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Sources for Subject Guides include articles, books, blogs, databases, podcasts, primary source documents, tutorials, videos, and any other tools we can get our hands on to make accessible for you.

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Business Resources
conference tableBusiness resources on topics such as networking and start-ups, and advice from successful entrepreneurs. Visit Guide
CA Reads: War Comes Home

Resources to encourage community discussion about what it means to come home from war, and what it is like to be a veteran. Visit guide

college buildingChoosing, applying, preparing, and paying for college. Visit guide
Digital Books Show & Tell
ebook readersThe latest information on devices, formats, sources of books, Library services, and news on digital reading.
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Find a Good Book
literary circleNot sure what to read next? Ready for something new? Browse these resources and you're sure to find something good! Visit guide

A libguide created for Mr. Nicholson's students to help them with their biotechnological research for their first semester final project. Visit guide.

family tree
Search tips, find records, connect with researchers, and put together your family's history. Visit guide
pill bottlesUp to date resources to help keep you healthy. Visit guide
Homelessness - Resources
homeless sign Provides links to agencies and service providers as well as news, reports and studies.
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Jobs & Careers
pamphlets Resources for job seekers and career changers.
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Language-Learning Resources
speech bubblesFind tools to increase your fluency, help you start fresh, and build your skills.
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News Sources for Everyone
newspaperA guide to finding news on the web. Includes web-only news outlets as well as print/web news sources. Visit guide
Reference Links
starA collection of some of our favorite links from around the web on topics not covered in any of the guides. Visit guide
Seed Library

Monterey Public Library has a Seed Library, providing locally adapted seeds for our community to check-out and grow. Visit guide

Surviving Difficult Times

piggy bankResources for those most affected by economic crisis. Visit guide

globeTravel resources for destinations near and far. Visit guide
Volunteer Resources
literacy volunteersResources for volunteer managers and volunteers. Visit guide
Cancer & Cell Degeneration

A subject guide designed for Mr. Espinosa's 21st Century Skills Seminar's research project. 

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21st Century Toolkit

A partnership between Monterey Public Library and Monterey High School funded by a grant awarded to the library by the Library Services and Technology Acts of California.  Librarians from Monterey Public Library collaborated with 21st Century Skills Seminar teachers at Monterey High School to create research tools, lessons and presentations designed to educate students on how to conduct proper research, cite sources and have more competent results.  

The partnership has been a continued success.  For public librarians about to embark on a 21st Century Skills collaboration with their local schools, this is a toolkit detailing how the librarians and staff at Monterey Public Library worked with the staff and students of Monterey High School.  

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Guides for Teachers & Classes
Are you an educator? At Monterey Public Library we offer a variety of services to assist you with your work.

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Make sure to check out our Middle & High School Teacher's Guide for more resources and inspiration.
Middle & High School Teacher Resources
teacher reference center Information and resources for educators. Visit guide
Social Media

Resources for Mr. Wood's 21st Century Skills Seminar's social media project.  Visit guide

Career Planning

A guide for 21st Century Skills Seminar students researching and creating career pathways.

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Art Profiles

Guide for Monterey High students in Mr. Tibbitts' classes. Updated for Fall 2014.

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History Day
Choose your topic for History Day and conduct your research the right way.
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California Reads
executive order 9066Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston's Farewell to Manzanar and it's implications for Japanese internment and democracy in the 21st century. Visit guide
Getting Started at the Library

Guide for Monterey High students in Century Skills Seminars to get started with their research.  Updated for Spring 2014.  Visit guide


Resources for Mr. Tibbitts research project on ceramic arts. Updated Spring 2014.

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Issues in Africa
africa map

Guide for Monterey High students in Mr. Sanders 21st Century Seminar. Updated for Fall 2014.

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