Chill Time

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What's Chill Time All About?

Wednesday early dismissal days from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. the Library will be turning over the Community Room to teens.

Here are some ideas for things to do during Chill Time:

  • Use our iMac to create your own music, photos, and videos
  • Watch a movie on our HDTV
  • Play Wii games on our HDTV
  • Play board games and card games
  • Read
  • Make a work of art
  • Do homework
  • Bring your own fun
  • Do nothing at all
Teens at Chill Time

Suggest an Event

For more information about teen events, e-mail:
or call the Library Help Desk at (831) 646-3933.

All teen programs are free and open to the public. Groups please call in advance. Library events may be photographed or videotaped by staff for non-commercial promotional use.  If you have questions or concerns about this or any other recording, please see a member of the Library staff. The Library does not discriminate against persons with disabilities.  If you wish to attend this event and require a hearing amplification device, please contact the Administrative Office at (831) 646-5669 at least 72 hours in advance.