Approved NIP Projects for FY 13-14

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Aquajto Oaks


Alta Mesa
   Don Dahvee Greenbelt Fuel Reduction  AM-1



Casanova – Oak Knoll
   COK Park Improvements  COK-1


   COK ADA Sidewalks  COK-2


Deer Flats


Del Monte Beach
   Tide/Beachway Conceal Portable Toilets



 DMB Boardwalk Repair/Sand Mitigation  DMB-6



   Tide Ave Bike Racks  DMB-16



Del Monte Grove – Laguna Grande
   Laguna Grande Park Soccer Field Artificial Turf  DMG-2


   English Ave 200/300 Blk Concept Design Plan  DMG-3





Fisherman Flats 

 FF Traffic Calming Plan  FF-2


   FF Greenbelt Fuel Reduction  FF-3





Monterey Vista
 Cut-off project  Pacific 1200 Blk Install Curb/Gutter No Sidewalk  MV-1 


   Quarry Park Revitalization  MV-5



   Monte Vista Playground Equipment  MV-9



   Soledad Drainage Improvement  MV-11



New Monterey
   Cypress Park Repairs/Upgrade  NM-4


   Scholze Ctr Meeting Rm Audio Loop Installation  NM-5



   Hilltop Park Landscape Renovation  NM-8


   Rec Trail Repairs & Landscaping  NM-11



   Taylor at Irving Storm Drain Upgrade  NM-13




 NM Ped Hawthorne/Dickman ADA , Prescott 1650




   Prescott/Devisadero Entry Improvements  NM-18



   Lighthouse Adaptive Traffic Signal System  NM-20



   Hoffman 1481 Walkway Repair  NM-21



Oak Grove



Old Town
   Franklin/Watson ADA Ramps  OT-3



Skyline Forest
   Wyndemere Lower Canyon Drainage Ph 2  SF-1



   SF Greenbelt Fuel Reduction  SF-2



   SF Greenbelt Trees  SF-3  


Skyline Ridge

Villa Del Monte

 Ferrante Park Fence Repair  VDM-1


 Ferrante Park Batting Cage Fence Repair



   VDM Revitalization/ADA Study  VDM-4  



 Sollecito Ball Park Field Renovation Ph 2  CW-1


   Library Community Rm Audio Loop Installation  CW-2



 DTM Park North Side Path ADA Upgrades  CW-3


 San Carlos Beach Shower Drain Replacement  CW-5


   Rec Trail Pedestrian Path Study & Signage  CW-10


   CERT Container Solar Radio System  CW-11


   DTM Train Develop Specifications  CW-12



   FS 1 Air Compressor  CW-13


   FS 3 Garage Door Widening  CW-14



   Corp Yd Alternate EOC Improvements  CW-15



   Library Public Address System  CW-16  


   Wharf 2 Restroom Replace/Remodel  CW-17



   Colton Hall Restoration/Preservation  CW-18



   MSC Replace Surveillance System  CW-23



   Del Monte Median/Entryway Beautification  CW-26



   N Fremont Median Landscape  CW-27



   DTM Park Boat Structure Replacement  CW-29