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Time to celebrate Monterey's bold past and golden future

Monterey's 250th birthday!

June 3, 2020
Crowd at Colton Hall LawnCrowd at Colton Hall Lawn
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MONTEREY 250 - Celebrating the City of Monterey's Sestercentennial in 2020

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Welcome! Thanks for your interest in Monterey's 250th Anniversary Celebration. This page will give you a general overview of the concept and celebration, and more importantly, show you how to get involved to share in this important and one-time-only community milestone.

WHAT IS MONTEREY 250?: Monterey 250 is a yearlong celebration in coordination with the 250th anniversary of the founding of Monterey on June 3, 1770. Throughout the year 2020 we will celebrate Monterey’s unique history through ongoing cultural activities, events, and festivities to commemorate this historic occasion. Please see the Events page for more information.

WHEN IS IT?: Throughout the anniversary year 2020, with specific primary events to be held on Wednesday, Jun 3, 2020. Throughout the entire year, ongoing local events, tie-ins, promotions, etc. will incorporate mention and recognition of the occasion/anniversary throughout the year.

ABOUT THE CELEBRATION: Residents, former residents, fans, friends, neighbors, and general lovers of this unique place known as Monterey are invited to recognize, commemorate, and enjoy the City’s 250th anniversary (aka: MONTEREY 250) throughout the entire year. The overall focus points of the 'celebration' are on treasuring our historic foundation, honoring our uniquely diverse cultural citizenry and gazing towards our brilliant future. Every step, wherever you go, in and around Monterey, throughout the year, should be a glorious experience celebrating Monterey's 250th anniversary. SHARE THE PRESENTATION (IN PDF)

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: In support the celebration of the 250th anniversary, local and regional businesses, organizations and events (existing or newly created) are invited to incorporate City of Monterey's 250th anniversary into their theme or purpose during the whole of 2020. Local and regional businesses, events and individuals are invited to participate as supporters in a variety of ways. Please see the Donor page for more information.

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