NIP Approved Projects for FY 2011-12

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Neighborhood Brief Description Project Number Project Nomination
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Aquajto Oaks
  Aguajito Oaks Streetlights  AO-03




Alta Mesa
  Don Dahvee Greenbelt  AM-05




Casanova – Oak Knoll
Deer Flats


Del Monte Beach
  DMB Boardwalks  DMB-02




  Casa Verde Rec Trail Crossing Study  DMB-04




Del Monte Grove – Laguna Grande
  DMG Entry Sign  DMG-01




  English Two Radar Speed Signs  DMG-03




  Laguna Grande Park Walkway  DMG-05




  Griffin Plaza Lights  DT-04




Fisherman’s Flats 

FF Fuel Reduction  FF-02




  Monterey Woods Traffic Mirror  FF-04





Glenwood Cir Radar Speed Sign  GW-04




Monterey Vista
  Via Buena Vista Sewer Replacement  MV-02




  Via Chiquita/Via Ventura/Sierra Vista Drainage  MV-16




  Mar Vista/Via Castanada Erosion Control  MV-27




  Soledad/Mar Vista Connect Storm Drain Pipe  MV-37




Cut-off Project #9 Monte Vista School Replace Play Equip Rubber Surface  MV-43




New Monterey
  Dickman/Jessie/Lottie Drainage  NM-02




  Lighthouse EIR/Prelim Eng  NM-20




  Scholze Park Lighting  NM-23




  New Monterey Trip Hazards  NM-27




  Sloat Monument Repair  NM-29




  Cypress Park Tot Lot ADA  NM-33




  Hilltop Park Replace Tot Lot Sand with Wood Fiber  NM-34




Oak Grove
  703 Ocean Drainage Improvements  OG-03A



Cut-Off Project #3 4th 1100 Blk Drainage Improvements  OG-03B



Old Town
  Van Buren/Franklin Curb Ramp Ph V  OT-18




  Hwy 68/Presidio Gate Study  OT-20




Skyline Forest
  Wyndemere Log Drop Repair



  Skyline Forest Greenbelt Fuel Reduction Ph VI


Via Del Monte
Cut-off Project #8
Del Robles Install Sidewalk  VDM-03



  Encina/Casa Verde Traffic Calming



  Ferrante Park Irrigation Replacement



Cut-off Project #2
Ramona/Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair


  Casa Verde Sidewalk Repair



Cut-off Project #1
Mark Thomas Sidewalk/Bike Lane   CW-04



  Bike Rack Installation


Cut-off Project #7
Dennis the Menace Walkway/Access Improvements Ph II



Cut-off Project #10
Monterey Bay Park Seat Wall/Irrigation



  El Estero Picnic Area Improvements



Cut-off Project #5
El Estero Lake Edge Improvements Ph V



  City Emergency Power Hookup


  Del Monte/Pacific Intersection Safety Improvement



Cut-off Project #6
Munras/Soledad Freeway Entrance Signage



Cut-off Project #4
Dredging Lagunita Mirada



  FF#3 Replace Emergency Water Tank



  City CMP/F Rated Storm Drain Pipe Rehabilitation



  Library Drinking Fountain Upgrades


  Library Fire Alarm System Replacement


  Library Exterior Lighting Upgrades


  Monterey Sports Center Recoat Locker Room Floors