Internet Rules

Complete Internet Access and Use policy
Explanation of the rules for adults

To use the Monterey Public Library's Internet service, you must follow the rules.  These rules are written for kids. You can also read the rules written for ADULTS or the Library's whole INTERNET POLICY. If you don't follow the rules, you will not be able to use the Internet, and you may be told to leave the Library.

The Library's Internet service is mostly for learning. The staff gives help and suggests links, but the Library is not in charge of the Internet. In fact nobody is in charge of the Internet.

You and your family are in charge of your Internet searches. Please use the Internet in the way your family decides is right for you. In addition to the many wonderful things on the Web, there are scary and disgusting things too. However, if you stay on the youth pages or ask for help, you should be safe. But, again, you and your family must decide what is right for you.

Library staff members want to help you to stay safe and to find what you want, but they do not have the time to teach you everything about the Internet. Please ask for help, but understand if we can't stay with you while you work.

While you are using the Internet, you are expected to do these things:

  1. Follow all other Library rules, be quiet and courteous to others, and take good care of Library furniture and equipment.
  2. No "hacking." You cannot change the way the Library's Internet service is set up. You cannot download or bookmark or use your own software. You cannot go into Library files. (You can suggest links by using the Suggestion Box.)
  3. Respect the privacy of others. Do not show your screen to others and do not look at other people's work. Keep in mind that the Library is really not a good place for private work.
  4. Respect copyright laws. It may be against the law to copy some things on the Internet.
  5. Don't break the law. Some places on the web are for adults only. It would be against the law to go there. It would also be against the law to lie about your age or who you are.