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The City of Monterey operates 31 parking facilities. These facilities range in size from 10 space parking lots to the 1003 space, award winning Cannery Row Parking Garage. These facilities total approximately 3,500 off-street parking spaces.

For your convenience these parking lots and garages are located throughout the City. Affordable, safe and clean parking is never more than a few blocks away from where you want to be! In addition to the off-street spaces mentioned above, there are over 3,000 on-street spaces in the Downtown, Cannery Row and Lighthouse areas of the City. The maps show the locations with ParkMobile easy payment system available.

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The rate information is also available on the Master Fee Schedule, page 8.

Area Description Rates
Cannery Row

Meters, Cannery Row (Zone 1)


also see map of Meter Zones Meters, Wave (Zone 2) $2.00/hour
  Meters, Foam (Zone 3) $1.75/hour
  CR1, Foam & Hoffman Flat rate pricing or hourly rate structure based on demand and season - ranges $5 - $20
  CR7, Foam & Irving $20/daily max, $5 after 5pm
  Lot 24, C.R. & Foam - Meters $1.75/hour
  Lot 21, C.R. & Foam $2.00/hr, $15 daily max
Double space $4/hour
  San Carlos Beach Lot $2.00/hr, $15 daily max
  Coast Guard Pier (Breakwater) $2.00/hr, $15 daily max
Double space $4/hour

Downtown Lot 7, Calle Principal Garage $1.50/hour, $8.00 all day
  Lot 7, Calle Principal Garage $1.50/hour, $8.00 all day
  Downtown West Garage 1st hour free, $1.00/30 min or fraction thereof
  Downtown East Garage 1st hour free, $1.00/30 min or fraction thereof
  Monterey Sports Center Lot $.50/hr, 2 hr max
  Lot 4, Franklin and Van Buren $1.50/hr $8.00 all day
  Lot 8, Franklin & Pierce $1.50/hr
  Lot B, Calle P. & Pearl permit only
  Lot 11, Calle P. and Pearl $1.50/hr, $8.00 all day
  Lot 14, Bonifacio & Adams $1.50/hr, $8.00 all day
  Lot 18, Van Buren & Jefferson permit only

Waterfront Waterfront Lot 1 $1/20 minutes or fraction thereof, $15 daily max. Double
  Marina Lot $2.00/hr, $15 daily max Double space $4/hr,
  Depot Lot , Figueroa $2.00/hr, $15 daily max, Double space $4/hr,
  Municipal Wharf II $2.00/hr, $15 daily max
  Lot 6, Waterfront no fee, loading/unloading zone only
  Southern Pacific (SP) Lot $2.00/hr, $15 daily max
  East Depot Lot/Gravel side $2.00/hr, $15 daily max Double space $4/hr
  Monterey Bay Park (MB7) $2.00/hr, $15 daily max Double space $4/hr,

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