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Hosting an event in the City of Monterey

Community events provide opportunities for cultural enrichment, promote economic vitality, enhance the quality of life for residents and help to reinforce community identity. Community events provide a forum for people to engage in expressive activities, and may also provide funding opportunities for service organizations.

What is an event?

Examples of an event include an auto show, block party, festival, market or trade show, outdoor concert, parade, sporting event, walkathon, or a wedding. An event can be held on public or private property.
The City's objective is to protect the public's health, safety and welfare by ensuring that:
  • Events are compatible in size and type of use with their sites;
  • Impacts on neighbors and others are managed;
  • Adequate services are provided for the events and the events do not interfere with the City's ability to provide services to the entire community;
  • Mechanisms are available for cost recovery and use charges, while not unduly impacting the viability of events.
The Event Proposal is posted in interactive PDF format. Once we receive your completed proposal, either in-person at the City Manager's Office, 580 Pacific Street or via email to events@monterey.org, we will contact you with the status of your proposal. Once your proposal is approved, then you can begin the permit process.

Plan your Event

Start planning your event by completing the

Event ProposalDownload Page

Most events need a 60 day lead time, so get started now!

If you're unsure if your event requires permits, please call
(831) 646-3760.

Special Event Grants
Grant Program

The grant application for fiscal year (FY) 2016-17 is currently closed.