About RSS
What is RSS?

RSS is a simple way to subscribe to updates from many web sites. It stands for "Really Simple Syndication". RSS is a family of "feeds" which contain news items, summaries of stories, or blog posts with web links to longer versions. News, information, and blogs can all be published in RSS. When a new article is posted, RSS feeds can automatically notify the user. This allows a web site's frequent readers to track updates on the site.

To subscribe to RSS feeds, you will need an RSS reader or aggregator. There are a number of free or low-cost online, desktop, mobile and Outlook--based readers available.

Examples of some free web-based aggregators include Newsblur, Feedly, and InoReader. Some free aggregator applications include Mozilla's Thunderbird e-mail program and Firefox web browser.

How Do I Set Up an RSS Feed?

Click on the RSS button and a new browser window will open (which may be a blank page). Copy the resulting web address (URL) from the top of your browser window to your aggregator following its instructions. Close the new window to return to the page you were viewing.