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Permit Requirements for Temporary Special Event Structures and Other Membrane Structures

This building permit procedure applies to temporary tent structures ranging in size from 400 square feet and upward.  If the tent structure is open on all sides and less than 700 square feet, or multiple tent structures totaling less than 700 square feet and open on all sides, then no building permit is required.  However, other permit requirements (Planning or Encroachment) may still apply.  Temporary tents shall not be erected for a period of more than 180 days within a 12-month period.

Submit all building permit applications to  Fill out the Temporary Outdoor Permit

For temporary tent structures over 400 square feet with an occupant load less than 50 people:

  • Submit a completed building permit application (see above).  Please indicate occupant load in the description
  • Submit a site plan with the tent layout, size, and distances to the property lines and/or nearest building
  • Submit structural calculations, details, and/or other documentation by a structural or civil engineer demonstrating the structural stability of the tent.

For temporary tent structures over 400 square feet with an occupant load of 50 or more people:

  • Same requirements as above, plus the following:
  • Submit a detailed site and floor plan.  The floor plan shall indicate details of the means of egress facilities, seating capacity, arrangement of the seating, and location and type of heating and electrical equipment.  Indicate the number, type, rating and locations of portable fire extinguishers on the plan.

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