Adult Summer Reading

Paws to Read for Adults!

Grumpy Cat sez this won't be fun, but we beg to differ. Summer Reading isn't just for kids, take a moment and paws to read for a chance to win!

Starting June 7th and continuing through July 31st, read or listen to up to ten books and if you want to do even more, complete up to ten activities! Each book or activity is worth one prize drawing entry!

Fill out the web form below-- you can do it all at once or just fill in a few and hit submit as you go. We'll be picking two winners each week, so you might not want to wait until the very end! Winners get a $10 Parker Lusseau Pasteries gift certificate (which must be picked up at the library). Maximum one prize per person. Paper forms are available at the library if you would rather not go digital!

          You can decide to read ANY ten books this summer!

          The activity options are:

               -Download a Library eBook

               -Visit the Bookmobile

               -Attend a Library program or take a child to one

               -Watch a Library DVD

               -Read to someone else

               -Do you follow us on Facebook?

               -Read a magazine

               -Try out Mango language learning via our website

               -Use Novelist via our website for reading suggestions

               -Share a photo of your pet reading on our Facebook page