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Monterey's Harbor, Marina, Fisherman's Wharf I and the Commercial Wharf II

Historic Monterey Harbor is located in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the largest Marine Sanctuary in the world. Monterey Bay provides a natural setting for the Monterey Harbor and the Monterey Municipal Marina. Located in the City of Monterey along Del Monte Avenue, the Harbor and Marina provide access to a variety of recreational, as well as, commercial opportunities for residents and visitors alike in this scenic setting.

A part of the Harbor, the Marina has become a destination in and of itself as people travel from miles around to launch their boats for fishing or leisure purposes. The Harbormaster, under policy direction from the City Council, continues to improve rules and regulations, allowing for even greater access to the area.

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    The City of Monterey - Marina WiFi system is provided at no charge to the boaters, citizens, and visitors of the City Marina Waterfront. We monitor critical attributes of use and data type to determine how to best use the available capacity of the system. Most internet users are aware that music and video downloads use a tremendous amount of internet resource. We have the capability with this system to shape the internet traffic so as to limit download speeds and resource use of certain types of data and information. This functionality enables the system to provide the best allocation of "per device" speed and information. We thank you again for your support that enabled us to complete this project.
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VHF RADIO: Harbor staff monitors, on a 24 hour basis, Channel 05a is our working VHF channel. Channel 16 - hailing channel for emergencies and Monterey United States Coast Guard.

LATITUDE-LONGITUDE: Monterey Harbor Light 6 located at the end of the Monterey breakwater is 36°36.5' North by 121°53.4' West per the 2018 U.S. Coast Guard Light list.

PHONE: (831) 646-3950 Day / 594-7760 Evening "After hours" / 646-5674 Fax

Office Open everyday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(5 p.m. to 8 a.m.) For check out or check in, information, transient berthing requests, etc.

Office of the Harbormaster
250 Figueroa St.
Monterey, CA 93940

Latest News

18 August 2016
Fishing Community Sustainability Plan Public Review Draft, September 2013

Fishing Community Sustainability Plan Public Review Draft, September 2013

In mid 2012, the Cities of Monterey and Morro Bay were awarded a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant to develop Community Sustainability Plans (CSP), one for each City. Community Sustainability Plans are cited in the Magnuson Stevens Act (MSA) as one potential method to avoid negative impacts in small fishing communities of the newly instated catch share program.

12 July 2016
Monterey City Code Chapter 17 Draft Amendments for Review - Updated on 8/19/2016

Monterey City Code Chapter 17 Draft Amendments for Review - Updated on 8/19/2016

Updated on 8/19/2016: The Monterey Harbor's Office has posted DRAFT amendments to Chapter 17 of the Monterey City Code.

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