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Library donor Harold Ragan

We welcome your support - now more than ever.

Thank you for helping to support the Library - a welcoming cultural and learning center in the City of Monterey. Every person who comes through our doors has a question to be answered or a need to be met. We are committed to answering each question as completely as possible, selecting the best resources to meet our diverse community's needs and promoting the joy of reading and life-long learning. Your gift is an investment in the community, and will make a real difference.  Click here for more information about how you can support the Library.

  Library Director,
Kim Bui-Burton
Donate using Your Credit Card

Please call the Library Administrative Office at (831) 646-5669, Monday through Friday between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to make a donation using your credit card. Thank you!

Make a Memorial Donation

Create a lasting tribute to a friend or loved one by purchasing one or more books in their memory.


Thank you for considering the Library as a place for your talents and time. Volunteer Coordinator Karen Brown would be happy to talk with you to see how your skills and interests might align with the Library's strategic plan. There are many ways to volunteer. Please apply now or contact Volunteer Coordinator Karen Brown for more information. Call (831) 646-3744 or email

Join the Friends of the Library

The mission of the Friends of the Monterey Public Library is to support the Board of Trustees in obtaining its goals and objectives and accomplishing its mission. In particular, the Friends work to fulfill the goal of community involvement. The Friends will provide broad outreach to the entire spectrum of residents and potential library customers, and will help promote library and assist with special events. A major objective of the Friends is to raise funds which can enhance existing library services.

Library volunteer Pat Elm