Engineering Office

The City's Engineering staff plans and designs future improvements to the City’s infrastructure and performs related analyses for the City’s existing systems. Staff also manages regulatory permits and programs for both the sewer and storm drainage collection systems, and reviews and manages any impacts that growth or development may have on the City's various public works systems. In doing so, we also enforce local, state, and federal water pollution regulations to maintain compliance locally. Our goals are to maintain the City’s infrastructure (streets, buildings, sewers, storm drains, etc.) at an acceptable level of quality while promoting pollution prevention and clean waterways, maintaining regulatory compliance, and protecting the environment and the public.
Engineering staff can answer your questions about City infrastructure and design standards; surveying information; lot lines/subdivisions; special assessment districts; parcel information; City streets, sewers and storm drains; Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP); and the regional storm water program, pollution prevention and regulatory requirements. We also provide services to businesses, engineers, architects, developers, construction professionals, homeowners, and the public to assist with issues pertaining to the City’s sanitary sewer and storm drainage collection systems and storm water environmental compliance. Find out more below in "What We Do", or contact us by phone or email.
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Engineering Office
580 Pacific Street, Room 7
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Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
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Closed: noon to 1:00 p.m.

Tom Reeves
City Engineer

Jeff Krebs

Senior Engineer

Norman Green

Associate Engineering Surveyor

Tricia Wotan
Environmental Reg. Manager

Kevin Anderson
Environmental Reg. Analyst

Carolyn Mautner
Engineering Technician

Kim Allen
Administrative Assistant II

What We Do

Planning and Review Services
We plan for the community's future infrastructure needs (streets, sewers, storm drains, etc.). We review site plans to ensure that they meet standards and coordinate the development of public improvements required to support new development. We develop City-wide design standards for public works improvements; review all lot line adjustments, lot mergers, and any other types of property subdivision; assist with the formation of special assessment districts for under grounding utilities or other similar public improvements; and design street, sidewalk, storm drain, sewer and building improvements.

Capital Improvement Program Development
We prepare plans, specifications and cost estimates for street, sidewalk, storm drain, sewer and building improvements.

Neighborhood Improvement Program
The Engineering office manages the Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP) which includes the NIP Committee's selection of projects each year for recommendation to City Council for approval of the annual budget.

Property Information
We maintain Assessor's parcel information, flood zone and geohazard information, soils reports (historic and current), tree location/ownership information, corner monument information, infrastructure information (location/depth of storm drains, location of sewer lines, location/ownership of street lights, etc.), storm drain & sewer lines mains and aerial/topographic maps of public lands.

Sanitary Sewer Management
The Engineering office oversees the City’s sewer system operating permit including the Sanitary Sewer Management Plan (SSMP).  There are approximately 104 miles of sanitary sewer and 2,300 structures, including 7 lift stations.  Each asset is routinely inspected, evaluated, and placed into a renewal and replacement program to ensure the City can provide reliable services in the future.

Sanitary Sewer Rate 

The Engineering office conducted a Sanitary Sewer Rate Study to evaluate and recommend a rate structure modification and/or alternatives as needed to create a funding mechanism for necessary repairs to the City's sanitary sewer. The objective was to ensure that the rate structure is fair and equitable to City customers and meets the annual revenue requirements of the sewer system. A rate structure modification was needed to fund the backlog of capital replacement and repair needs identified by the Engineering staff studies and to address the ongoing capital costs to maintain the sewerage system in the future. More on the Sewer Rate 

Storm Water Program
We manage and administer the City’s Storm Water Permit, which is regulated by the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board.  In accordance with the permit, we implement and enforce the City’s Storm Water Ordinance locally, and implement pollution prevention tasks and efforts citywide. These program elements include local, State, and Federal water quality regulations related to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Clean Water Act (CWA),  National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), and California Porter-Cologne Act. Working collaboratively, we’re also a managing partner in the Monterey Regional Storm Water Management Program, a consortium of local governments who work together to implement pollution prevention and cost-sharing efforts regionally.

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