Beautiful Monterey comprises 16 neighborhoods reaching over 8 square miles. The neighborhoods are diverse and span a rich history. Each neighborhood is listed below, and a summary will be posted soon. The information on the neighborhood associations is provided from the neighborhood associations directly, which are registered with the City Clerk's Office. For more detailed information, contact the City Clerk's Office. If any of this information needs to be updated, please send an email to

Official map of neighborhood boundaries

Monterey Neighborhood Associations

# Neighborhood Contact
1 Aquajito Oaks
2 Alta Mesa
3 Casanova Oak Knoll
4 Del Monte Beach
5 Del Monte Grove/Laguna Grande
6 Deer Flats
7 Downtown
8 Fisherman's Flats
9 Glenwood
10 Monterey Vista
11 New Monterey
12 Oak Grove .....
13 Old Town
14 Skyline Forest
15 Skyline Ridge .....
16 Villa Del Monte