State Law requires that the City of Monterey has 30 days to review application materials and ask for additional information. The 30-day clock restarts every time the applicant submits new information pertaining to the permit application. Once the application is deemed complete and the project is determined to be exempt from further environmental review, the City has 60 days to approve or deny the project. If you would like a more specific time estimate, please talk to a planner about the project scope.

Search for zoning information on a property in the City of Monterey using a parcel number, address, place name, or clicking on the map. Returned results include jurisdiction information (neighborhood, police beat, etc.), zoning information, and a map. Help pages for Property Review | Get Started Tips

Review the Master Historic List to see your property’s historic status.

A property survey by a licensed surveyor or civil engineer is necessary to determine exact property line locations. Although our a href="" target="_blank">GIS portal is a good source of property information, it only estimates property line locations. The Planning Office keeps files for almost every property in the City. You can call us at (831) 646-3885 to check if there is a survey on file for a property. The files are also available to the public Monday-Friday, 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm, in the Planning Office.

Residential fences do not require Planning review as long as fence height standards are met. See our Fences handout. If these standards are not met, a Variance application would be necessary. Commercial fences require Planning review and submittal of an Architectural Review application to the Planning Office.

Outdoor displays are considered signage consisting of displayed merchandise, mannequins, or other objects or products displayed outdoors for the purpose of attracting attention to the premises or business. Outdoor displays require a sign permit. Learn more about the application process.

Setback requirements depend on your property’s zoning designation and any approved setback variances associated with the property. Once you know your zoning, find it in Monterey City Code Chapter 38 and check your setbacks. Check your property’s zoning information or call the Planning Office at (831) 646-3885 to check for any setback variances.

Please ask the Permits and Inspections Office at (831) 646-3891 or visit

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