The Library Board of Trustees
Enriching Lives, Providing Resources

Helping people develop ideas, learn and improve their lives – that’s what the Monterey Public Library is all about. By providing materials and services that enrich the intellectual, recreational and cultural life of the community, the Library serves a purpose unlike any other institution. The Monterey Library Board of Trustees is charged with continuing this long tradition of enrichment.

"The Monterey Public Library staff continually strives to make its services and material more accessible and responsive to the needs of our community. It's an adventure being part of that effort in our dynamic world." - Harry Wareham, Former Member, Library Board of Trustees

The Library Board's Responsibilities

Unlike other City boards and commissions, the Library Board of Trustees is an administrative board established by the Monterey City Charter. The Board establishes Library policies, hires the Library Director, and recommends the Library budget to the City Council.

Many cultural and educational institutions have similar structures to help ensure that outside influences do not encumber intellectual freedom or the public’s access to information that reflects many points of view.

Current Trustees

John Castagna

Lisa Koenig, Chair

Jennifer Lambert Hamrick

Kathi Wojtkowski, Vice-Chair

Alice Yamanishi

Agendas and Minutes

Library Board agendas including all attachments and minutes are available on the Web through I-SEARCH MONTEREY.

  1. Go to
  2. Check the Library Board box and click Search.
I-Search Monterey icon

Agendas are posted outside of the Council Chamber 72 hours prior to meetings.

If you would like to review a hard copy of any of the agenda materials, please visit the City Clerk's Office  at 580 Pacific Street, Room 6.

More Information

Monterey Boards and Commissions

Board, Commission, and Committee (BCC) Handbook

Monterey City Charter Article 7. Public Library

Mission Statement of the Monterey Public Library Board of Trustees

Bylaws of the Library Board of Trustees

Library Board Policies

For questions or comments or if you want to present a matter to the Board, please call the Administrative Office at (831) 646-5669 or send an e-mail to Library Director Inga Waite at