The Urban Forestry division is responsible for:

  • enforcing the City's Tree Ordinance;
  • issuing tree removal permits;
  • performing inspections of privately owned trees;
  • maintaining and implementing a comprehensive program of routine tree maintenance and trimming;
  • planting and maintaining City street trees;
  • and maintaining a rotating greenbelt maintenance program (276 acres of greenbelt are maintained on a five-year maintenance cycle to clear undergrowth and enhance growth of native materials and reduce fuel for wildfires).

Historic Garden League Logo
Volunteers from the Historic Garden League are dedicated to maintaining the gardens surrounding six major historic properties in Monterey.

Trees and Urban Forestry
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