City Seal and Flag

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The Official City Seal

City of Monterey Official Seal The City Seal was adopted more than a century ago by the City Common Council on April 10, 1850. It had been designed earlier that same year by Lieutenant Alfred Sully, son of the celebrated American portrait painter, Thomas Sully, and one of a small group of young U.S. Army officers stationed in Monterey at the time.

The shield is green (as the surroundings of the City are always green) and it describes the City as being born separate from the ancient domain of the United States by a bandolier which crosses the shield. The anchor, the sheaf, the horse, and the bull all show how hopeful the founders were for commerce to play an important part of the City's future. The rising sun expresses the hope that Monterey will be a rising city. The motto "Anda" means onward in Spanish and is symbolic of the spirit of the City of Monterey and expresses the hope for continued forward growth.

The City Flags

The City of Monterey Flag was officially adopted by the Monterey City Council on January 18, 1977. The bold, simple shapes and the brilliant green and yellow colors of the flag represent contemporary concepts of design and at the same time precisely obey ancient practices of heraldry.

History of the seal and flag.

The Monterey flag was designed based on two armorial bearings connected with the City's history, one Spanish and one American. The first, represented in the first and fourth quarters of the flag, is the shield of the Count of Monterey, for whom the City was named in 1602. The second, represented in the second and third quarters of the flag, is based on the City Seal.

Daily Use Flag
Official City of Monterey Flag
Ceremonial Flag
Ceremonial Flag

Sincere thanks to Communications Intern Eloise Coly, for digitally remastering the flag vector files, and reproducing the document explaining the history of the flag and seal. Summer, 2017