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Free Range Reading

News and musings about a wide range of topics related to reading - book reviews, literary trivia and milestones, articles about authors, publishing, and libraries. 


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Monterey Stories

Tidbits and tales from Monterey history.


Library Blog 2006-2013

The Library's general interest blog from August 2006 until June 2013. Events, books, news, discussion, and items of community interest.

How to use RSS feeds

RSS is a simple way to subscribe to updates from many web sites. It stands for "Really Simple Syndication". RSS is a family of "feeds" which contain news items, summaries of stories, or blog posts with web links to longer versions. News, information, and blogs can all be published in RSS. When a new article is posted, RSS feeds can automatically notify the user. This allows a web site's frequent readers to track updates on the site.

To subscribe to RSS feeds, you will need an RSS reader or aggregator. There are a number of free or low-cost online, desktop, mobile and Outlook--based readers available.

Examples of some free web-based aggregators include Newsblur, Feedly, and InoReader. Some free aggregator applications include Mozilla's Thunderbird e-mail program and Firefox web browser.

Click on the feed title in the list to the left or the RSS icon      on the blog page and a new page will open. Copy the resulting web address (URL) from the top of your browser window to your RSS Reader following its instructions. Click the back button to return.