The NFremont Bike and Pedestrian Access and Safety Improvements Project

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The North Fremont Bike and Pedestrian Access and Safety Improvements Project will transform North Fremont into a true multi-modal corridor, providing safe access to bicyclists and pedestrians on a vital link between residential, commercial, educational, and community facilities, and will also provide benefits to disadvantaged communities.

This project includes the construction of Class IV protected bicycle lanes adjacent to the medians of North Fremont, and will include bicycle signals and bike protected intersections at Casa Verde, Airport/Dela Vina, Ramona, and Casanova.

Improvements to the intersections include: curb extensions to reduce pedestrian crossing length, increase pedestrian visibility, and provide protected areas for bicyclists entering and exiting the Class IV bike lanes. The curb extensions will also include Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant curb ramps and Audible Pedestrian Signals.

For questions, please contact the Engineering Office at (831) 646-3921.

Project Overview

A huge thank you to project supporters:

  • California Department of Transportation (CalTrans)
  • Transportation Agency of Monterey County (TAMC)
  • Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD)
  • North Fremont Business District
  • Monterey Salinas Transit (MST)
  • Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG)
  • Monterey Bay Air Resources District
  • Families of Color Monterey County (FoCMC)
  • Neighborhood Associations

Why Build Protected Bike Lanes?

Project Funding

  • Active Transportation Grant (CalTrans), $6,480,000
  • Regional Surface Transportation Program (TAMC), $1,933,000
  • Measure P, $700,000
  • Measure X, $810,000
  • Neighborhood Improvement Program, $200,000


  1. Safety
  2. Ridership
  3. Retail sales
  4. Quality of life


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Photo 2 before


Photo 1 After

Photo 2 after

Positive Findings

Shifting to Cycling
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