City Council

New Sign at City Hall Outside Few Memorial Hall, Council Chamber - sign donated by HBO and used in the film, "Big Little Lies" coming to HBO in 2017

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The City Council is the legislative and policy-making branch of Monterey's municipal government. The Council consists of five members: the Mayor, elected to a two-year term, and four Councilmembers each elected to four-year terms. Organization Chart in PDF

The City Council's campaign statements are available online as well as in the Monterey City Clerk's Office at 580 Pacific Street, Room 6, Monterey, CA 93940. Statements of Economic Interest (Form 700) filed pursuant to the City's Conflict of Interest Code are also available in the City Clerk's Office.


"The Monterey City Council will provide visionary policy and legislative leadership that assures a safe, healthy and economically vibrant community. Anda!"

Council Mission